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Inspection report: Budmouth College, 19–20 September 2013

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feedback in an increasingly positive way. The college should now extend and embed the outstanding practice of effective student response seen in many departments, such as English, across the whole school.

 Excellent use is made of technology and the college actively promotes online safety and skills in using the internet.

 The needs of different groups of students are skilfully met by both teachers and class support assistants. For example, some girls are now taught mathematics in separate classes so that teachers can better focus the lesson on their interests and styles of learning. Students with special educational needs are taught very well so that they make similar progress to other students.

 Teachers model aspirational attitudes to learning, perseverance and high expectations which impact significantly on students’ personal, social, cultural and spiritual development.

The behaviour and safety of pupils

are outstanding

 Students behave impeccably at Budmouth College. They are immensely proud of their school and are respectful and caring members of their community.

 Within lessons, students respond very maturely and are keen to understand how to further improve their work. This exemplary attitude extends to those students working off-site and in alternative organisations.

 They are given many opportunities both within and outside of the curriculum to work independently and to solve problems. The Centre of Excellence for Industrial Liaison (CEIL) is particularly effective in providing work-related opportunities to older students to inspire and motivate them, especially the most able. Special sessions to encourage students to apply to the most prestigious universities are well attended and have a positive impact.

 To ensure that all students have the greatest chance of success, the college offers a wealth of support and intervention services. Thus, students with disabilities or special educational needs are supported consistently and effectively, with those attached to the Asperger Syndrome Resource Base having superb provision to help them cope with life at college.

 Students particularly value the services provided at the Zone, where they can talk to adults from different agencies about any concerns.

 Levels of attendance are similar to the national average and have improved in the last two years. Exclusions are rare and no students have been permanently excluded in recent years.

 Students report that they feel very safe in the college. Bullying instances are rare but are taken very seriously by staff. The concerted effort of the college to promote e-safety has increased student awareness and reduced incidents of cyber-bullying. In regards to discriminatory behaviour and language, students have produced a ‘user-friendly guide’ for staff to use.

 There are strong partnerships with parents and evidence reflects the high regard parents have for the college, its leaders, staff and provision.

The leadership and management

are outstanding

 Leadership systems at this college are outstanding at all levels and are securely founded on the high expectations and uncompromising vision of the principal. Leaders throughout the school articulate great respect for each other and all model excellence for both staff and students.

 Middle leadership is consistently effective. Using skills developed within the school, they lead teaching, learning and support teams effectively, insisting on only the best possible practice and outcomes for students.

 Monitoring and evaluation systems are well developed and used regularly so that school leaders have very accurate views of the college’s strengths and areas for development. The capacity to

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