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Royal Naval Officers should coil on Bernords whenever they have a clothing requirement.


40 Commercial Road, Portsmouth Telephone 6396

30 Royal Parade, Plymouth Telephone 66543

Nlvi,7y a News 1 The Newspaper of the Royal Navy and The Royal Naval Association

Homes* Victorious is now the premier aircraft carrier


Fleet since the war. she is the first to torious has been completely rebuilt Admiral or Captain to see at a alance be fitted with all of the British- above the hangar deck. The former the tactical situation in any section of

The sixth modern carrier to join the and mirror landing aids.

by road through Portsmouth on its way to the dockyard from its manu-

East, has been rebuilt to become the world's most up-to-date aircraft ously." A complex and semi-auto- carrier.

developed aids to naval flying-the gallery deck-immediately below the the sky for miles around him. fully angled fliaht deck, steam cataoult flight deck and above the hanear-is Two parallel track 145-foot catapults

Coke, D.S.O., R.N., she will be com- the length and breadth of the ship. one of the reasons for the installation missioned on January 14 and corn- She has also been almost entirely re- of new boilers during the modernisa- mence her sea trials early next month, designed internally,

Under the command of Capt. C. P. tion by extending continuously through demands for steam which they make is at Por;smouth Dockyard, which started been raised some four feet and to board-the latter mounted outboard The modernisation of the Victorious The 775-foot-long flight deck has mirror sights are fitted port and star-

in October, 1950, and prolonged to achieve its fully angled deck for land- on its own large sponson because of enable the latest devices and equip- ing aircraft it has been extended out- the angled deck-while there are also ment to be incorporated. has been the wards on the port side for 41 feet for two high-speed lifts to bring aircraft

largest task of its kind ever undertaken a length of 120 feet. The island has tip from the hangar decks. in one of the Royal Dockyards or by been kept small by present-day stand-

At one stage some 2,300 men of the for aircraft by siting the large opera- for space inside the ship between the ever-mounting volume of technical

a commercial shipyard in the country. ards to give the maximum deck area

dockyard labour force were employed, either on board or in workshops

ashore, and before the ship's recon-

tons-a weight equal to nearly two- thirds of her original displacement-of

structure and general fittings had to be removed,

dons room and associated compart- merits below the flight-deck level.

There has inevitably been a battle

struction could be commenced 15.000 ious's newoutline is the immense radar company for accommodation. In the armour, machinery, electrical gear and only in the early hours of a Sunday

aerial mounted above the island. It is the first to be installed in a warship and final compromise single-berth cabins

morning with the temporary removal of trolley-bus wires could it be taken

VOLUNTEERING. Ratings may volunteer for any of rite ships, or for Service recently as April of last year-although in a particular station or for specific forms of service (e.g., Local Foreign torious was fixed as long ago as 1953-

Service or General Service), ,l s

ahead, applications to serve in ships due to CO?fl?Hi.S.5iO?t in the next few weeks that there should he no overcrowding. are unlikely to have any euject.

iaftvnq I'orf_4ca drafting


lI.M.S. Ambush. February. at Chat. Halifax, N.S.

II.MS. Astute, March. at Devonport, for 3rd S1 rn. Squadron, Clyde.

Halifax. N.S. 1st S/In. Squadron. Malta.

ham for 601 S, m. Squadron, II.MS. Aeneas, at Portsmouth, for 5th S/ni. Squadron, Portsmouth.

I t (Continued on pace 2, olumn 4)

I1,M,S. Scotsman, May, at Devonport. for 3rd S/ni. Squadron, Clyde.

action is takes: at least two months' all mess decks were surveyed to ensure Statistically, the extent of the

II.M.S. Alderney, February. at Ports- ILM.S. Tapir, May, at Chatham, for electric cables have been used; herdcc- iflOUth for 6th S rn. Squadron.

Victorious's modernisation can he measured by the fact that 800 miles of

daily needs of 2.000 homes; 17.000 square yards of linoleum have been

trical power is capable of supplying the

folding were used in staging around the ship; and 10 miles of ventilation trunk-

ing have been installed. necessary; 400.000 feet of tubular scat- (

dining-halls for junior ratings, and separate messes for senior ratings. As

are provided for all officers-and these than the

occupy less over-all

old two-berth and dormitory cabins- and the highest habitability standards have been sought as far as the ratings


are concerned. The arrangements pro- vide for hunk sleeping for all ratings,

the final completion date of the Vic-

Outstanding feature of the Victor- equipment that must be housed in a fighting ship and the needs of the ship's

Accommodation Problem lion of the Victorious. Deck-landing now unique inBritish carrierconstrue- are fitted forward and the increased A model of the new Vic1htfous. The

huge Ulgbt deck and the comparat(e1y small Wind, with its large radar W- stallation, give an excellent kLa of the

efficient flight-deck layout

THE NEW "RESOLUTION" In commemoration of the discovery

facturers. The radar installation of the will be named after Capt. Cook's ship,

of Christmas Island by Capt. Cook on Christmas Eve. 1777, the base there

H.M.S. VICTORIOUS, veteran of wartime convoys to Russia, air stated to "combine early warning and miralty has sent the following message: actions against Bismarck and Tirpitz, and the campaign in the Far high discrimination of an aircraft's

Victorious provides the best ship-borne air defence radar in the world and is H.M.S. Resolution. The Board of Ad-

During the past seven years the Vic- displays the information, enabling the versary of the discovery of the island

position in plan and height simultane- appreciation to the officers and menof matic electronic system collects.and

.hy Capt. Cook in H.M.S. Resolution." "Their Lordships wish to convey their

H.M.S. Resolution of their work on Christmas Island on this the 180th anni-

the following have been advad to the Chief Petty Officer or Chief Artifice(iiie:

To Chic! Petty Ofllcer.--JX.l6l965

D. Fall; JX.l48952 D. Hayward; JX.l42328 H. York; JX.16l935 M. Beaks; JX.703154 T. Coks.

To Chief Engine Room Artificer.- Mx.57777 D. Ha ncock;

MX.752025 1. Summers.

To Chief Engineering Mechanic.- KX.860l2 '1'. Swan; KX.93885 D.

Murphy; KX.89254 H. Bent;

Gnffiths. (Continuedon page 2column 3)

KX.92381 R. Howard; KX.97744 R. Stewart; KX.83262 C. AIIm; KX.96958 N. Bartle; KX.89259 J.

Confirmation has been received that


provide a perfect service for Royal Naval Officers


40 Commercial Road. Portsmouth Telephone 6596

30 Royal Parade. Plymouth Telephone M54

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