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New: Eight Page Property Pull-Out City school closure fears

ST DAVID’S secondary

school could face the axe under potential school reorganisations, a member of the school gover- nors has said.

The chairman of the gover-

nors of Ysgol Dewi Sant, County Councillor David Lloyd, said on Wednesday that the secondary school of nearly 500 pupils is un- der an “incredibly real threat of closure”.

His comments echoed the coun-

cil’s Labour leader Paul Miller’s last week where he said that there was “a very strong possibility” that the school could close. Speaking exclusively to The Herald Cllr Lloyd said: “I have been reassured by Jake Morgan, Director of Education at Pembro- keshire Council that any decision will be evidence based. “We are definitely under the microscope. The situation is full of tension, intrigue and passions. We will campaign against this and I am quietly confident that we will be able to marshall the argument.” The comments come at a time when journalists from sister publi- cation Pembrokeshire’s Best maga-

zine have been questioning the ac- curacy of the evidence being put forward in official council reports. The magazine’s editor Jon Coles said: “We have seen two sets of figures: One is in the Council’s committee papers for Scrutiny Committee, the other is the school figures report published in April 2013.”

Jon Coles wrote in the latest

edition: “An explanation is re- quired as to why there is such a significant difference between the figures on the county council’s own website and those in a recent report. The council cannot rely on one set of figures for one purpose and a different set for another. It re- duces the important question of fu- ture education provision to a guess- game based on which set of figures the council want to use for different purposes at different times.” He added: “The council has an ambitious, but as yet unfunded, plan for the 21st Century Schools Programme in Pembrokeshire. The key question to be asked of Coun- cillor Adams and his talented band of mediocrities is where will the axe fall?”

A recent ESTYN report criti-

cised Ysgol Dewi Sant as being ‘unsatisfactory’.

Supporters of the school have called into question the assessment system deployed by the inspector- ate, and have said that this ‘unsatis- factory’ result could be the first step in selecting the school for closure. A Pembrokeshire Council

spokesman said: “No decision has yet been taken over school reor- ganisation. He added: “A report by the Di- rector for Children and Schools, Jake Morgan, on the Principals of School Organisation in Pembroke- shire was heard at a meeting of the county council’s Cabinet on June 24.

“The Cabinet decided that a strategic approach to the organisa- tion of school places which should support the intent for school im- provement, based on a programme of change underpinned by the prin- ciples set out in the report of the Director for Children and Schools, be approved.

“In due course the council will

consider a range of options to de- liver this objective.”

NARBERTH Civic Week’s long-established pram push took place on Wednesday evening with crowds thronging the streets of Nar- berth to watch the fun spectacle. Organised by the Narberth Winter


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Issue 4 Friday July 26 2013 ONLY 50p

Crowds flock to pram push

Carnival committee as part of Nar- berth Civic Week, nine teams started from the town’s Market Square and rushed around the route, stopping in at various public houses for a drink. See next week for a full report.

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