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THIS ISSUE of NAVY Niws, being the first of the New Year, may I wish all Naval motorists good motoring and freedom from trouble for 1958?

The Motorist and the Law

The title of this paragraph is really that of a new hook published by Pit-

man and priced at is. 6d.. which puts the chief points of motoring law in a

very easily understandable form. Some very interesting points arise. For

(a) Without an efficient automatic windscreen wiper;

(u) With a dirty windscreen;

exampk, how many of you realise it is an otknce to drive

(h) With a ssindscrcen not made of safety glass;

(d) Without an eilicie ut horn o give wiruing of approach;

(e) Without a speedometer. which.

(1) Without a rear view mirror or one wit ich has not an unob-

Structcd siew to the rear?

I have a shress Li idea that ;i high proportion of

offences if the police were to examine their cars. Item (c, a dirty windscreen. is the most common. and I strongly recommend a windscreen washer as a yerv eiieap investment. A good one can

he found go It of at least one of these

he ho!rght for just 05cr 30s. and they are easil fitted. Another useful gadget just brought

out by Will's is ;t flask of (fe-icing fluid Iii iced at Is. 6d.. which is very useful for Lie-icing frosted windscreens

and fro,en car door lochs. etc. 1 he flask is plastic and fitted with a spray nozzle which makes it very simple to Use.

Naval motorists would A New Year Resolution

I make no apologies for repeating a resolution I suggested in the January. 1956, notes. It is one which would

avoid a major cause of accidents if we could all keep to it. Here it is, and I

commend you to abide by it: "I will never under any circum-

stances whatsoever pass, or attempt to pass, another vehicle on a bend or

corner or within quarter of a mile of a bend or corner, neither will I attempt to overtake on the straight unless I

am absolutely sure that I can do this in complete safety to myself, my passengers and other road users."

Motor Insurance should

incidentally. must he accurate within 10 per cent.;

-s .uluu. their cars es e year,

.is ill the e%cnt of a i%,iite-t)lt they will receive

llic cai despite the value declared on the policy, or the premium paid. One of my stall his just been caught by



Badge, Field-white; upon a mount, an elk statant proper (from the crest of Newfoundland).

Built at Wallsend-on-Tyne by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Ltd.

Laid down November 9. 1939.

Launched December 19, 1941, by Mrs. Ernest Bevin.

( o,nnus uo,mi d December 31 1942 Idoput'd

December S 1941 w, 62 ft Draugh (:,iian)t turrets. F' ight :

On several previous occasions I L ,ri,t/u (overall) 555 ft have reminded readers that they

id tnI7 ft

thus snare. In August he bought a with force "K" in the Mediterranean secondhand car which he insured for and took part

a skid, the car was written oil. Despite Sicilian towns ant] targets she

premium, the settlement figure was S, i.e £6S less than the declared

sal tIe. P he lesson here is obvious

value which cannot bc recovered. (tive your car a realistic valuiat ott and

pany is a very hard-headed and

experienced rrrarr who is quite proof ag.i inst all our charms.

A. E. Marsh MILT-IN BREAThING SYSTEM - .'k


ltais c*t A

. '- '.0W DOWN AE VNTC £-.,

looUG1 Mçsjfl I


' . EEASNT c"r j -

mountings. Twelve smaller guns. In July. 1943, Newfoundland was

£3(). Six weeks later, as the result of Sicily. After several bombardments of in s1alt.u, and the ship then sailed. Rear-Admiral Sir F. J. ithout

in the assault on

the small lime lapse between declaring torpedoed on July 23 whilst returning %1'sachusts. U.S.A. Here a new the American Third Fleet, tinder its value and paying the appropriate to Malta,

s a w w

stir-2 don't pay, unnecessary premium on a FOUR NEW FR

stern was fitted, from September 27. Admiral halsey, for the assault on 1943. to February 19. 1944. On the the Jap;irrese mainland. Air and

- remember that in the case of ill

insurance claim the assessor who usually acts for the insurance com-

FIIRFE NEW frigates of the Black- wood class and one of the Whutb

THE FLEET April 29 to \lay 3, 1941. Kingdom for the Paci tic on

i NewfoundIa ird

class have been provisionally accepted into service. The ships, with the names of the

officers appointed to command are its follows:

On December 12 -H.M.S. Makolm. - Built by Messrs. Yarrow and Co..

Ltd., Scotsioun. Glasgow. Geared steam turbines built by the Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co., Ltd., Wallscnd - on -Tyne..She

was On December

lauinchcd on October. 1955. Lieut.- (dr. N. C. W. Tetley, R.N., appoirsed to command.


Built by Messrs. Ales Stephen and Sons Ltd., Linthouse. Glasgow, who are also manufacturers of the

turbines. She was launched on May 10, 1956. Lieut.-Cdr. C. E, 11am-

mond, R.N., appointed to command. On December 20--II.M.S. Exmouth

(the 11th of the class to complete). Built by Messrs. J. S. White and

Co.. Ltd.. Cowes. Isle of Wight, who are also manufacturers of the turbines. She was launched on November 16, 1955. Litu(.-Cdr. P.

Draisey, R.N., appointed to com- mand.

