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 NAVY NEWS January, H.M.S. Thorough Returns Home

more than eight years. Her weatherbeaten appearance bore evidence of the mountainous seas he had encountered in the Atlantic during the last days of her voyage- -a voyage which had started over two months previously on the

morning of October 8, at Sydney, Australia. Her send-off was of the order that of a kava ceremony is formal and

is accorded to few ships, but it was complicated, but each guest is allo- evidcnt that the Royal Australian cated a professional orator who

Navy and the Royal Australian Air replies on his behalf to the toasts. Force spared no efforts to show their A dance, concert, bus trips and a appreciation of the work that H.M.S. Thorough had done for them. That

night this farewell was televised hospitality of the Fijian regiment were throughout Australia.

Many submarines have been to

Australia and hack to the United Kingdom, but their route has been a

never to be forgotten. Tahiti

lhoroughs would he different for she 24 hours later. Whilst on passage to was heading for Panama.

well worn one via Suez or the Cape. Thorough crossed the 180th Meridian rahiti a vigorous hunt was pursued


Thorough's first stop was at Suva in willing to allow any ships at Tahiti the Fiji islands. For the brief 47 hours which have come from the Fijian or visit a full programme had been ar- Samoan group of islands. The "Battle ranged. Whilst calling on Colonel of the Beetle" was fought by signal Rogers. at Queen Elizabeth Barracks, between Papecte. Paris. London and

the commanding officer (Lieut.-Cmdr. Thorough. Complete victory was won R. C. H. Mason) was invited to drink by Her Britannic Majesty's consul at a bowl of kava. This drink is prepared Papeete, who was made aware that from a pepper root which is chewed Thorough carried as cargo, not only by a team of young ladies with strong mail, but two dozen bottles of whisky

Six days after leaving Sydney, and the French authorities are un-

for rhinoceros beetle. This insect does great damage to coconut plantations.

Sailing from Fiji on October l(.

soccer match were organised ship's company. The generosity

the and -T

AT 1400 ON Monday, December 16, a cold and clear afternoon. H.M.S. Thorouch arrived alongside Fort Blockhouse after an absence overseas for


jaws until it is well pulped. Mixed for him personally. Therefore on with a good deal of saliva it is spat Tuesday. October 22. Thorough into a common receptacle diluted with passed through the narrow passage in fresh water and stirred by the chief's the coral reef which surrounded

daughter. When the consistency is to Tahiti and secured alongside the main her satisfaction she presents a half wharf at Papecic. The submarine was coconut shell to the guest-of-honour. boarded by Her Majesty's consul, the

- Arrival at Papeele, Tahiti, October 22, 195' The reception given to H.M.S.

Thorough at Tahiti exceeded the bounds of imagination. A detailed account of this visit is a story in it-

self, and regretfully space does not

atmosphere of the Tahitians, the charm of the French, the perfection of the climate, the excellence of the local beer, and above all the fascina- tion of the vahines (native girls) make the island a sailor's paradise." In

permit. But all that one has ever dreamed of the South Sea islands is true. Thorough reports "The carefree

spite of this Thorough's football team played two matches, regrettably but diplomatically losing both. At a cocktail party held onboard the most glamorous, even against fierce local

place, Thorough set out to sea once again and settled down to the non-

competition, guest was the famous French film star Martine Carol. After five days in this fascinating


On this occasion the honours were senior French Naval officer. and the who, having presented all the officers performed by a very fine-looking French officer of the guard. These with Icis of hibiscus flowers.

tastes, like liquid soap. The etiquette wet-Fijian i7"T1.

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soldier. The drink looks, and persons were followed by a young corned them to the Tahitian girl of extraordinary beauty, warmly.

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stop 4.0(X) mile voyage to Balboa. The monotony of sailing the same course at the same speed was broken by

varying the watches and the working routines. In addition there were film

shows and competitions. On November


Galapagos group, was closed to two cables. This isolated and uninhabited

Departure front B.uliiior;iI Jelt'.. Sydney, October 8, 1957

island is an ideal bird sanctuary. But of the tortoises and iguanas for which this group of islands is famous nothing was seen.


of the Panama Canal 36 hours ahead of schedule and permission was ob-

tained, in fact preferential treatment was given. to enable her to start her transit within one hour of arrival. The

first British submarine to register minus 85 feet on her depth gauges, she passed through the Cristobal breakwater nine hours and twenty minutes later, and so entered the

Caribbean. On November

secured Jamaica. Although this visit was

mainly designed to effect maintenance and repairs, a full social round had been organised. A Visit of particular

interest was paid to Port Royal which in the 17th century was known as the wealthiest city in the world. From there sailed the buccaneers to

raid the Spanish galleons. Under the

leadership of Captain Henry Morgan. the "Brethren of the Coast" accumu- lated a vast store of treasure. Two- thirds of the town and all its wealth

disappeared beneath the waves dur-

ing the 1692 earthquake. The commanding officer had the pleasure of staying with the acting

governor at Vale Royal, the official residence of the chief secretary. His bedroom was the same as used by

Lord Nelson in 1797. American Hospitality

was made along the north coast of Cuba to arrive at Key West three

Sailing on November 22, passage alongside

17, Thorough at

Kingston, Thorough reached the Pacific end the 10, Culpeper northernmost of the

days later. Host ships were U.S.S. Corporal and U.S.S. Quiliback, both recent visitors to the United King- dom. They were full of praise for the

hospitality received from the Royal Navy, and they were determined to

reciprocate to the full. Only those who have experienced the immensely

generous hospitality of our allies in America can appreciate the wonderful visit made by Thorough. A visit to Ponta Dclgada was cancelled and the sailing delayed 24 hours in order to

spend Thanksgiving Day at Key West. Apart from the duty watch

every member of the ship's company spent Thanksgiving Day with a family to ensure they got a break from the ships of either navy.

able reach through an angry Decem- ber North Atlantic, but to end in her safe arrival at the "home" of all sub-

marines. H.M.S. Dolphin. H.M.S. Thorough is the only ship

of the Royal Navy to have been so called, but there is no doubt she has been worthy of her name.


H.M.S. BRAVE BORDERER. the first of file new Brave Class Fast Patrol Boats (Medium) is to he launched by Lady (iranthant. ife of Admiral Sir Guy Grantham. G.C.B.,

D.S.O., Commander-in-Chief, Ports-

Vosper Ltd., who constructed and fitted her out. The length of the new boat is 98 ft.

mouth, on 7th January, 1958, at the l'orchcstcr, Ilants, Yard of Messrs.

tO in. (extreme) and 90 ft. between per-

gas turbines, as used in the "Britan- nia" aircraft. hut adapted for the

Royal Navy by Messrs. Bristol Aero

Engines Ltd., Filton, in association with Messrs. W. H, Allen, Bedford, who supply the primary reduction

gears and the reverse reduction gear- boxes. The armament of the Brave Class

functioning as a motor gun boat will consist of one 3.3 in. calibre turret

mounted gun specially developed for this craft and fitted with a stabilisation

system capable of dealing with the severe motion experienced in this type of high-speed craft. This equipment has recently been demonstrated. both

ashore and afloat to representatives of N.A.T.O. Powers, There will also be

one 40 mm. single-bareiled mounting

(ltofors) and two 21 in. torpedoes. Where these craft operate in the motor torpedo boat role, the armament will

he four 21 in, torpedoes and one 40 mm. Bofors. The complement will he three officers and 17 raiings. with the addition of two

ratings for the senior officer's ship of a Squadron.

pendiculars. The beam is 25 ft. 5} in. The craft is powered with Proteus


Finally the last lap was started on November 29: the long uncomfort-

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