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 January, 1958

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Jones ,l11 the Worlds Aircraft. /957-58. Compiled and edited by

Leonard Bridgman. (Sampson Low. -%Iarston &Co. Ltd.; £5 Ss.)


Admiral Sir William Davis will succeed Admiral Sir John Eccles .is

Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet, at Portsmouth on January 6.

Ilubback has been appointed Fourth Sea Lord and Vice-Controller, to take effect in January. He succeeds Vice-

Admiral R. 1). \Vatson.

Rear-Admiral Sir St. John R. J. Tyrwhitt, Bart., C.B., DS.O.. U.S.C. and Bar is to he Chief of Stall to the

('onirnander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Mediterranean, in succession to Vice-

Admiral B. I. Rohertshaw. C.13.. C.B.E.. serving in the acting rank of Vice-Admiral, the appointment to take effect in January, 1958.

O.B.E.. is to he Admiral Commanding Reserves in succession

Admiral G. Thistleton-Smith, C.B.. G.M., to take effect in March, 1958.

and Bar is to be Flag Officer Flotillas. Home Fleet, in succession to Rear-

Admiral J. D. Luce, C.B., D.S.O. and

Bar. O.B.E.. to take effect in April, 1958.

to Rear-Admiral to date January 7, 1958. and to be Rear-Admiral for

Capt. R. F. Storrs is to he promoted

Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth. in succession to Rear-Admiral W. K. Weston, CB., O.B.E., to take effect in

January, 1958. The appointment of Flag Officer,

Engineering Duties on the stall of the


Championships held this year at Stockholm consisted of three Service men, two Army and one Royal Air: Force. Lieut. J. Dougan (H.M.S. Sultan). had trained with them but did not

Home Fleet Training Squadron will lapse on December 16. 1957, when the

flag of Vice-Admiral G. B. Sayer. C.B., D.S.C.. will he struck and

eventually travel with them. Fortunes of the British competitors fluctuated in the various events, but their most successful one was the

H.M.S Ocean, the remaining ship of the Squadron, will reduce to reserve.

Training tasks at present carried out in H.M.S. Ocean are being transferred to other ships and establishments.

A Porpoise class submarine, H.M.S. Cachalot, was launched at the ship-

yard of Messrs. Scotts' Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Greenock.

on Tuesday, December 10. The Cachalot has a length (extreme) of 295 ft. 3 ins, and beam (breadth extreme) of 26 ft. 6 ins. he hull has been built, and the main' machinery manufactured by Scotts' Shipbuilding and Engineering Co.,

Admiralty standard range diesel- electric engines arc installed. The electric propulsion system is by the

English Electric Co., Ltd. Mrs. M. D. Wanklrn, widow of Lieut.-Cdr. Ni. D.

Wanklyn. V.C.. D.S.O..

formed the naming ceremony. H.NI. Submarines Porpoise and Rorqual were launched in 1956, and Grampus and Narwhal earlier this year. The

complement is six officers and 65 men. H.M.S. Ulysses, which left for

service in the Mediterranean with the

6th Frigate Squadron in May. re- turned to her home port of Devon-

Staff Side of the District Whitley. Com-

port on December 9. She is com- manded h Cdr. K. S. Main, R.N. The Chairman and Secretary of the

mittee of the Torpedo Experimental Establishment at Greenock. accom-

panied b the chairman and two other members of the stair side of the Admima lt

the option of taking the £855, or if The moment they disembarked tile I don't need the cash immedi-

Council. called upon Sir John Lang (as chairman of the Admiralty Admi-

nistrative Whitley Council) on Decem- ber 13. Their object was to represent the views of the stalls of the establish-

Experimental Establishment.Anumber of questions were asked, designed to clarify various points which the staff

he placed before the First Lord. A pleasing ceremony took place at

fore am not eligible for British citizenship, but the Boxer holds dear Street. Now, after 22 years' service, I shall memories for me while I was on it, have

Administrative Whitley ment about the future of the Torpedo I

representatives made in the discussion. Sir John Lang promised that a full note of the views of the staffs would

