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 January, 1958


ALTHOUGH ADMIRALTY Fleet Orders and local memoranda contain full information regarding married

Admiralty furnished hiring. Although

quarters and furnished hirings, it is obvious from the numbers of en-

quirks received by NAVY Niws that the information contained in the

Fleet Orders. etc.. is not as widely known as it should be. It is also obvious that full use is

not made of the divisional officer and captain's secretary, and many

until the last moment.

people who ought to know better. leave applications

quarters officers." Where authorities or establishments have their own mar- ried quarters, reference should be made to the appropriate married

have their own married quarters, and officers and ratings serving in these establishments are dealt with by the

appropriate married quarters officer. Where to Apply

The first essential in obtaining either a married quarter or hired furnished

married quarter, is to apply through ones divisional officer for one's name

gence. H.M.S. Mercury. and H.M.S. Dryad, in the Portsmouth Command.

it is not their job to do so, - the command married quarters officers

may be able to assist in giving names and addresses of people willing to let their property under the Admiralty

paper may also be able to assist. VettIng

Reference is made in the follow- compares, broadly speaking, with that ing paragraphs to 'Command married

survcyoi of lands, who will take into consideration the rent required, and that the accommodation offered

All hired furnished married quar- ters must he "vetted" by the local

hiring scheme. The shore accommoda- tion officers and the editor of this

NAVY NEWS .lIlIlIlIIIllllIlllIlllIIltIIIlIlltlIIiIttllhlltIlIIltiIlIllIltIllIlI. Sea Cadets

I Save Fifty Lives

SO FAR this year Sea Cadets in this

country have saved 50 lives, most of them from drowning. This magnificent record of courageous service was announced by Lieut.-Cdr. A. R. C. Rowe. deputy secretary of the Navy

League, when he presented bravery awards to two Cadets at Chippenham. One of the main tasks of the Corps,

for which the officers and ratings would be eligible under the married quarters scales. No hired furnished married quarter

quarters officer. For instance, the Home Air Command, H.M.S. Dili-

is acceptable if it is more than 15 miles from the establishment of which

ment is that the intended hiring shall he entirely self-contained.

the applicant should notify his divi- sional officer, who will inform the

Having agreed with the landlord, married quarters officer The latter

applies to the Naval drafting authority for an assurance that the applicant has an expectancy of at least six

to he included on the married quar- ters roster. The applicant must be

the home port area, or in a ship based in a home port which is doing the home leg of a general service

commission. If the probable duration in the particular job is less than six

is six months or more, then the ap- i,licani's name is placed on the married quarters roster.

If, however, the probable duration

on the roster, he may take steps to find accommodation suitable to he

As soon as the applicant's name is

hired by the Admiralty, if he does not wish to wait until his name comes to the top of the roster to qualify for a

permanent married quarter. It is em- phasised that any accommodation proposed must not already be an

gorms, Inverness-shire this winter ill IN THE November issue of NAVY be using the new Norwegian Army

ROYAL. MARINES undertaking cold weather warfare training in the Cairn-

Warfare Training- for Royal Marines

Cold Weather skis for the first time.

serving in a ship permanently at the home port, or in an establishment in

the intended occupant is serving. The other most important require-

he said, was not to train sailors but to make better citizens. That was the

type of boy which Chippenham and other units were producing. The fact that so many Sea Cadets

cidence. Wherever there is a stretch of water Sea Cadets will naturally

to act.

were on the spot and able to help when lives were in peril is no coin-

gravitate towards it, and their training teaches them to he quick to think and


months' service in the area from the

date of occupation. This procedure is necessary whether the rating is ask- ing for a furnished hiring or for a

permanent married quarters. If the assurance is given, the surveyor of lands is asked to inspect the property

proposed and to take appropriate action if it is suitable. On receipt of

months, then there is no possibility of obtaining either a married quarter or a hired furnished married quarter.

hired, it will he treated as an official married quarter.

rent to the landlord, and the officer or rating will have the same amount deducted from his pay as if he had been allocated a permanent married

Admiralty will pity the appropriate

quarter. It is hoped that these few remarks

will be of assistance to officers and

emphasised that facilities within ships and establishments, e.g., divisional officers and captain's secretary, should be used to the full.



taught the rudiments of living, moving and fighting in the snow and sub zero however, belongs to the Royal Naval

temperatures, the Royal Marines have Engineers' Benevolent Society. discontinued the downhill type of

of technique.

ski-ing familiar to British winter sports 1872, four sears after E.R.As. were enthusiasts in Switzerland in favour first entered in the Royal Navy, some

