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Christians Against Poverty

Anyone who has taken out credit can suddenly find themselves in unman- ageable debt. For most people all it takes is a change of circumstances - the loss of a job or an unexpected illness. For many who are on the edges of society, there is no way out of the black hole. What call centre would listen and agree to reduced payment?

Which bank would stop interest and charges to prevent debt from rising? Would you know that the companies threatening court action are

powerless in the face of a fair financial settlement? Would you know to open a new bank account that wasn’t overdrawn so you can start a new budget?

How would you save for the unexpected

and stop the cycle of debt? If you needed to go bankrupt how would

you raise the fees, fill in the lengthy forms and defend yourself in court alone? How could you do all this while feeling so

low? This is where CAP steps in to speak up

for those who cannot speak for themselves and it is all done without charging the client a penny for its services. CAP doesn’t just help for a few weeks,

but throughout the whole process until people become debt free. This is the CAP plan to get out of debt:_

• Insolvency - If a client is in severe debt then we can walk them through the appropriate insolvency route. We can help our client’s

• CAP Account - A CAP Account, which acts ike a simple bank account is set up. The client makes one weekly or monthly payment into their account to cover their bills and debt repayments, which CAP then distribute on their behalf.

• Effective Budgeting - CAP then works out a realistic budget: by prioritising essential bills, negotiating affordable payments with each creditor and working to stop unfair interest and charges.

• Home Visits - After calling CAP on its freephone number - 0800 328 0006 - an appointment is made and each client is visited in their own home by a licensed CAP Debt Coach and befriender from their local CAP Debt Centre.

Some Stats: The average household income is £11,382 per year for homes where CAP helped. £841,000 of debt are repaid each month through CAP. £74 million pounds of secondary debt is handled by CAP. 18,000 demands and red letters are handled each month. 96% of debt free CAP clients stay debt free!

What do others say about CAP? “CAP are unsurpassed when it comes to the debt help they give people across the country.” Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert. “CAP is a respected organisation so magistrates are confident to hand over a case, happy in the knowledge that the individual will receive the highest level of professional care.” Peter Murgatroyd, Chief Prosecutor, Halifax Metropolitan Borough Council.

The good news is that since the beginning of June, Harlow now has a CAP Agency.

To find out more, or apply for counselling: Tel: 0800 328 0006

Christians Against Poverty – Job Club

There is a Christians Against Poverty Job Club in Ware (which is the nearest CAP Job Club to Harlow) on a Wednesday from 10.30 to 14.45 at Springs Christian Fellowship, New Road, Ware SG12 7BU. Here you can meet with other job seekers once a week and be supported by trained coaches in taking practical steps towards employment. For more information contact Brian or Zukisa 01920 460260 or go to the website:

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insolvency costs in cases of severe hardship by helping to fill out forms and attending court with

them. • Support Until Debt Free - Clients use their CAP Account to pay their bills and debts, and are supported by CAP until they are debt free.

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