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Andrew Gove's UNCLE'S UFO has been a dominate boat for almost two decades. At 83 years old he came out and showed them that he still was the boat to beat.

MOOSEBEC REACH, LONG ISLAND, SEARSPORT, STONINGTON and FRIENDSHIP – The Boothbay, Rockland and Bass Harbor races are behind us. Next up was Moosebec and then we would head to Long Island, Searsport, Stonington and Friendship. Moosebec and Stonington are the two best attended events on the coast and we were not disappointed this year. The Friendship races were a remembrance to boatbuilder Wesley Lash, who had been involved right from their inception in 2000 and who passed away this winter. At the conclusion of Friendship eight races were down with four to go and the contenders for the year-end awards was beginning to shape up.

Boothbay, Rockland and Bass Harbor had great weather, but then the weather went sour and it began raining most days the end of June. On 29 June, we headed for Jonesport, but even before I got out of the driveway I knew the chances of getting this race run was probably not going to happen. We met at the U. S. Coast Guard station with race organizer Erick Blackwood and they were looking at what you could see of Moosebec Reach, which was choked with thick of fog. Erick then had a brief discussion with the Coast Guard and the date was moved to the 4th of July.

The following morning, 30 June, things did not look any better, but as I neared Portland it cleared. We had 38 boats entered


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and had the forecast been better there would have been a lot more boats.

The Long Island races are not sanctioned. They use the same rules, but they opted not to use the same racing classes. Instead they used the Pemaquid racing classes, which has fewer gasoline and diesel classes. Since it was a new race, it drew some new boats. There were only two Gasoline Classes, one for four and six cylinders and one for eight cylinder engines. Since there was only one entrant in the four and six cylinder race, D & L Boatworks’ CRY BABY [D&L Boatworks 25-footer, 292 ci Chevrolet] they raced with the two competitors in the eight cylinder class. CRY BABY was the fi rst over the fi nish line taking fi rst in their class with Skee Dennison’s ELIZABETH [Repco 30, 350 Chevrolet] crossing next for fi rst in the eight cylinder class. Steve Johnson’s STRETCHED VETTE took second. Next up was the eight diesel class

races. In the fi rst race it was Mike Hanson’s VENTURE. In the second race it was Scott Dyer’s RELENTLESS [BHM 28, 200-hp Yanmar]. Two boats came to the line for the next diesel race, which was won by Steve Johnson’s LYNN MARIE. There were six

Joshe Polke's RELENTLESS leading Milton Merchant's MISS TONIA and Jeff Libby's TRAP SHIFTER in Diesel Class M at the Moosebec Reach races on 4 July.

boats on the line for the fourth diesel race and Ed Torosian’s MS. ROSE was the winner. There were four boats in the next race, which was won by Ed Shirley’s MISS KARLEE. The next race was won by Travis Otis’ FIRST TEAM. Scott Wood’s WILD ONE [Crowley Beal 33, 892 Detroit] was fi rst in the next diesel race. In the last diesel race,

Due to the length of our lobster boat race coverage, this is a very con- densed version with just a small number of the photographs. For the most comprehensive coverage go to: and click on lobster boat racing and then the newsletters for 2013.

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it was no surprise to see Andy Johnson’s WHISTLIN’ DIXIE leading the way with Tom Clemons’ 4 GIRLS and Keith Jordan’s BAILEY & BELLA fi nishing two and three. The Novi class was won by Russell

Langmaid’s VALERIE JUNE and second went to Rusty Permenter’s PATRICIA ANN. In the Gasoline Free-for-All all three gasoline powered boats came to the line and the winner was CRY BABY.

Five boats lined up for the Diesel Free- Continued on Page 7.

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