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     16 NAVY NEWS AT THE end of the autumn cruise ships of the Home Fleet assembled at

Rosyth and full opportunity was taken during the two week-ends that ships were in harbour of arranging as much sport as possible.

CROSS COUNTRY The Home Fleet race for the

Arhuthnot Trophy was held on November 17 over a distance of 4! miles on a course round the Fleet and

Purvis of H.M.S. Eagle, who led all

Caledonia sports grounds. The race was won by Sub-Lieut.

the way and was an easy winner. Ord. Sea. Branch of H.M.S. Bulwark was

second and AA. Humphreys of H.M.S. Ark Royal third. Team plaings were: I. Ark Royal

53: 2. Bulwark 377; 3. Eagle 530; 4, Maidstone 1.122: 5. Sheffield 1,228; 6, Ocean 1,366; 7, 6 D.S, 1,659; 8, 2 DS. 1,697.


Rugby Cup was run (luring October and November, producing some exci-

ting and very well contested games. especially in the

in which Sheffield defeated Eagle by six points to three. The winners

semi-finals and final,

thoroughly deserved their success by virtue of superior teamwork and fit-

ness throughout, although there was

very little to choose between any of the semi-finalists namely. Eagle, Ark Royal. Bulwark and Sheffield.

The general standard of the rugby

throughout the competition was of a high order and made the choosing of the Home Fleet representative fifteen to play RN. Scotland a very difficult task.

Fleet was: S. A. Harrison (Maid- stone), Sub-Lieut. Lindley (Eagle).

Lieut. Hiley (Maidstone). Sub-Licut. Dow (Sheffield), A.A. Weall (Bulwark);

Mid. Snell (Ark Royal). Sub-Lieut. Dinkcrman (Ark Royal). NA. Bland

(Eagle). Shpt. Boynes (Eagle). Sub- Lieut. Steele (Ark Royal). A.B. May (Eagle). C.R.E.A. Tarr (Ark Royal).

A.3. Campbell (Eagle), Shpt. Copley (C4 ]c) Captain, R.E.A. Quinn (Ark

The result of the game against R.N. Scotland was 10-5 against the Home Fleet, but it was a very creditable

performance by the Fleet team con- sidering they had seen very little of

each other before and the heavy toll the recently-held competition had taken of everybody's energies.



Again in their match with R.N. Scotland this was the only representa-

tive Fleet game played during the cruise, and as was feared, the team

could not reach the standard of play achieved by the Scottish side, ably

led by P.O. Comes, the Navy and England player.

The final score of 7-I was fair indication of the standard of the two teams.


Unfortunately due to a last-minute alteration by the Aircraft Carrier

Squadron the boxing tournament had to be postponed. However, an Aircraft

Squadron novices' competition was later held on board Ark Royal at

Devonport and the team placings were: first, Ark Royal; second, Bul- wark; third Eagle.


ture with the Edinburgh Sports Club and the teams were well matched, the

Fleet: l.ieut.-Cdr. M. L. Y. Ainsworth, HOCKEY

Fleet hockey game (luring the autumn cruise was played at Rosyth in

November against R.N. Scotland and resulted in a win for the Home Fleet

by two goals to one. In the early stages of the game the Home Elect side were at sixes and sevens and a

wards would eventually decide the

goal for R.N. Scotland soon resulted. As the first half developed it soon became clear that the Home Fleet for-

day. Their combination was excellent and they were always working well towards goal, but without success in the first half. Meanwhile the R.N.

The Fleet had a very enjoyable fix-

Fleet losing by three matches to two. The following represented the Home

Lieut. M. Packard. Lieut. A. Hodgson. Lieut.-Cdr. A. Boyall, Licut. A. Nunn.

The side that finally represented the A competition for the Home Fleet


Scotland side was testing the Home Fleet defence in which Cdr. Manners,

brought back from premature retire- ment. played a first-class game. In addition, Cdr. Manners' captaincy was

rapidly moulding the Home Fleet side of eleven individuals into an effective

striking force. The second half started with R.N.

Scotland dominant, but for a period the Home Fleet forwards took charge and two quick goals, which were to decide the game, resulted. A good

game of hockey ended without further score and one was left with the impres- sion that this Home Fleet side, given

the opportunity for practice together, could have been very good. Unfortu-

nately almost all the team will not be available during the spring cruise.

The following represented the Home

Fleet: Mid. Christie (Ark Royal); Cdr. Manners (Scarborough)

Lieut.-Cdr, Nash (Sheffield); A.B.

Humphries (Maidstone), Lieut.-Cdr. Smith (Ark Royal), ('P.O. Davies (Ark Royal); N.A. Bunce (Eagle). Mid. Murray (Ark Royal). Sub-l.ieut. Royal). Lieut.

(ummuskey (Ark

Boston (Ark Royal). Alt. Waterham (Carysfort). Umpires: Inst.-Cdr. Cross (Maidstone).

(Captain). Season 1957-58 The results of the second round

played on December II, 1957, are as follows:

R.N.A.S. Culdrose, 4; Manadon, 2.

H.M.S. Ganges, 3; R.N.B. Chatham, 4.

R.N.A.S. Ford, 3; R.M. Deal, 0. H.M.S. Osprey v. H.M.S. Coiling- wood: ground unfit.

