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Somerset Art Weeks

Garden of Eden. “Eden is almost tangible at Esotera,” she says, “made more so by the impact of the proposed vibrant, exotic installation – a product of intricate labour and love created from abundant mixed media and reclaimed materials on a large scale, suggesting also that Eden is everywhere in the fantastical microscopic world – if we look hard enough. A garden of earthly delights awaits.” The ‘abundance’ theme of the

Barrington Court by Maeve Clancy. Photograph by Seb King

Tintinhull Garden (Tintinhull), Esotera (Foddington, near Babcary) and Henley Mill (Wookey, Mendip). The unusual garden surrounding

Little Yarford Farmhouse embraces a 17th century house (not open to the public) that is overgrown with a tapestry of climbing plants. The garden’s three ponds exhibit a wide range of aquatic gems. Artist Gillian Widden’s new work, a giant ‘Horn of Plenty’, will be installed in the Little Yarford garden. This piece explores the meaning of the word ‘abundance’ and its relevance to the world in which we are living. Derived from the Latin word abundantia, it has a variety of definitions including profusion, plentifulness, plenty, bounty, and copiousness. Gillian says: “In the centre of

the main garden at Little Yarford Farmhouse is the tump, a raised area from which you can view the garden as a whole. The Horn of Plenty will be sited at the far end

of the garden next to the pond. Hopefully the lily pads will still be in flower. From the top of the tump you can see the Quantock Hills, and it is from here that my sculpture will get the prevailing winds.” Meanwhile, at the Esotera

Garden at Foddington, artist Fiona Campbell intends to recreate a


The Somerset Art Weeks free guide provides a fully illustrated introduction and commentary on all the art works on display during the event. Pick up a copy at Tourist Information offices and libraries across Somerset, or go online at:

The Thornreed Studio group exhibition runs from 21 September until 6 October, open daily 11am – 6pm, at Thornreed Studio, Lower Godney, Somerset BA5 1RZ.

For full details of all the Abundance Garden Trail commissions and

a link to the project blog go to or: www. abundance

The Special Abundance Pass will cost £20 and covers entrance to all Abundance Trail gardens (not including East Lambrook Manor Gardens). The pass offers a 10% discount on all purchases of artwork at the Abundance X exhibition, invitations to special events and private views, including the Abundance Feast, and entry into the Somerset Art Weeks Visitor Prize Draw. Wells Life 13

Somerset Art Weeks festival also continues with the Abundance X exhibition at the Malthouse Gallery, in East Lambrook Manor Gardens, which features limited-edition and multiple artworks inspired by nature’s abundance as revealed within the gardens of Somerset. Artists include Laura Pearcy, Chris Dunseath, Judy Willoughby, Emma Riley, Nadja McDevitt, Jan Ollis, Rachel Waldock, Sue Lowe, Margaret Wall and Linda Bristow. Admission to the exhibition is free but usual charges will apply to the gardens. WL

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