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5iIIflhlIlIIlllIllllIIllllIllllflflUhlIllIllllllllllllllllllJlllIlflhllIlllIflhlllj FRIENDLY WIVES SOUTHSEA

'THE ANNUAL Christmas party was held in the theatre at R.N. Barracks

I on December 9. The Chief decorationshad the scene was very. gay and attractive.

lcd by Mrs. Bruce-Walker on the 'the past year would be doubled. piano: we then had a short pIa.

''Cose ('ottage." presented h' the Fast was to have beer] giseti by the South- (osham (Afternoon) Townswomen down Bus Company. "Britain on Guild. This had an amusing story Wheels_ could not take place owing about two elderly ladies who in tle to the breakdown of the projector. guise of professional knitters., were in 'FIis. however, did not prevent the

The afternoon began with carols expressed a hope that the successes of U nfort un:itcl v. the hI in show which

I what pleasure this gave her and

reality organising brandy smuggling members from enjoying a chat and a across the Channel. We were much

indebted to Mrs. Horstield for making the arrangements. and to the rest of

sidedy the tea committee and ('heir branch, said good-bye to C.P.O.

cup of tea. Bouts of Asian 'flu had ,,,,,w members away from recent

the cast for their excellent perform- plenty to talk about. Mrs. Jones and ance again a delicious tea was pro- helpers served the tea and the South-

meetings and consequently there was down OU ' I'" ' i'"""' " " ''""'

helpers. Mrs. 'Falhot, on behalf of the The raffle of two lovely cushions, given by Mrs. Wichens. was won by

another film in the near future. ,

'l'hompson. the commodore's cox- the hon. treasurer. Mrs. Whitenstall. wiin, and thanked him for all the

help which he has always so cheer- fully given to the branch at our meet-


a box of crackers; Mrs. Stamp. a box day. December 4. f chocolates; Mrs. Hill, a box of

ings for the past three years. The raffles were won by: Mrs. THE H.M.S. VERNON branch held


Garland. the Christmas cake; Mrs. their annual children's party in the Prescott. a bottle of port: Mrs. Joyce. cinema. H.M.S. Vernon. on Wednes-

The next meeting will he in the ins 10 guests from Services House. conferencc hall, R.N. Barracks on On arrival the children were given

Lady Grantham being presented with floral arrangement by Miss Lynn Cden. Mrs. Casement is on the right


THE ANNUAL Christmas bazaar. which was held in the Fisher Hall.

Whale Island. on "fuesday. Decem- ber 3 provided a very, enjoyable after- noon and proved a record success financially. We were delighted to have

Lady Grantham with us for the after- noon. She was welcomed by our chairman. Mrs. Casement, and after she had declared the bazaar open she was presented with a Christmas floral arrangement by Miss Lynne Uden.

We were very pleased to see the chair- men and some members from the Southsea, Vernon and Havant branches, also three members of the

cially pleased that Mrs. Begg was able to come

1952. Christmas Greenery

Fisher Hall looked very Christmassy decorated with trellis work and

Christmas greenery and balloons and the glitter from the large stall of

ready-made Christmas decorations, which sold well.

The oth&r stalls, which were well

laden, were arranged in a rectangle in the centre of the hall and consisted of

gifts, groceries, cakes and brie-a brac, and attached to which was a hat bar

which provided man bargains and much fun.

Also popular was the bottle tombola

run by Cdr. P. R. C. Higham. R.N.. and the Rev. Bricrlcy. R.N., and the

by Mrs. Hastie. During tea a small orchestra provided by the band of

H.M.S. Excellent rendered a very

enjoyable programme of popular tunes until it was time to draw the raffles,

Rogate Women's Institute, and espe- fruit, Mrs. Masters; handbag, Mrs. as she was our chairman in


bers set out by coach to London for Christmas shopping, after which we all forgathered at the Victoria Palace

and saw the Crazy Gang show, and before leaving London we were driven

On Tuesday, December 10, 41 mem- - ,

up Regent Street and Oxford Street to see the decorations-a most enjoyable, if somewhat exhausting, day. The trip was once again very ably organised by Mrs. Tearreau, to whom our thanks are due.

