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Beata Schlosserova, 22 Kosice, Slovakia

Why did you choose to come to the OBX? I chose this because this was near the beach.

What’s your major in school? Studying translation and interpreting Spanish.

Where do you work? Kill Devil Hills Dairy Queen

What do you find most surprising about living here? This is a vacation place and people are so different. If they are from the south of America, they’re so chill. But from the north they want it right now.

What do you miss most about home? I miss our bread and home cooked food.

What do you most enjoy about living on the OBX? I like going to the beach, but it’s rained a lot on my days off.


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Silvia Mekinova, 24 / Martin Mekina, 29 Cadca, Slovakia (In Slovakia the letter “a” indicates a son, “ova” denotes daughter -Editor)

Why did you choose to come to the OBX? Silvia: I had a lot of possibilities, but they didn’t take advantage of my major. Martin: I was in Destin, Florida last year, and it was good to come with Silvia. Silvia: My father would not like it if Martin does not come.

What did you do for a living / study in your country? Silvia: University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica. Studying tourism with an emphasis on cross-cultural tourism. Martin: University of Zilinam, majoring in rescue services. I went to university for a year but then left and went to work. I decided I want to be in the fire department and this degree will let me.

Where do you work? Both: Kitty Hawk Kites—Nags Head

What do you miss most about home? Silvia: Being with family, we don’t feel homesick at all. Martin: I miss my friends sometimes.

What American food do you like the best? Silvia: There is not as much of a choice of foods in our country. We like Mexican food.

What do you most enjoy about living on the OBX? Silvia: The weather. And all the things to do at Kitty Hawk Kites. Martin: The weather. It is much better than Florida where it rained all the time.

Silvia: It is much warmer here than at home. It is nice to enjoy the summer here, but also to enjoy the people and culture.


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