The R.N.E.B.S. was founded in

In charge of the course is Capt. to function without a break since that NI. J. Bairley. Royal Marines, who time. Its objectives include the follow-

the Norwegian cross-country IS years before the foundation of the Writers' Association, and has continued

recently completed a year in H.M.S. ing: To provide invaliding, retirement Protector in the Antarctic. Three of and death benefits on conditions un-

the corporal instructors were also in obtainable elsewhere (a very welcome the Protector and spent many weeks thing in those far-off days when the ashore living and training in low (Service did very little in this respect); temperatures.

and men of the Corps will continue opportunity for their practical expres- lost in action. 169 were promoted to not start until February I, 1958. Elsewhere this winter, other officers radeship and mutual service by offering To stimulate ideals of loyalty, corn-

developing the techniques needed in sio,i; To influence the initiation and a type of warfare in which men must development of wider opportunities for he able to withstand bitter, icy winds Apprentices, E,R.As. and those pro-

blindness. remaining at the same time vice and in civilian life after retire- fit and alert for instant action.

provided for H.M.S. Protector (luring ment opportunities; To serve in the its annual tour of duty during the widest possible manner the social and Antarctic summer in the dependencies welfare needs of its members. of the Falkland Islands. Specially

A detachment of Royal Marines is by becoming better fitted for advance-

trained and equipped, this detachment zinc. -111e Naval Engineering Review," 1904 and is now produced half-yearly.

provides valuable information and which was founded as a quarterly in first-hand experience.

Advanced students from the Cairn- It contains items of technical interest to gorms course will he training for members, enabling them to keep

three weeks in the highest and coldest abreast of engineering development mountains in Norway, while others in the Service as seil as in civilian have been selected for work with the life.

Canadian Army at Fort Churchill,

Banks, Royal Marines, will be leading after the birth of the Society, our a team of officers drawn from the members took an active part in the

In the Himalayas. Capt. Michael Trust was instituted, exactly 50 years

three fighting services and from Pakis- work of the new organisation. They tan, in th spring, against one of the have continued this support and have

highest unclimbed peaks. Capt. Banks provided the "[rust" with some of was a member of the British North its most able officials.

Greenland Expedition of 1952,54 and the

Expedition in th 19%.

British-American Kak ikoram formation of Social and Residential Himalayas (luring Clubs at Malta. Portsmouth and

Plymouth. When the Royal Naval Benevolent Foreign Training

ment from the Royal Navy; To help members to improve and broaden their technical and general knowledge there-

and the threats of frost-bite and snow moted therefrom, both within the Ser-

In the course, when novices are that it was the Royal Navy's oldest Lower Deck Association, This title,

Niws it was claimed by the Royal Naval Writers' Benevolent Association

ratings requiring married accommoda- tion, but it cannot be too strongly

notification from the surveyor of lands that the property has been

THREE ITEMSof good news come for Sea Cadets, First and foremost, 35

new glass fibre dinghies are to be

Admiralty Sea Cadet, the dinghy can be used for both sailing and pulling. The craft has been specially designed

to give Sea Cadets practical work afloat and successful trials have been held recently near Cowes. Second item is an offer by the Navy

supplied to the Corps by the end of next March. Known officially as the

Have YOU a personal problem. .? ASK JOHN ENGLISH


AFTER COMPLETING nine years in the Royal Navy I am still puzzled by one thing. Why is it that a boy can sign a legal contract at the age of IS

years. Is the contract really legal. as I have always understood that no one is allowed to sign legal documents under the age of 21?

people of either sex under the age of 21 years) to enter into contracts is

While the power of infants (i.e.,

severely limited, among one of the exceptions to such limitations is their ability to enter into contracts which are of benefit to them. It is generally

accepted that training in the Royal Nat')' and the experience gained is a valuable form of education it'hich will

serve in the Navy is therefore con- sidered to he one of benefit to him.

PENSION AND GRATUITIES I was invalided from the Service after completing 14

My rating



Advancement to Artificer Second and First Class

League to assist units to buy sports and recreational clothing and equip- nscnt. Through the Sea Cdet Sports

A.F.O, 2932/57 gives new service qualifications for advancement to Artificer Second and First Class as

Council, they will meet 25 per cent of the price up to a maximum of £10 in any one financial year. As there are nearly 400 units eligible for the sub- sidy the cost will be considerable. Thirdly, a scheme is being drafted

for SeaCadets from units in the North

Western (rca to attend training camps in the Isle of Man during the months of July and August. The scheme. initiated by Deemster S. J, Kneale, chairman of the island's Sea Cadet

Corps, has been approved by the Peel Town Commissioners. The visiting Cadets will be accommodated free of

cost in the old police station at Peel and alterations will be made there to

permit sleeping in hammocks.


THE ASSOCIATION was formed in

1936 as the Torpedo Gunners Mates Association in H.M.S. Vernon where the head office was registered and in

operation throughout the war. In 1946 the name of the association was t,the 0- "1 pi-1

Electricians' Association and the office transferred to H.M.S. Collingwood.

