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Inspection report: Budmouth College, 19–20 September 2013

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further improve the college is very strong because of the undeviating quality of leadership at all levels.

 Leaders are rigorous and accurate in their tracking and analysis of students’ progress. They have overcome the turbulence in staffing in 2012 so that teaching and learning in mathematics are now of a high quality. There are secure indicators that GCSE results in 2014 will show further rises in attainment and progress levels.

 The college has excellent systems in place linking teachers’ performance with training and support, and all staff are held to account for their contribution to students’ learning.

 The curriculum offers outstanding opportunities through the wide range of curriculum options and extra-curricular activity programme enhanced by highly effective partnerships with businesses and organisations.

 Students are given many exciting and inspirational experiences within lessons. Excellence is promoted, with exceptional provision observed in art, mathematics and English.

 The ethos of the college is based on achievement and success for all within a caring community. Policies and practices are firmly focused on equal opportunities and those students who are disadvantaged in any way are supported well to achieve all that they can. Students are inspired by the many thought-provoking displays, including the striking electronic wall messages.

 Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development permeates their whole college experience, enriching the curriculum and preparing students well for their future lives. In philosophy and ethics lessons, teacher and students share an intellectual journey as they delve into high-level exploration of ideas such as absolutism. Effective questioning in citizenship lessons extends students’ understanding of the complexities of making moral decisions in regards to human rights.

 The needs of students with Asperger syndrome are particularly well met both through the resource base and throughout the college.

 The local authority provides light-touch support for this outstanding college, most significantly through the provision of the school evaluation partner. She has provided knowledgeable insight in her partnership with the college.

 The college also benefits from the collaborative work within the local area schools’ partnership, making its own distinct contribution in terms of leadership development.

 The governance of the school: − Governors are able to contribute fully to the vision, strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation processes within this college. This is facilitated by the clear and timely information provided by senior leaders to help governors carry out their roles. This was particularly valuable when some GCSE results were disappointing in 2012 and governors challenged and continue to hold school leaders to account.

− Training is increasingly given a high priority and this enables governors to both fulfil their statutory duties and participate effectively in whole-college improvement. In particular, governors have been resolute in ensuring that the pupil premium and Year 7 catch-up funding is used efficiently to maximise student progress. Their awareness of how teacher performance is monitored, evaluated and rewarded is well developed, which will enable them to engage with the new teacher performance systems coming into force this year. As governors increase their contribution to strategic planning and monitoring, they are now aware of the need for documentation to clearly reflect their input.

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