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Breast Cancer in 2013: What you need to know

(Family Features) Thirty years ago, a

diagnosis of breast cancer was thought of as a virtual death sentence for many women, but since that time signifi cant progress has been made in the fi ght against breast cancer. Reduced mortality, less invasive treatments, an increased number of survivors and other advancements have their roots in breast cancer research – more than $790 million of it funded by Susan G. Komen, the world’s largest breast cancer organization. However,

the reality is that breast

cancer is still a serious disease. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held each October, brings awareness to the disease and empowers women to take charge of their own breast health. This year, about 200,000 new cases of

invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in the U.S. and nearly 40,000 women will die from it. Globally, 1.6 million people will be diagnosed, and 400,000 will die. Despite the increased awareness of breast cancer, major myths still abound. Women must remain vigilant against this disease by learning the facts and understanding how they may be able to reduce their risk.

The Myths and Facts on Breast Cancer

Myth: I’m only 35. Breast cancer all women are at

happens only in older women. Fact: While the risk increases with age, risk for getting breast

cancer. Myth: Only women with a family history

of breast cancer get the disease. Fact: Most women who get breast cancer have no family history of


disease. However, a woman whose mother, sister or daughter had breast cancer has an increased risk. Myth: If I don’t have a mutated BRCA1

or BRCA2 gene, I won’t get breast cancer. Fact: You can still get breast cancer,

even without a gene mutation. About 90 to 95 percent of women who get breast cancer do not have this mutation. Myth: Women with more than one

known risk factor get breast cancer. Fact: Most women with breast cancer have no known risk factors except being a | SUN LAKES SPLASH | October 2013

PRESIDENT __________________________ - continued from page 8

meeting. We are anticipating the upcoming over

seeding of the golf courses and common areas. The Palo Verde Golf Course will be closed from Monday, September 30– Sunday, October 20, while the Cottonwood Golf Course will be closed from Monday, October 7–Sunday, October 27. The driving range will be closed from Monday, September 30–Sunday, October 13. I want to thank all of those who

volunteered and served on one of our nine committees this year. Committees are vital to the board of directors and to our Community. Our annual Committee Appreciation Dinner will be held on Friday, October 18, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the San Tan Ballroom to honor those for a job well done.

woman and getting older. All women are at risk. Myth: You can prevent breast cancer. Fact: Because the causes of breast

cancer are not yet fully known, there is no way to prevent it.

Actions to Reduce Your Risk

Breast cancer can’t be prevented; however, research has shown that there are actions women can take to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.


Maintain a Healthy Weight – women who are

overweight have a 30 to 60 percent higher breast cancer risk than those who are lean. Add Exercise

into Your Routine

Women who get regular physical activity may have a lower risk of breast cancer by about 10 to 20 percent, particularly in postmenopausal women. Limit Alcohol Intake – Research has

found that women who had two to three alcoholic drinks per day had a 20 percent higher risk of breast cancer. Breastfeed, if you can – Research

has shown that mothers who breastfed for a lifetime total of one year (combined duration of breastfeeding for all children) were slightly less likely to get breast cancer than those who never breastfed.

For more information on the facts

about breast cancer and what you need to reduce your risk, or to fi nd resources in your community, visit or call 1-877-GO-KOMEN.

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truly dynamic destination.” Come see why. Dr. Lattie Coor, past President of

Arizona State University, and now head of The Future of Arizona will speak on Tuesday, October 29. Dr. Coor is President-Emeritus, Professor and Ernest W. McFarland Chair in Leadership and Public Policy in the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University, and is Chairman and CEO of the Center for the Future of Arizona. Under his direction, the center has focused upon collaborative initiatives such as creating a unifi ed state vision and action plan and implementing

the Beat the Odds research fi ndings in

Arizona K-12 schools. For the previous 26 years, he served

as President of the University of Vermont from 1976 to 1989 and President of Arizona State University from 1990 to 2002. The Rotary Club of Sun Lakes meets

every Tuesday morning at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast in the Oakwood Country Club Ballroom. The meetings start at 7:00 a.m. and end promptly at 8:00 a.m. Cost of breakfast is $12. To make reservations for any of these meetings, contact Rotarian Don Prestin at 480-802-0439. 

– While we are happy to welcome our

new Palo Verde Executive Chef Anthony Damiano to our Food and Beverage staff, we are saddened that Chef Marshall Reichert is leaving us to open a new pizza restaurant. We wish Chef Marshall the very best in his new endeavor. Chef Anthony is a Master Chef and has a very impressive resume. I would imagine we might be seeing some new pasta dishes on the menu! I encourage you to attend our Agenda

Planning Meetings and our Board Meetings. Attendance at these meetings was very good during the summer months. This is a great way for you to be a part of the process. On behalf of the Board of Directors,

thank you for allowing us to serve this wonderful community in which we live. 

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L. Resolution: Flatware and Glassware

for Banquet Department - Mr. Prezkop read a resolution to approve purchase of replacement fl atware and glassware for the Banquet Department. The resolution passed unanimously. M. Resolution: Plates for Banquet

Department - Mr. Preskop read a resolution to approve purchase of replacement plates for the Banquet Department. The resolution passed unanimously. N. Resolution: Refrigerated Sandwich

Unit and Caster Set - Mr. Prezkop read a resolution to approve purchase of a replacement refrigerated

sandwich unit

and a set of four casters for the Oakwood kitchen. The resolution passed unanimously. O. Resolution: Ironwood Parking Lot

Replacement - Mr. Peters read a resolution to approve demolition and replacement of the Ironwood Clubhouse parking lot. The resolution passed unanimously. P. Resolution: Racquet Membership Fees 2013/2014 - Ms. Petragallo read a resolution

to approve the attached fee schedule for 2013/2014 which remains unchanged from 2012/2013. The resolution passed unanimously. Q. Resolution: Palms Golf Course Aerial

Topographic Survey - Mr. Willsey read a resolution to approve the aerial topographic survey of the Palms course. The resolution passed unanimously. DISCUSSION Repair of Ironwood Perimeter Wall and

Turf Reduction - Mr. Champion said the wall sits on the property line of Ironwood and Oakwood Hills. The Oakwood Hills HOA is willing to participate with the repairs. The perimeter wall is crumbling and needs to be replaced. Face Fund and Capital Expenditures

Guidelines - Mr. Karp said the attached report will be put on SITL for comments and he would like additional input from the board. ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m. 

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a special railroad car to Salzburg, a river cruise, dining in the best restaurants, visits to palaces and an opera performance, performance of the National Ballet and the Vienna Boys Choir in the Emperor’s Palace and a ride in an open horse carriage. Eva got a good job

at the Royal Trust, fi rst in Ottawa and later in Calgary, where she became the fi rst woman in the Calgary branch to have the position of trust offi cer. When she retired, the Calgary estate

lawyers provided a fantastic luncheon for her at the top of the largest high rise building in Calgary. Eva also took the Canadian Securities

course with high honors. The Royal Bank of Canada bought the Royal Trust Company and Eva retired in 1994.

We were able to see Expo 67 in

Montreal. Our daughter Linda was born in Ottawa and our grandchildren in Calgary. We bought a house in Sun Lakes, Arizona in l993. We really enjoy our stays in Arizona for six months a year. Eva has about in

50 medals race

walking and was world champion several times, Utah champion, Arizona

champion, Canadian champion and U.S. champion. I am active with tennis, table tennis,

racquet ball and chess and we belong to three dance clubs. This year I got two gold medals in table tennis and racquetball in singles and doubles and this qualifi ed me to participate in the U.S. National games and championships. 

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