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Human being must breath in the air and

turn external energy ( oxygen ) into body become internal energy. In martial art, the player use breathing exercise can build up the cycle of internal vital energy, this kind of ener­ gy is made of Essence, Qi and Spirit.

In Martial Arts, there are two kinds of brea­ thing exercises, one is chest breath, the other is abdominal exercises, chest breath is more for arms and head energy supply, abdominal breath is more for legs and main body energy supply, the cycle of internal vital energy can both build up by chest or abdominal breath ways.

In Martial Arts, there are different kinds of breathing ways, mainly is nose breath in and mouth breath out, nose breath in and nose and mouth breath out, or natural breath in and breath out. Do what you comfortable.

In Martial Arts, the breathing exercise must do by concentrate with mind power, this is why the energy is combine with Essence, Qi and Spirit.

In Martial Arts movements, the breath can bring strengh or power more effective than no pay attention on breath's movement.

For example, inhale is for rising movements and exhale for falling movements during mar­ tial arts jump or low down body, and inhale is for closing (defense) movements, exhale is for opening (attack) movements.

So when the breath the vital energy will through the cycle energy channel transfer to the movement joints or muscles give them power or force to success the actions.

There are six important gists in Martial Arts Breathing exercise.

1. Erect spine. The Du meridian is throughly by energy, and from your head to your leg the electronic energy transfer is very fast, make your body movement more flexible.

2. Lift your head. The energy will go through your neck to your brain, your spirit power will control whole body's muscles and joints.

3. Energy transfer should smoothly from limbs' root to tip. For example: punch's power should from shoulder begin throught elbow to the fist no stop and smoothly punch out. the kick's power should from hip through knee to foot no stop and smoothly kick out.

4. The Qi should be sent out of your body when you fight. The energy is not only move inside your body, it also can shot out of your body to your enemy's body.

5. Use five elements energy in fighting. There are five kinds of people live on the earth. Wood man, Fire man, Earth man, Metal man, and Water man. Wood kill earth, earth kill water, water kill fire, fire kill metal, metal kill wood.

6. Coordination. Every movements must coordinate with mind's oder and energy tran­ sfer, step by step, never out of order. For body balance the shoulder should coordinate with hip, the elbow should coordinate with knee, the wrist should coordinate with ankle.


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