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The Oprah Winfrey of the By Amanda McDanel Lipstick. It’s a magical thing. It can transform

your whole face with a burst of color. Feeling under the weather? Large dark sunglasses and a swipe of lipstick can disguise your dark circles. Want to make a lasting impression on a date night? A swipe of red lipstick makes you unforgettable. That whole saying “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”—I don’t buy it. Because lipstick or not, bacon is delicious. Add a burst of color to deliciousness and it can transform the ordinary into something truly extraordinary.

When I started my foodie-phile education, I poured over cooking

blogs written by simple home cooks like you and me who delighted in preparing meals and offering invaluable insight on preparation or key ingredients. One of these being the simplest of elements found in every kitchen—Sodium Chloride. Salt, aka Food Lipstick. Forget about the shaker; I’m talking about the myriad of possibilities found in the salt world: kosher salt, sea salt, grey salt, Himalayan pink salt, truffle salt and the granddaddy of them all—Maldon salt.

Maldon is a family owned salt company based in the UK that

has been touted by gourmet chefs and home cooks alike as the finest salt available—just one sprinkle can transform a peak season

tomato into a mind blowing taste explosion. And at approximately $22 a pound it should be. That’s a pretty expensive lipstick, but boy, does it have transformative powers. The right salt just makes things taste more… well, like themselves; it deepens their flavor, brings out their best qualities, and makes them better versions of their former selves. The Oprah Winfrey of the spice cabinet if you will.

Luckily for us, the ocean is an endless source of sodium choloride and Outer Banks SeaSalt is in the business of harnessing the taste of the ocean and making it available to locals and visitors alike.

Amy Huggins Gaw and her husband John operate

an artisian hand-harvested sea salt business featuring 100% all natural sea salt with no preservatives. Like Maldon, this isn’t your restaurant salt shaker—Outer Banks SeaSalt has large flakey crystals that are produced by heating Atlantic sea water for 2 days and results in 3.5 ounces of salt per gallon of ocean water. Its coarse texture makes it ideal as a finishing

salt for a fresh salad, garden produce, or even on your favorite chocolate confection. Just a sprinkle over the top of one of these dishes will provide your own dose of “BAM!” and make you feel like Emeril himself.

The transformative power of salt can even turn an inexpensive choice cut of beef into mouthwatering juicy filet.

The transformative power of salt can even turn an

inexpensive choice cut of beef into mouthwatering juicy filet. “But Amanda,” you ask, “you don’t eat red meat! What kind of blasphemous tomfoolery are you preaching here?” Hint: Remember my carnivore meat and potatoes eating father? After a week of visiting to hang wainscoating, mount beadboard horizontally

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