ATTENTION ALL RN MARRIED MEN Reserve your accommodation for



(including accommodation for officers) Tel. Weymouth z*8


Write Now for Brochures or call Personally

it is only 11

able from most of your leading gown shops.

gns., and will be avail-

sales are now well under way and in many large stores throughout the

Talking of dresses, the January

country, bargains are to be found. In most cases, however, onehas to be near


Address Your Letters to "The Manager"

the front of the queue to get the best. Even if you cannot be at the head of the queue don't despair. It has been

- )

which Lady Grantham kindly did for us. The lucky winners were: un- cooked dinner on tray, Mrs. Brown; Christmas cake, Mrs. West; basket of

Lee; sherry set, Mrs. Vass. Guessing the n.sme of the doll was won by Mrs. Fayers.

- k -

rolling pennies run by Mrs. Davidson. You could also have your fortune told

THE DELIGHTFUL party dress kindly given by Mrs. Blundell. This After the very enjoyable tea, which

Sale Time

illustrated below is from Berketex Continentals. It really is the latest line


were dbyBr Christmas cake which h;td.bccn very

was won by Mrs. Finn.

for short evening dresses. The skirt is had been prepared and served by the padded at the back and the hemline tea committee, a programme of films

caught under to give the "harem look." wits shown by Mr. Coombes, These were fol-


The price will be a pleasant surprise- Vernon projectionist. lowed by a visit from Father Christ-

mas with presents and balloons for the children.

Prior, C.P.O. Vass (Father Christmas) and Mr. Coombes, for their help in

making the party so successful. Future Events

social afternoon at which one of the members of the Theatre Royal Com-

meeting on February 5 will be a - - pany is coming to talk to us

January 29. Will any members who have not

received their new programmer cards

please inform Mrs. Brooks, the honorary secretary.

A sewing meeting will be held on

with swings and see-saws which had been erected.

During the afternoon raffle tickets About 40 children attended includ-

Home Fleet to Visit

West Indies

1' IS intended that ships of the Home Fleet and units of the Atlantic Fleet

biscuits; Mrs. Mellor, a box of the tea-tables looked most inviting. I biscuits

This had been gaily decorated and Home Fleet's spring cruise pro- .

Monday, January 13, at 2.15, when perhats and, between playing I Mr. Sturgcss is once again coming to organised games. amused themselves give ua "Naval Talk."

f the Royal Canadian Navy shall akc part in joint exercises in the Western Atlantic early this year. The exercises will he part of the

gramme, and while ships are in the Western Atlantic they will visit the West Indies.

carry out individual visits to the fol- [owing British territories: Bermuda.

Sailing from the United Kingdom n January. units of the Fleet will

Tobago, The Bahamas. British Hon- duras. British Guiana, Home Fleet ships taking part in his cruise and exercises will include:

lamaica. Barbados, Leeward Islands. Windward Islands, Trinidad and




Out of Uniform

A full-length evening dress in Gralton's p a I n t e d cotton, adapted front a cocktail dress

pattern, using nine yards of material. Approximate over-all cost 5 gm

E Third Officer S. Harris, W.R.NS., H.M.S. Victory. iilllllIlIllIIlllllllllllllIlllllllltllllhllllllllhllfllltlllllltl111111t l - HAVANT

kindly left up the decorations from Havant Branch. Mrs. I'. J. Hardie took their dance the previous week. and the chair for the first lime. She said

AT TI-IF November meeting of the :



11.M.S. Maidstone. depot ship, wear- ing the flag of the Commander-in- Chief, Admiral Sir William Davis, K.C.B.. D.S.O,.

1I,M.S. Bulwark, aircraft carrier. H.M.S. Ceylon, cruiser. wearing the

Our thanks are due to the Rev. C. H.M.S. Bermuda, cruiser. do.

do. do.

The first meeting in 1958 will be the beetle drive on January 15 The

flag of the Flag Officer Flotillas. Rear-Admiral 1. D. Luce, C.B., D.S.O.*, O.B.E.

H.M.S. Daring, 2nd Destroyer Sqdn. H.M.S. Delight, H.M.S. Dainty, H.M.S. Defender,

do. do,


H.M.S. Camperdown, 3rd Destroyer Sqdn. do,

H.M.S. Barfleur, do,

H.M.S. Turpin, 2nd Submarine Sqdn. H.M.S. Tiptoe, submarine.

Together with H.M.S. Ulster and

H.M.S. Troubridge, frigates of the West Indies Squadron, and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries.


Her Majesty's ships will then be withdrawn to the Home Ports at the

end of March and early April, H.M.S. Mercury

quite a few years since such a great variety of ladies' wear has been avail-

able at such greatly reduced prices. There is usually something for every-

body even if the first choice has been taken up by someone who has had strength to get to the head of the line.

A W.R.N.S. Motor Transport Driver at H.M. Signal School, near Petersfield

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