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Edited & Published by Shailendra Kesari For Online News visit: Email: • Jan - Feb 2013 • Vol: 14 Issue: 3 ` 20 •

• By Gour Kanjilal

Present Tourism Scene and... ...New Strategy for 2013

issue. It is getting very difficult to get visas from the Indian Mission overseas and tourists are going to destinations which have tourist friendly visa norms. Visa process need to be streamlined on top priority basis Group visas needs to be introduced for easy movement of group on a fixed itinerary being handled by Govt. of India approved

Severe economic down turn in the traffic generating markets makes our travel trade to think of promoting domestic packages. Stimulating growth in domestic tourism has been a good driver of economic expansion but we need to boost international tourism in order to earn foreign exchange that is essential for a sound economy.

Current decline in international tourist arrivals is attributed to a number of reasons including the sluggish markets in Europe, the United States and Germany the countries which are traditional traffic generating markets. The other reasons are high air tickets costs due to hike in air craft fuel charges and high operational costs. For India, one of the prime reasons for less traffic is the visa

tour operators in India. Another factor is the progressively high cost of hotels and varied taxes toward tourism sector.

Even our marketing strategy need to be revamped shifting focus from generic advertisements to focused destinations with some indications of the itinerary and package costs and local contacts for

Contd. on pg 10 bookings.

Some special events which can provide unique experience which is unique to India like Kumbh Mela experience, Kite festival, Yoga festival etc to be focused globally with regular advertisements and advance notice and incentives to tour operators overseas who are promoting special packages. Our tour operators offer also must focuss on new product offerings in various travel shows they participate and try to go beyond golden triangle circuit. It is unlikely that economic down turn will bring travel to standstill. Infact travelers will be more creative in their selection of destinations but no doubt travelers will be looking for cheaper alternatives in 2013 and many like to

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