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A Fun Day

On Saturday 10th August, Freshwaters church organised the first of what is intended to be an annual Fun Day for Netteswell Ward.

The event took place between 1.30pm and 4.30pm and according to Donkey it was a fine dry afternoon.

We estimate that over 200 people joined us through the course of the afternoon and many enjoyed the three puppet performances from Donkey and his friends – and not just the children!

Of course the children’s favourite, as always, were the bouncy castles – O the difficulty of showing

children having fun without showing children – never mind, believe me there were lots of children enjoying the large ‘Looney Tunes’ bouncy castle, and the jungle fun run.

Then of course there were the shenanigans in the face painting corner where smart young boys and girls entered, only to be transformed into terrifying tigers and spidery super-heroes.

It was nice to see a number of families enjoying refreshments in groups across the Dashes field.

In the meantime there was serious competition in the games area.

Of course we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without giving thanks to our hard working volunteers! Around 30 people gave up their time to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

We were pleased that 32 families registered to receive details of future Freshwaters activities and events from whom 5 people received prizes from our free draw.

I’ll leave the final word to Luke, our intrepid Youth

worker. ‘Thanks to all those who came to make the afternoon such a great success, I hope to see you all again soon.’

Ron Kingsmill Pastor - Freshwaters Christian Fellowship Email:

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