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Welcome Last year, the very special Golden Jubilee Awards and

celebrations was a splendid affair with plenty of glitz and glamour, commemorating not just another year in the life of the curry industry, but also celebrating the 50-year milestone of the Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA) an incredible achievement and testament to our commitment, to our craft and to the high standards which we set ourselves.

The event reminded us all how very special BCA really is - from humble origins dating back to the 1960’s, when there were fewer than 300 curry houses in the UK. An industry that started with nothing

has managed to create thriving

businesses and secure its place in society. From the few that were in existence - through to the current day where the BCA is recognised as the oldest, largest and strongest organisation of its kind. Holding the memory of the Golden Jubilee celebrating we have included some exclusive photos to our BCA photo gallery. First time ever BCA has recognised best chefs from across the country as “The BCA Chef of the year 2011”

Our magazine this year, takes great pleasure in celebrating the achievements and acknowledges the dedication of our successful caterers to advance the industry in times of prosperity and joy and also in times of great hardship. Indeed it is our cohesiveness, our on-going mutual support and our combined efforts that continue to make the curry industry and the Bangladesh Caterers Association what it is today, and will continue to be the solid foundation for what we aim to achieve in the years to come.

-Looking ahead, the question is; what is on the agenda for the future of BCA? -You will find the answer to this burning question in this year’s issue of the Bangladeshi Cuisine - as we look ahead, not just towards the next year, but also to the next 50 years. We know that there are difficult times ahead, a double dip recession and rise in taxes will be hard enough for the sustainability of our businesses but we will look to the future and approach the challenges with heart, effort and diligent planning, and the rest we know will fall into place.

We know that we are able to do this by always striving for success

and also highlighting and celebrating

accomplishment of our community members who go the extra mile, because sometimes it is in the shadow of these inspirational stories of success that a light shines for others to

Curry & Tandoori | Volume 11 | December 2011 Oli Khan - Editor The Bangladesh Cuisine  3

follow and it is after all the life blood of who we are. As markets continue to struggle globally, our unified strength brings us not only together, but renews our spirit to keep striving forward.

In our magazine alongside the Foreword and message from our BCA President Mr Bajloor Rashid you will also read about some of our achievements and activities in the past year, advice on how to cope with the current recession and about future programmes for the training and support of the industry with People 1st.

Our magazine this year, takes great

pleasure in celebrating the achievements and acknowledges the dedication of our successful caterers

Last year the BCA chosen charity was Islamic Relief and earlier this year our Secretary General visited Islamic Relief’s Bangladesh projects in Dhaka, Sylhet and Jainta and viewed first-hand how Islamic Relief was helping to transform the lives of those living in Bangladesh.

When I was given the task to publish the 11th edition of “Bangladesh Cuisine” I was quite overwhelmed and excited to be given the honour of recording its past year and the hopes and vision for the coming year ahead. I had worked tirelessly and installed great effort to collect information and produce what I hope you will appreciate to be the best magazine possible. All this could not have been possible without the support of my colleagues especially Rohema Afa which was tremendous.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the Bangladesh Cuisine as much as we have enjoyed preparing it. I can not finish without recognising and saying thank you to all the contributor and sponsors, supporters, advertisers, contributing writers, celebrity chefs, publishing committee and my advisory board for their continuous support.

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