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80 SPORTS Palo Verde Men’s playday results

Dick Nelsen Publicity Okay, what is going on? Here I am

enjoying the cool country up north in Pinetop and we have a big get together with Oakwood; never fails to happen when out of town. Anyway let’s see what happened. Looks like the fi rst game was played at Oakwood and then on August 3, they fi nished at Palo Verde. Select -A- Drive (2net BB) and in fi rst place with a score of 129 was the team of Richard Pavlak, Bob Rouleau, Pat O’ Connell and Craig Freerksen. In second place with 131 were Willie Foster, Ron Crabtree, John Gaudioso and Paul Rogers. Third place honors went to the team of Don Hicks, Tom Bezrulezk Don Rouget and Bill Phillipps with a 132 score. Wonder if this will be a yearly event. August 10, was a Scramble led by the team of Bob Rouleau, John Woodburn, Bob Keltz and Jim Vernon with a score of 36.25. A tie for second; both teams shot 38.50. One was led by Don Hicks, George Townsend, Bob Forman and Steve Keating. The other team was led by Scott DeMichael, Mel Rasmussen, Jim Davis and Budd Livingston. On August 17, the game was 2BB’s net

and wouldn’t you know it we had a three- way tie for 1st place. Let’s see since they all had a score of 102, to be fair we’ll record it this way: Team A consisted of Farris Joseph, Tom Jeub, Bob Forman and Jim Vernon;

IMGA news

John Concannon, Publicity A hearty welcome back to our snowbirds.

The restaurants are getting busier, the traffi c is heavier, and we are seeing many more smiling faces here in IronOaks. The Fall Golf Expo is scheduled for

October 30, at the Oakwood Pro Shop. Representatives from Cobra, Cleveland, Tour Edge, Adams, Ping, Foot Joy and Nike will be on site. Come and see the latest in equipment and golf accessories. A notice will be posted soon giving specifi c times, etc.

The annual IMGA Awards Dinner is

scheduled for December 11. The location will be announced soon as negotiations with a couple of locations are ongoing. It would be appropriate to hold the event at the Ironwood Clubhouse; however, due to a lack of a food and beverage manager, not much can be done. Barry Ediss will be talking to Mr. Champion and hopefully something can be resolved. The annual over seeding at Ironwood will start October 23, and the course

will be closed for three weeks. The good news

is that IMGA will have two play

dates (September 24 and October 1) at Oakwood. The format for both dates will be low net and you will have to call or visit the Oakwood Pro Shop to sign up to play. You will not be able to use the Chelsea system to sign up. Each play day will have a 10:30 a.m. shotgun start. This year Charles Key and his staff will be doing an experiment wherein one hole on each of the fi ve nine hole layouts in IronOaks (Nos. 2 and 16 in Ironwood) will not be over seeded in the traditional way, but,

treated with the

special solution of green dye, chemicals and additives to promote growth. If this experiment

is successful, it could result

in savings of almost $4,000 per hole, per year. That savings along with the reduced expense for seed will have a very positive impact on the operating budget. Joe Mandour has done a signifi cant

amount of work relative to appropriate pin placements, often a complaint by members. He will be working with Eddie Renio and Charles Key and staff to consistently have pin placements in areas represented by the color of the fl ags. Special thanks go out to Joe for this effort. I just heard that golfers who happen to be

delinquent in their annual dues will not be allowed to purchase annual memberships. So, enough said. Finally, it is getting around to that time

of the year, election of the IMGA’S Board of Directors. Each year the membership, in a grand show of democracy, yell out their approval of the members running for offi ce. It is a very thankless job, with low pay (like $0), no benefi ts and very little show of appreciation on the part of members for the work that the Board puts in year after year. Anyone interested in running for offi ce should contact me. My email address is in the IMGA directory. 

Team B consisted of Ed Johnson, Richard Hair, Jim Hawkins and Ray Masuda; Team C was Bill Skrei, Jack Hall, Joe Bolisand Bill Johnson, or was it the other way around? On August 24, the game was 3 Net

BB - I need an adding machine for these scores; and in 1st place with a 156 score were Bill Skrei, Richard Hair, Bill Nelson and Bob Keltz; in second with 160 were David Heath, Gerald Brock, Joe Bolis and Jim Vernon. Scampering into third place with a score of 161 the team of Dennis Bockelman, James Granzow, Jim Agar and Hal Mahaffey. Finally, August came to a close;


Labor Day weekend, the unoffi cial end of summer, except in Arizona. The game on the August 31, was an Ace of Aces qualifi er; don’t know what the game was but my guess it was two net BB, what do you think? Anyway, in 1st place with a score of 110 was the team of Dave Florence, Bob Merna and Jim Davis and old reliable Blind Draw. Cruising into 2nd place with a 114 score was the team of Bill Skrei, John Mitchell, Bill Nelson and Jeff Martin, and coasting into 3rd were Dick Howell, Carl Doak, Bill Fitzke and Bob Forman. Now we can all watch football, or not. “Golf is like a razor. You get just so sharp

and then it begins to dull a little the more you use it.” Doug Sanders.  | SUN LAKES SPLASH | October 2013 Fall softball approaching

Six teams will vie for the fall league championship winding up in mid-December.

