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10a. If you choose to have us contact you for payment you’ll see; “You have chosen for us to look over your order and then contact you personally about payment.”


If you choose to have your order shipped you’ll see the screen below. Please fill in all of the information. If you have a Promo Code (i.e. An E-Blast Coupon code) type that in under “Promo Code or PO#”. If you would like us to do anything special leave us a note under “Instructions”

Last, First Name Your Phone #

Your Email Address

8b. When you choose to have your order shipped you can not choose to pay for your order in-store. We will contact you once we have your order ready and a shipping cost calculated. If you would like us to send what is in-stock before everything shows up please indicate that in the instructions.

9b. You will still have to click on “Contact for Payment” before you will be able to click “Continue…(to review and submit order)”

11. FINALIZING YOUR ORDER Once everything is filled out click on the “Continue…(to review and submit order)”. Depending on how you have decided for pickup/shipment and payment will effect how the next screen will look. Review the information (Items, quantities, delivery preference, shipping information [if applicable] and payment choice). Once you are satisfied that everything is correct click on “Submit this Order Now”

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