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Tales of a Ragtag Student – If you are going to Uni, read this! The winds begin to blow the last, lazy summer months away and we find ourselves peering into

the future; an Everest to summit - university. An ever increasing number of people find themselves turning to education in a desperate bid to escape the current British job market. However, statistics show that the leap between A-level and degree is the toughest to conquer- new home, new family, new expectations. So what exactly do the war-weary, bedraggled, end-of-second-years advise? Well - here’s the top advice:

• Eat lots of greens: Fresher’s Flu’s a beast!! • Don’t forget your Ethernet cable- the library is no place for a first year.

Common sense things you’d think, but I kid you not in the first few weeks your brain cells will take

quite a battering. Another thing, don’t expect anything glamorous - if you’re expecting the ancient, mystical buildings of Harvard and Yale, an extensive student budget for clothes and food, and the cleanliness of your own family home, then stay at home. The truth is universities are funded by the government and built for functionality, not glamour; Your student budget may barely cover a mould- infested bedroom and, if truth be told, our own homes are only clean because of those lovely faeries otherwise called ‘mothers’ who mop up after our mess. The moment you enter university they disappear, as does personal hygiene. So here’s what you do. Gone are the days of ragtag patchwork students in knitted scarves and Oxfam

beanies – ‘student’ has become designer. Temptation will send you to the shops the moment your finance comes in (this applies to men as well!). A simple way to save money is to wait for student lock-in’s to shop. Also shops such as Boots give goodie bags to the first 250 customers with all the essentials in them plus extra discounts - keep an eye out in your local shopping centre for dates and deals. Also shop online; good websites will always be cheaper than in-store (and don’t forget your NUS card). Register at the university doctors - don’t wait until you’re ill. Being sick is a nightmare - horrendous to

your social life, studies and even funds. Take it from someone who waited a week, bedridden, for a simple registration document to be cleared. It IS necessary. And don’t underestimate multivitamins - they do seem to ward off colds - particularly when you’re sharing a house with 5 other germ-infested teens! Eat good food - a few weeks in you’ll be fed up of dry pasta and apples in curry sauce –

a good bit of bacon is a great boost for the homesick, morale beaten body of a fresher. Other than these few tips (which seem like common sense) all I can say is man up,

plough on and maybe, just maybe, if the winds are in your favour you’ll be adept enough to evolve and join the 38% of young adults who actually graduate in England.

Esther Kingsmill Contd. from page 11

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