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Asphalt The Sustainable Pavement

• Asphalt is faster to construct • Asphalt is the most recycled product, by weight, in the United States

• Asphalt can be constructed at night • Asphalt provides a smooth drive and better fuel mileage

• Open-graded asphalt mixtures can help improve storm water management

• Asphalt is environmentally friendly • Waste oils can be used to fuel Asphalt plants

• Asphalt helps keep the air cleaner and cities cooler

• Asphalt is used over worn out concrete that is rubblized and used as a base material, therefore eliminating the need to haul it away

• Asphalt can achieve LEED credit points • Asphalt plants reduce energy costs by producing warm-mix asphalt

• Asphalt pavements can recycle and reuse old asphalt roofi ng shingles KENTUCKY RIDES ON US Asphalt.


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