I "I am not a Naval man and there- drawn £2

When I had done my 9 years! could have to help set rue up in Civvy

at Salerno (which the

I Boxer again. I have already put in a when I retire from civilian ('. I

did). I wanted to he hack on the well ately, a pension of £172 a year

tender to the Admiralty for the bell work at 65. I of H.M.S. Boxer when she is due I


for retirement. If you love me as I in mind when the bell comes I

ASSOCIATION much as I love you, you will bear


up for auction. "In fact, my classic remark on r-Send this coupon----------------------- landing at Salerno beaches (whilst

of Green Beach. many of whom are I Adds still almost in their right mind.

the Royal Portsmouth Hospital on December 12 when the Flag Officer

S t'IK ii N1lLt.IGAN.

presented a Christmas cake, baked on board the Royal Yacht Britannia to

Royal Yachts. Vice-Admiral Sir Conolly Abel Smith, K.C.V.O.,

"I notice that Montgomery is retiring. Well, it will be me next.

under heavy enemy fire) was Taxi! u and is still quoted among gentlemen I Name

Please send full details of the Progressive Savings Scheme RN.. per- Ltd., and

swimming in which they were placed fourth. fifth and twenty-first. In their preliminary training in

before they left for Sweden they were coached by P.O. K. Ogden the Navy

this event

swimming coach. For the first time for many years

three RoaI Navy players for the Combined Services XI v. The East at

the Combined Services have selected

Colchester. January Il. Cdr. J. D. Repard, D.S.C.. N.I.D. London, the Royal Navy Hockey XI captain, left back.

E.M. C. P. Wellington, R.N.A.S. Lossiemouth. This rating has played exceptionally well as a left wing in a number of

representative matches this season. i.e., for Air Command v. Portsmouth; for Air and Portsmouth v. Royal

Artillery: for Rov:il Navy v. Syphons; for Royal Navy v. Old Kingstonians. To have achieved this in one season

hoped that he continues to make him- self felt in these circles.

Wellington is exceptional and it

In a Coon show. "The Case of thel Stolen Battleship." broadcast recently,

Chief of Naval Information sent a wife would have received the whole £855 photograph of H.M.S. Boxer to the immediately.You see, it's aSavings Scheme

the ship named was H.M.S. Boxer. After hearing the broadcast the

Corn1)1 IllenIS. He recei'.ed the following reply:Supposing "Ii was indeed :m most pleasant service?

surprise to receive a picture of i H.M.S. Boxer.

script writer. Spike liiIlgan, syitfl his and Life Insurance rolled into one. you hadn't signed on for 22 years' . is Rear-Admiral R. H. Wright, U.S.C.

Vice-Admiral V. K. Edden., C.B., to Vice-

Vice-Admiral Sir A. Cordon V.

the children's ward. It has been the the aviation activities of the world in custom for over 30 'ears for a Christ- i its customary comprehensive manner.

mas cake to be presented to the Royal I The new edition has been completely Cosham who was responsible for White Paper on Defence announced

by C.l'.O. Cook H. F-. Merrie, of baking the cake.

Although the United Kingdom's

R.N.) which returned to Portsmouth mented, and in the meantime Jane's after 10 years' continuous service in shows, with admirable clarity, details the Far East is to he scrapped or of Air Forces and Air lines through-

offered for sale. A notice which read out the world. desirable Houseboat for Sale

was UiSpi.i \ CU Oil (Ji'd I (I tile Sill 1' ''' she entered harbour.

Closing of Humber Division R.N.V.R. It has been decided, regret-

fully. to reduce the Sea Training Centre at Hull to one devoted solely to training communications personnel.

In the World Epe chnplomhips recently held in Paris the British team

burg. The only British defeats were at the hands of Hungary and Italy (the ultimate winners). Included in the British team were fencers from each

gained third place, and in doing so beat such strong countries in fencing as France. the U.S.S.R. and Luxem-

- Guided Missiles Guided Missiles n.,

mention of Russian weapons. .and this Of course, is not surprising in view of

- the usual Russian reticence on such

Rocket Force on a basis of equality with the armed forces. Apparently dis-


matters! It is interesting to recall the report, in this connection, that the Soviet Union had organised a new Jour's Fighting Ships, 1957-58. Com-

missed as unlikely by the West. reports J man, A.M.LN.A A.L.Mar.E. of the successful firings of inter-con-

piled and edited by R. V. B. Black- (Sampson Low, Marston &Co. Ltd.;

tinental ballistic missiles and the launching of the two satellites make it I

£5 5s.)

certain that immense sums of money on the navies of the world" is the and considerable manpower have been claim on the dust cover of this latest

THE STANDARD work of reference used, and prove that Russia is in edition of Jane's Fighting Ships.

