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FROM the ARCHIVES – 1960 (or WHATEVER DID HAPPEN TO THAT BUDGIE?) Our intrepid roving reporter has been looking at the archives in Harlow Museum this summer.

Thumbing through the pages of copies of the Harlow Gazette for 1960 we can see some special and interesting topics that happened to the folk of Netteswell some 53 years ago. As today, the weather often dominated events. It was a very wet summer with several planned

outdoor activities such as sports on the Dashes field having to be moved indoors. Several times during the year the lock keepers patrolled the river Stort both day and night around Burnt Mill as floodwaters rose. In October the river was 2ft higher than usual and at one point a 30ft log had to be removed from blocking the sluice gates! There were traditional fun times too with chances for folk to get together. On June 3rd the paper

recorded a series of ‘Coffee and Jive’ evenings taking place on the Dashes field organised by the YMCA for teenagers. Around 25 youngsters danced the evening away! On July 22nd the Harlow Gazette reported the Pet Show held at Netteswell School which raised

the substantial sum of £150 towards the cost of two new tennis courts. The show included a huge amount of side shows and a number of special attractions including the Netteswell School brass band and a display from the school Judo club. This was the first pet show to take place at the school and entries ranged from a squirrel to a Jackdaw, rabbits and doves. It was a great success, but for one little girl it was heartbreaking as her yellow budgie escaped from its cage and flew away! If it was not found, the school promised to replace it! …. please, does anyone know what in earth happened to the poor little budgie? On September 16th Broadfields School had its 5th flower show to raise money for the school

swimming pool. Standards of exhibits were high with the miniature gardens made by the children a big attraction. £13.10s (£13.50) was raised. On September 30th it was reported that passers by stared, while a policeman fingered his

notebook when over 100 tramps converged on the W.I. Hall at Burnt Mill. They seemed to be the most scruffy, villainous collection ever seen in West Essex - but it was in fact the Annual Tramp supper of the Harlow New Town motorcycle club! There were games, a tramp feast and dancing before the lights went out and the bikers sat around a camp fire and sang sentimental songs! A good evening was had by all! On a more serious note 1960 saw much of Harlow infested with earwigs! Thousands were

reported to be crawling into pantries, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms making lives a misery. Young children were frightened to go to bed at night before their parents had examined their sheets thoroughly! The Gazette reported that everyday housewives were massacring hundreds of earwigs but that it was a uphill struggle. Earwigs breed just under the surface of the ground. Apparently, their habitat had been badly disturbed by all the new building occurring at this time leading to the infestation. In August the council issued free insecticides to tackle the earwig problem and to avoid Harlow becoming known as the ‘Earwig Town’ [Ed. A close call!]. On September 7th Kim, the dog from Arkwrights, was also reported to have made enough noise to

wake the whole street when a burglar entered its back garden one night. Next morning the ‘swag’ dropped when the burglar hastily jumped over the garden fence was found - a lady’s dress!


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