It was formed to promote friendly co.operation between its members.

from January 1, 1958. These are.. For advancement to Second Class-

Engine Room Artificers-5 years service as E.R.A. 3rd Class. All

For advancement to First Class-All vice).

other Artificers-4 years service as an Artificer, 3rd Class.

Artificers-5 years service as Arti- ficer, 2nd Class.

Discharge by Purchase

A.F.O. 2939'57 explains the current position regarding applications for discharge by purchase. The rate of

a reasonable period. When applica- tions are approved, the actual date of

discharge of successful applicants must be governed by Service requirements and normal drafting, so that in most

ordinary applications well exceeds the numbers that can be approved within


stand a boy in good stead in future weary, and entering into a contract to

on discharge was petty officer en-

gineering mechanic, and my service was broken from 1942 until 1946

and from 1948 to the present time. Can you please tell me whether I am entitled to a Service pension, and what gratuities I shall receive? My final date is November 29. 1957.

details you have give,, me, that you will qualify for a reduced terminal

On being invalided I estimate, front

grant of £143 3s. 7d., i.e., 14122 of £225 for 14 years reckonable service,

assuming in your last five years you have held the rating of petty officer for at least two. In addition you will

qualify for the special gratuity of £250 payable to those invalided dur- ing the run down period. You will also probably qualify for

a reduce/ Service pension, but wit/l- out full details of your service I a,,:

unable to work out the amount of such pension.

I suggest you write to the Director of Nat: ,l Cr0111115.

sex, for definite information. Film Notes


THE FOLLOWING films are being currently released for the Fleet:

tury-Fox Film Co.). Teenage Rebel (Twentieth Century-

Three Brave Men (Twentieth Cen-

Fox Film Co.). Manuela (British Lion Films). Beau James (Paramount Film Ser-

Loving You (Paramount Film Ser-

Across the Bridge (Rank Film Dis- tributors).

1/4 Harrow. Middle-

cases it will be dependent on the applicant's relief in normal course. The names of successful applicants'

covering the period July to September, p957, are listed in Admiralty Fleet Order 2940/57,

scheme of discharge by purchase is being made by the Admiralty and the resulting decisions may affect the

A re-examination of the present

present eligibility rule and the system of quarterly Admiralty review.

Royal Tournament 1958- Field Gun Competition

social understanding and fraternal Roal Navy' Field (iun Competition

fellowship between this and other which forms part of the Royal Service associations also to help Tournament, 1958. This will be held members with post-service employ- at Earls Court from June 4 to 21.

branch rank and became honorary Life Assurance for the Lower Deck members of the association. Major social engagements this year A.F.O. 3123f57 reiterates the fact

in Portsmouth.

Naws for September-was a first-class saving for the future. success as is evident from the letters

The Society publishes its own maga-

old friends and hoping the associa- tion will organise a similar function Pa men: of premiums in all cases will


at Portsmouth was also an event basis. which

celebrated the "coining of age" of the association.

During the past 12 months the association has been pleased to wel- come over 120 new members and a

welcome is extended to all wishing to attend the meetings to see what the association is doing for the electrical branch. The association is open to all electricians and mechanicians of the

"L," "R" and "Air" branches. The entrance fee is

2s. 6d. and the The Society has also assisted in the monthly subscription is Is. The meet- I meeting is held every, fourth Tuesday.

ing place is the Morning Star, Greet- ham Street. Portsmouth and a general

expressing their pleasure at meeting

ment problems. During the war 118 members were mediately, but organised training may

Selection of volunteers starts im- L:. REMEMBER

have been a reunion held in London that Naval ratings, Royal Marines and the annual dinner and dance held other ranks and W.R.N.S. ratings should he encouraged to take up Life

received afterwards from members Offices shown in the Appendix to the Admiralt

The reunion-reported in NAVY Assurance as a prudent means of Arrangements exist with the Life

The annual dinner and dance held ment system on a calendar month gave considerable pleasure. it

offices arc equally to be recommended. he arranged under the Naval Allot-

Fleet Order, and all these JANUARY 1958

What better time to make a resolution to commence a Life. Endowment or Mortgage Protection Policy.

If you are married-security for your family is ejientiat Whole Life Assurance with its low premiums is what you need.

II you are sngle-compulsory saving through Endowment Assurance will help to look after you when the :enith of your working life has pissed

If you have a Mortgage on your house-ensure that no further payments are required to be mad, by your wife ,n the evens of your un-

timely death- Mortgage Protection Policy premiums are o.utr.moiy law

For further advice writ., *phone or calla W. COLLYER & Co. INSURANCE BROKERS SOLENT HOUSE, SOLENT WAY


A.F.O. 300357 gives details of the Here's good health - . - stand please

wood's "Robbery Under Arms"-a 3. Arthur Rank Production

everyone and join in with Maureen Swanson, soon to be seen in Pine-

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