Larry Wolfe The fall softball season opens later

this month. Six teams will vie for the fall league championship which winds up in mid-December. We’ll also have winter and spring sessions beginning in the new year. We play two doubleheaders every Tuesday and Thursday during the seasons. This year’s team managers are Ken Brenden, Mike Gloyd, Steve Hilby, Gary Hillabolt, Larry Kaufmann and Dennis Kennedy. Thanks, guys! We also offer a recreational program

on Monday and Saturday mornings after league play begins. Red Waterfi eld coordinates Monday play while Ken Brenden is our Saturday coordinator. Go to

our website at www. to see the full league schedule and for additional


about our program. You can also call association President Denny Davidson at 480-883-9716. New members must come

down to the Field of Dreams and play a few times in the recreational program before becoming eligible for league play. DC Steakhouse, located at 98 S.

San Marcos in Downtown Chandler, is our newest billboard advertiser. The restaurant is locally-owned by Dean and Lorie Laplant and features a full range of juicy steaks and chops along with seafood specials including the best Walleye Pike this side of Wisconsin. Check out the Sponsors Page on our website for links to their website and to those of all of our other sponsors. If your company or organization would like to advertise at the Field of Dreams, there is additional information on the sponsors page or call or email Larry Wolfe 480-802-2748 or Now that the weather is somewhat

cooler I’m reminded of that famous Ernie Banks quote. Mr. Cub said, “It’s a great day for a ball game; let’s play two!” 

Niners August results

Jim Wegman, Publicity I am pleased to announce that fall is

just around the corner. Our members have played through some of the hottest and most humid days of the summer and we are all looking forward to the cooler mornings of September. So get those clubs polished up, open a new sleeve of balls and line up those putts. The 2013-2014 Niner’s golf season is on the way. Hey, let’s welcome back former league Johnson. Bill

member Bill is back on his

feet, back in the league and ready to play. We’re glad to have you back, Bill. Winners: 08/02. Skins – Lakes, by teams: No.

1 Dennis Fisher, No. 2 Jack Cook, No. 3 Ken De Blieck, No. 4 Chuck Legorreta, No. 6 Rich Funk, No. 7 Len Dolins and John Miller; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Dave Peters, No. 6 Dave Mork. 08/09. Low Net – Palms: Flight A: Jack

Cook, Mike Osborn, Bob Deken and Bill Whitely; Flight B: Jordy Primack, Rich Funk, John Pallace and Bill Becker; Closest-to- the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Mike Stewart. 08/16. Fewest Putts – Sonoran: Flight A:

Mike Osborn, Jack Cook, David Mork and Bill Flinn; Flight B: Wesley Thrash, Chuck Legorreta, Jim Janowski and John Miller; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Bruce McCorkle, No. 8 Chuck Legorreta. 08/23. 2 Best Net Balls – Lakes: 1st Bruce

McCorkle, Jim Janowski, Mike Stegina and John Pallace, 2nd Bill Whitely, Jim Wegman and Jim Theobald; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Ken De Blieck, No. 6 Mike

Osborn. 08/30. Best Balls Par 3/4/5 – Palms:

1st Mike Osborn, Bill Becker, Bill Bartoo and Len Dolins, 2nd Bruce McCorkle, Bill Whitely, Jerry Richards and John Pallace; Closest-to-the-Pin

Honors: No. 7 Len

Dolins. As we move into the fall, the rough may

be left a bit higher than we are used to. It is important to watch the ball fl ight of the other golfers in your group. Lost balls are no fun; they cause higher scores and time is lost searching for lost balls. New members are the life blood of every

association and are critically important to the Niner’s as we are a smaller golf league. If you have a buddy who plays golf at any level, whether a resident or non-resident, he will be welcomed to the league. If your buddy is new to the game or a returning golfer, talk up the league and introduce him to a board member. Better yet, pick up an application, help him fi ll it out and give it to a board member. Applications can be found attached to our bulletin board. Fall provides great golfi ng here in Arizona and we would welcome the opportunity to sign up new members as we move into cooler weather. Now I can’t guarantee this advice will

work for you, but it comes from one of the greatest golfers who ever teed it up. Sam Snead said, “When I swing at a golf ball right, my mind is blank and my body is loose as a goose.” Hey, it’s worth a try. Tee it

low, watch it go. 

POOL ________________________________ - continued from page 76

Membership dues are $30 for the

club’s three regular season tournaments: November 1, 2013-December 10, 2013; January 1, 2014-February 10; and March 1 to April 10. Dues also cover refreshments at the club’s October sign up meeting and lunch at the Spring Awards Luncheon in April.

Dues are $10 for each of the summer

tournaments running from June 1-July 10 and August 1-September 10. Cash awards for each pocket are as

follows: fi rst place $20; second place $10 and third place $5. Regular season tournament winners are eligible


competition in the year end playoff to determine club 9-Ball and 8-Ball champions. 

swing it slow and

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