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INSIDE: What’s October 2013

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Polter-Heist cast and crew

Take a walk on the spooky side when Sun Lakes

Community Theatre presents Polter-Heist, an audience participation murder mystery. This talented cast and crew have been working under direction of director Sandy Pallett and assistant director Grace Geisinger, and are looking forward to giving you a totally fun evening. The action takes place at The Mouldering Pines Inn,

where the Bogeyman Outreach Organization (BOO), a support group for ghosts, is holding its annual convention.

As a dinner guest at the convention you will be seeing and hearing clues as this mystery unfolds while enjoying a delicious meal of Chicken Parmesan. Throughout the dinner you have an opportunity to try to guess “who done it.” At the end of the show, if you are among the lucky ones who can identify the murderer (yes, there will be a murder) and the motive, you will have an opportunity to win a really nice prize. Polter-Heist will run from October 22-October 26 at the

Sun Lakes United Methodist Church to

host seminars in October Professor Rod Carruthers of Sun Lakes

United Methodist Church is offering one of his well-attended seminars of the Bible starting on Friday, October 11, and concluding on Friday, December 20. Rod will offer a series of classes from 9:00- 11:00 a.m. in Room 1 of the Education Building located to the back of the campus at 9248 E. Riggs Road in Sun Lakes. “What the New Testament is All About”

will cover the four gospels, the Acts, and the fi rst fi ve letters of Paul, written to the Churches he founded in the northeastern Mediterranean. We will draw from each of the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke as we study the life of Jesus in three phases: His birth and early life; teaching about God to His disciples and the Jews; and His death and resurrection. The classes and their topics cover the

books of Matthew through Ephesians with two coffee breaks and followed by an optional discussion period of 30 minutes. A comprehensive outline of the seminar complete with lists of scripture readings for each lesson will be placed in a note binder and students will receive “A Topical Comparison of the Gospels” which is a complete record of all topics and verses written in the three synoptic gospels displayed in parallel for comparison. All materials, including a seminar binder are provided for a fee of $10. New Seminar! “Extraordinary People the Bible: Mysteries,

of Intrigues and

Abiding Faith” A second

this fall and is the fi rst in a series called “Extraordinary

seminar will People

of the be

Mysteries, Intrigues and Abiding Faith” on Tuesday afternoons at 1:30 p.m.

offered Bible: in

Room 1. Beginning on November 5, and concluding on December 10, this class will be exploring the nature of God’s will in the Old Testament and the struggle of the biblical heroes and heroines who constitute the “great ones” to fulfi ll God’s needs. We will

explore some of

Oakwood Clubhouse. Tickets go on sale starting October 1, and will be sold every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Oakwood Clubhouse from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. and every Thursday at the Saguaro Room lobby in Cottonwood from 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Enjoy an evening of fun, laughter, mystery and great food for only $35. Remember, last year’s show sold out in the fi rst week

tickets went on sale, so don’t hesitate to get your tickets. (Did you spot that ghost in our picture)?

What’s new with the Sun Lakes Chorale?

Jan Ott Newly-elected Board President Merrie Crawford is sharing the spotlight with another

new symbol of identity for the Chorale family - her leadership and the group’s publicity banner will usher in the 2013-2014 musical season. Also joining the board as a new member will be Director-at-Large Jim Alvar. Returning members are Vice President Carolyn Ellis, Treasurer Lyn Munn, Recording Secretary Kay Tymn, Corresponding Secretary Jacquey Moss and Director-at-Large Jack Perin. Having resumed their Friday, 1:00 p.m. rehearsals in Sun Lakes Country Club’s Mirror

Room, members are preparing for their December 12 Holiday Concert to be held at the Sun Lakes United Methodist Church. Audience members will again be enjoying the musical talents of Director Cris Evans and Accompanist Janice Manning. The skills of Performance Coordinator Bart Evans will complete the performance team. Don’t miss one of the upcoming


following questions: what factors in the character of these biblical greats – Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Sara, Moses, and David — made them extraordinary in the eyes of God? Did any of them disappoint God? Were any of them fl awed? If so, how did they overcome those fl aws, and rise to greatness? What factors in their conduct infl uenced the manner in which God’s nation, Israel, evolved? How did the “great ones” react to God’s will? As they implemented God’s plans, what was it about them that made them heroes of the Bible? What lessons can we learn from them to apply to our own spiritual lives? Come and fi nd out the answers to these questions. We hope you will be inspired to join us

for one, or both, of these very informative seminars. You can register for these classes, or get more information by calling the church offi ce at 480-895-4766. 

Sun Lakes Activity Day Open Houses! Beginning the fi rst weekend in October, three consecutive Saturdays will offer the opportunity to speak with Chorale members and view their latest concert video which highlights the group’s four- part

harmonies and wide repertoire.

Choose from: October 5, at Sun Lakes Country Club

(9:00 a.m.-noon) October 12, at Cottonwood-Palo

Verde’s San Tan Ballroom (9:00 a.m.-noon) October 19, at the Oakwood Country

Club (10:00 a.m.-noon) Or, attend all three events! Meet

your friends and enjoy learning what the Sun Lakes community has to offer. For more Chorale information, visit www. to learn about the group’s background and coming year’s schedule of events. Their website is also the source for photos and biographical information concerning the Chorale’s professional staff.

Merrie Crawford

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