On December 18-H.M.S. (the fourth of the Whitby class to


Built by Messrs. Cammell Laird and Co.. Ltd., Birkenhead. who are also manufacturers of the turbines. She was launched on October 4, 1955. (dr. W. R. 9. Cerard-Pearse,

Pupils receiving Instruct ions in breathing correctI during free ascent THE AD1UL4L'fl' iiió'ifrié th2

in future the built-in breathing system is to be the standard method of escape from sunken submarines. Having

proved successful in development the system has now been fitted in all but a few submarines, and in these the

members of the crew are provided with individual breathing apparatus. About 6,000 oflicers and ratings have already been instructed in the "free

Eif" tfEffi. The Res-.aie Bell method, which has

been fitted experimentally in only two submarines, has proved to be a less practical means of escape. It also im-

poses weight penalties and other disadvantages which would reduce the submarine's chances of survival in

war. Consequently, a decision has been taken to abandon this method of escape.

M.V.O., R.N., appointed to com- mand.

(Continued in column 4)


AN ENGINEER officer is now for the

SHIPS OF THE ROYAL NAVY No. 28-H.M.S. Newfoundland

duced at the top of page 3, for which I attach stamp value 2d. (Use block letters, please.)

Name Address .........................................................................................


I I

Photo postcards of KM. Ships, Theseus, Bulwark, Ocean, Eagle, Centaur, Glasgow, Kenya, Newcastle,

Albion, Ark Royal, Loch Killisport, Diana, Taci- turn, Daring. Chevron, Zest, Vanguard. Murray,

Cumberland, Scorpion. Liverpool, Apollo, Lynx, Salisbury, Sheffield, Girdle Ness and Maidstone may

be obtained (without coupons), price 6d. each including postage.

The Editor, "Navy News," R.N. Barracks, Portsmouth: Please forward one postcard of H.M.S. Newfoundland as repro-

first time serving as an Admiral Super- intendent of one of H.M. Dockyards, with the appointment of Rear-Admiral L. A. B. Peile, (B., D.S.O., M.V.O. as Admiral Superintendent, H.M

Dockyard, Devonport. One of the most highly qualified

engineer officers in the Service,

Admiral Peile began his specialisation as a midshipman in January. 1923. He served in H.M. Ships Repulse,

Shropshire and Norfolk, and as the

engineer officer in the latter was awarded the D.S.O. for masterly deter- mination and skill in the action against the Bismarck.

for his services as engineer officer of H.M.S. Vanguard when His Late

Majesty King George V visited South Africa.

He was promoted captain (E.) in

December of the same year. In 1954, he completed the Imperial Defence College course. Promotion to rear-

admiral followed in February. 1955, on assuming the appointment of Deputy Director of Dockyards

(Administration). Admiral Peile was awarded the CB. in the New Year Honours, 1957.

In 1947 he was appointed M.V.O.


deposits will be FREE OF INCOME-TAX, i.e. interest from accrued capital of up to £600. Interest up to £15 on the account of a married woman, will NOT be added in

with her husband's income. Yourpay office will advise youor you may write direct to

The Secretary, H.M. Forces Savings Committee, 1 Princes Gate, London, S.W.7 You save in nine years £108 £216



Make out an allotment to the Post Office Savings Bank or a Trustee Savings Bank and se how Your Money Grows.

Ifyou allot per month [ £1 You save in one year

You save in t-vo years £2 £12 £24 You save in three years £36 £24 £48 £72 £4 £48 £96

£144 £432

£8 £96 £192 £288 £864 £10 £120 £240 £360 £1080 left the . Iouindland. staying at Si. Johns from K a rrr.iisk i

way hack to the United Kingdom face bombardments continued for a the ship made her only visit 10 New- month and in tire bombardment of

a steel town 250 miles

(3nited the line, and was the first to open a-,-,,, - fire.

tier 28. 1944. After supporting the uroi iii of tokyo). Newfoundland led

Australian landings at Wewak, in Bay. for the signing of the Japanese May. 1945, she look part in the hour- surrender. t,,urdurrent of lrujk in June.

(Continued front c'olu,nn 3)

(horn at the end of 1946, and ifter some time in the Reserve, and as ;u

for a mainly anti-submarine role. The modernisation. Whithy class are larger (e.g. 370 feet

against 31(1 feet extreme length). The crew at Devonport at the end of 1952. complement of the Wiruthy class is Newfoundland sailed for the East

Both classes of frigates are designed 1950. for an extensive refit and Commissioning with a Portsmouth

approximately nine' officers and 180 Indies where she became the flagship men compared with seven officers and of the (orrrrnander-in-Chief. Fast

are also differences in the equipment Slaytor. ('BE.. l).S.O., DS.C., her of the two classes,

1(4 men of the }3lackss-oirds There Indies Station, Vice-Admiral W. R. first captain.

training ship, docked, in October, She returned to the United King- oil September 2. she was in Tokyo

A temporary repair was carried out .u

rudder. to ill. guns in twin ., - - try Wolverhampton tin . . . . '-. .' . - ' ' ' '

On July 16. wearing the flag of P. Brund,

Boston. (.B.F.. K.(.H.. Newfoundland joined

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