Service, the Royal Navy being repre- sented by Lieut.-Commandcr R. A. St. C. Sproul-Bolton, O.B.E.


advance of the West in the means of Superlatively produced, lavishly illus- projecting very weighty objects into trated (there are over 800 new illustni- tions) and with a wealth of detail

The products of 33 countries are which makes lane's so fascinating, the dealt with in the aeroplane section, claim is indeed modest. over ,UV .111,311.21 10113,

7Lfl :Ii....:...

of which 434 are new. Rtaian Se~

The Russian section does not con-

tain much new military information, but reference is made to the TU 104

and TV 110 pure jet air-liners and the TU 114 turbo-prop air liner, claimed to have a capacity for 180 passengers.

The aeii-engine section contains nearly 100 pages of bewildering com-

plexity to the uninitiated. Two-thirds of this section are devoted to gas tur- bine power plants and rocket motors.

This latest edition is as outstanding in its production as the previous ones.

It is a fascinating volume, indispen- sable to the keen student of aeronautics

and equally fascinating to those to whom the conquest of the air is still a master of wonderment.

H. R. B. This latest edition marks the dia-

mond jubilee of lane's and Admiral of the Fleet the Earl Mountbatten,

the First Sea Lord, has contributed an introduction in which he says "it is

nought, our first nuclear-powered submarine."

In his foreword the Editor remarks

that the most significant change since the 50th edition has been the emer-

gence of Russia as a sea power second only to the United States and he calls

attention to the marked difference in the character of the two countries'

navies. Whilst Russia is building up a'powerful force of modern cruisers and destroyers and the largest sub- marine fleet the world has ever seen,

the United States, and to a lesser extent Great Britain. are building car- .

particularly fitting that this sixtieth occasion shouM coincide with the announcement of the new Dread-

Britain's huge Ark Royal sill appear amidget alongside the projected US. Navy carriers

riers and only a small number of cruisers and smaller vessels.

It would seem that the Russians en-

visage the submarine as the capital ship of the future, and if the current report that the Soviet Union is design-

ing atomic-powered submarines cap- able of firing intermediate range ballistic rockets with a radius of over

1.500 miles. the missiles being 70 feet long and weighing over 50 tons, then

certainly their potential is enormous. The United States has, of course,

several nuclear-powered submarines actually in commission and others car-

rying guided missiles, and Great Britain has just completed another new high-speed submarine. It is be- lieved that Britain's Explorer is the fastest submarine in the world.

In contrast to the Russians who, so

States proposes to build six more giant carriers, bigger even than the For- restal class of 60,000 tons. These new

guided missiles. The cost of each of the leviathans is estimated at over £1 12.000.000.

In order to give greater flexibility of arrangement of the subject matter and a wider variety of illustrations the

shape of Jane's has been changed from horizontal to vertical, and, as

the Editor says. "This 'new look' matches the 'new look' in navies." H. R.B.

ones will be 85.000 tons displacement. nuclear propelled and will carry

far as can be ascertained are not build- ing

aircraft carriers, the United H.M.S.Concord (Cdr. J. I'. Marryat, before the policy can he fully imple-

the most revolutionary change in de- fence policy, it will be some years

J.-IVLS ALL i/ic World's Aircraft. re- cently published, reviews once again


Portsmouth Hospital by the Royal i revised and includes some 590 new Yacht. The Admiral was accompanied illustrations.

1 -- -5 - -  - 7

Lieut. E. NI. Sproston, of H.M.S. I Chequers. goal.

How can I save? Of course I try to. But my pay's not enough to

save anything That's what I thought when I was your age

Savings Scheme. I only had to put aside a month by Naval Allotment but when I leave the Service next year I can collect t8cc.

Sounds too good to be true. Where's the catch? No catch. And if I had died at any me my

I I Which will you take? r oin for the nenaJon because there's

another valuable right with it-I can get a cash advance for the full price of a new house. I'm all lined up for a job already, and with an extra pension to look forward to and the wife and family safe in our own

home-well, its the kind of security we all want.

I PROVIDENT " Fndsd 1177 j


of the Progressive Savings Scheme.



flow do you set about all this? That's easy. Ask for details

until someone showed me the Progressive

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Age next bIrthday

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