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Petrol and Diesel Prices Despite the Government fuel duty cut in 2011 and three year freeze - which I have long fought hard for- prices at the petrol pump continue to rise. We have to ask, why are the oil companies ripping off the motorist, even when international oil prices fall? Following the EU investigation into oil companies over allegations of price

manipulation, I along with FairFuel UK, have presented a petition signed by 30,0000

people to the UK Office of Fair Trading calling for an inquiry into British oil companies. We need to do all we can to put pressure on oil companies to keep prices down. It is morally wrong that Harlow motorists spend around one tenth of their income on fuel. I will continue to champion lower fuel prices in Parliament.

Water Bills Water Bills also add to the strain of hard working families: over the past five years the average

water bill in Harlow and across Essex has gone up far too much, whilst leakages remain high. Meanwhile water company bosses are not afraid to give themselves generous salaries, with some significant rises in areas across Essex. For this reason, I have produced a report on what the Water companies have been doing across

the East of England. I will be presenting the findings to the Government in September and will fight for lower prices in the House of Commons. It is good that the Government is bringing in new laws to solve some of these problems, but we

also need OFWAT, the regulator, to be tougher on water companies to make sure consumers get a fair deal. Just like oil companies, we shouldn't allow water companies to take advantage of the public in the pursuit of profit. You can read my Water Rip-off Report on my blog:

Controlling Immigration and Harlow Homes for Harlow People Whenever I am out and about knocking on doors, many residents express concern about the

pressure put on our public services by uncontrolled immigration. The current Government have cut immigration by one third. Many ‘fake’ foreign language student schools have been closed. Border Control is being reformed. Action is also being taken to limit people coming to this country getting welfare benefits and NHS assistance, without having contributed something to the country first. In Harlow, there are new measures to ensure that no one has access to social housing, unless

they have at least a five year association with our town. This is only fair and should help ensure Harlow homes are for Harlow people. For a tour of Parliament, or to come to one of my Advice Surgeries (see below), please write, or email me at or call 01279 311451.

Yours sincerely, Robert

Robert Halfon MP - Working Hard for Harlow

SURGERIES are by ‘appointment’ which can be obtained by: a) Telephone 01279 311451 or 311452 b) E-mail to:

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