H.M.S. Arid v. H.M.S. Dolphin: ground unfit.

R.N.A.S., 1; R.N.B. Portsmouth, 2.

H.M.S. Dryad, I; R.M. Eastney, 5. R.N.A.S. Ycovilton, 3; R.N.B. Devon-

port, 2. The draw for the third round to he

played on Wednesday, January 15, 1958. is as follows:- R.N.B. Chatham v. R.N.A.S. Ford.

R.N.A.S. Yeovilton v. R.N.A.S. Culd- rose.

R.N.B. Portsmouth v. Winner of H.M.S. Arid v. H.M.S. Dolphin.

R.Nl. Eastney v. Winner of H.M.S. Osprey v. H.M.S. Collingwood. (First named to be home tcatn.)


IN THE annual team fencing match, the second round they beat Salle between the Royal Navy and Cam- "Nishaten" "A", by 8 victories each,

bridge, on Saturday, November 23, and having three hits less, R.N. 59 the Navy scored a convincing victory hits against, Salle "Nishaten" 62 hits by 18 bouts to nine. They won the against, a very close match. foil 7-2, the sabre 5-4 and the 6-3.

Navy on this occasion:

FoiI.-./Sgt. K. Martin, R.M.; C.fSgt. lezfving five bouts unfought. son, R.N.

Epéc.-Licut.-Cdr. Sproule-Bolton. The "Sporting Record" Cup

W. J. Holland, R.M., P.O. K. Pear- The team from the Navy was: C./Sgt. 0. B. Thomas, R.M.; C,/Sgt.

Portsmouth Command

The following represented the Royal team w!iich resulted in a win for Poly- technic 'A" by nine bouts to two.

epée This took them to the quarter-finals. against a very strong Polytechnic "A"

Sabre.-C./Sgt. *3. E. Thomas, R.M.; K. Martin, KM.; P.O. K. Pearson, C./Sgt. D. F. C. Mackenzie, R.M.; R.N. Sgt. Maker, R.M.

D. F, C. Mackenzie, R.M.; C./Sgt.

R.N.; Lieut. 1. Dougan, R.N.; P.O. A team from Portsmouth Command K. Pearson. R.N.

the above competition, held at the the Command team, beating Bourne- A.F.A. headquarters in London, on mouth F.C. by five bouts to three in

The Royal Navy entered a team in result was a very creditable win by

Saturday and Sunday. December 14 the final. and IS, 1957.

In the first round, the Navy beat i. Dougan, R.N.; Lieut. Garnat, Polytechnic "D" by 12 bouts to 4. In R.N.; P.O. K. Pearson, R.N.


THE NAVAL selector, thanks to not one of his trials having been cancelled due to weather for the first time in

departure in picking the team so early, but one that will. I feel sure, be of

retain their form and in building up team spirit. Indeed the whole forward line should be playing for United Services, Portsmouth, in the New

value to players, both in knowing that their place is secure so long as they

Year. Of this Navy eleven, with its new accent on youth, the chairman and committee of the R.N.H.A. have

great hopes. They have already beaten 11 cddington and the Syphons and lost

in the Naval areas as follows: Royal Navy Fixtures

The only representative Home Saturday, January 18: Portsmouth.

to the best club side in the kingdom, Old Kingstonians, by only one goal. This Navy eleven can be seen in action

Navy XI

years, has invited the players shown below to play for the Navy in their remaining fixtures. This is a new

Goal-Lieut. Sproston, Reserve Fleet, Chatham.

Reserve: Mne. Morris, 42nd Com- mando.

Right back-Lieut. Judge, R.N.B., Portsmouth.

Left back-Cdr. Repard (captain), N.I.D., Admiralty.

Reserve: Lieut.-Cdr. Midgeley, R.N.E.C., Manadon.

Right hall-Lieut. Brewster, H.M.S. Tync.

Centre half-Sub-Lieut. Bowyer-Tang, H.M.S. Collingwood.


I half-Sub-Lieut. Turner, H.M.S. Excellent.

Reserves: C.P.O. Swift, R.N.A.S., Culdrose; Lieut. Coles, R.N.E.C..


Outside right-Lieut.-Cdr. Macdonald (vice-captain), H.M.S. Victorious.


Wednesday. February 5: Cambridge University, H.M.S. Ganges.

Wednesday, February 12: Oxford University, Portsmouth.

Saturday. February 15: Western Counties. Devonport.

Sunday, February 16: Western Coun- ties.


Wednesday. Feb r ua r y 19: Civil Service, Chatham.

Inside right-Sub-Lieut. Butterworth, H.M.S. Dryad.

Centre forward-Lieut. Stanhope, H.M.S. Dolphin.

Inside left-L.R.E.M. Perkins, W./T. Station, Flowerdown.

Outside left-EM. Wellington, R.N.A.S., Lossiëmou(h.

Reserves: lnstr.-Lieut.-Cdr. Chippen-

dale, H.M.S. Drake; Lieut. Barclay- Brown, H.M.S. Eastbourne.

Of the above, Cdr. Repard, E.M. Wellington and Lieut. Sproston have been selected for the Combined Ser-

vices v. East at Colchester on Saturday, January II.





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