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Home Air Command Challenge Cup Final

WITH BOTH finalists coming from the extreme ends of the British Isles,

R.N.A.S. Bramcote was selected as the

neutral venue for the final of the Air Command Challenge Cup, between R.N.A.S. lee-on-Solent and R.N.A.S.

I .OSSlCfllOUth on Wednesday, l)ecem- her II. After a morning of torrential rain I.

and high wind the ground conditions weather broke and he rain stopped I-

were extremely had, but. fortunately. j, he

just prior to the kick-off. Lossiernotith kicked off and within ii b

ard into attack, culminating n a very eat pass by Honey, through to lulry, who scored an excellent goal to

events the Lee forwards. pressed iouth at this stage were gradually Hockcg

Home Air Command Week

veil the score. The game slowed tip THE HOME Air Command Hockey ansiderably as it progressed: Lossie-

Week, held November 17 to 24. was

arcing the pace, and in the 73rd the most successful for many years. tinute (rawley, their centre forward, The most encouraging feature this based a loose ball out to the right ing and, from practically on the goal

ne, crossed a splendid high centre. A very hard game ensued versus his was deflected off the head of the

season was the appearance of a fast and lively young forward line.

seconds had forced a cdrner, which the tI I cc defence managed to clear. It was t I evident that both teams s crc experi- e encing cup tic nerves, resulting in rash

- -

ar, to rebound on to the foot of FI.A.C. to emerge winners by the Ia iii i It on, s ho drove it well into he narrow margin of 3 goals to 2. ack of theThematch against Sussex "A'' on struggled hard to equalise i le closing rain tites of the game, hi

cc centre half into the hands of the 17, in which the speed and skill of the oalkeepcr, who parried it along the Command forwards enabled

Bournemouth on Sunday, November the


ic final whistle beat all their last the Command won 5--I. it was liv no Iforts and the honours weni it) I

10111 h. ss ho are to be most htea rt ii ., -. - --, .

V.1113 111.1)12.1 .111 IJtI1SI.111U1115 g.IluIc Ill this

means a runass .iy victory, but mainly _.

I I: match. . .igainst

November 20. when again the forwards blended well to achieve a win by 3

Areasonably easy game was played Havant

on Wednesday. __________ .  - ' '  .  . ' - .

played at }I.M.S. Sultan on Thurs(l.o. Nvember 2 1. the Con~niand expe te'(]' a hard battle. but once again our for-


'SaRI line really came into their own and proved to he much faster

- -

.The only match lost was against .

their opponents, resulting in another splendid win by 4 goals to 2.

than I - I. -

Dorset "A" on Friday. November 22. This game was played in bitterly cold

weather, and because of the had con- ditions the game developed into a

-  Winning team, R.N.A.S., I.ossuciiiouth

scrappy affair in which the Command lost Lw 3 goals to 2.

teams, Lee were the more balanced on-Solent, 1

Final result: Lossiernouth, 2- Lee- Portsmouth, on Saturday. November 23, when both forward lines played


team opened the score with two quick -.

and wild kicking: therefore, very little congratulated on winning this coveted in the game versus Portsmouth Corn- constructive football was seen in the trophy for the first time. early stages of the game. Of the two

A hue exhibition of hockey was seen rn.ind played at U.S. Officers ground.

side initially and blended well con-superblythroughout. I he Portsmouth sidering the muddy and slippery state of the pitch; they pressed home re-

pealed attacks, only to falter in frontA friendly trial game versus a

of goal. Credit must he given to Cairns, Southampton F.C. XI was played on the l.ossiemouth goalkeeper. who Monday. December 16, with the object

handled the slippery ball splendidly of trying out some new players against and hought off many a spectacular strong opposition.

save. The teams struggled hard, but at half-time there was no score,

the first half but after a few positional\ Southampton had most of the play in

Both teams settled down in the changes at half-time, the H.A.C. Selec- second half, having go accustomed to tors were well satisfied in that, as a

the heavy ground conditions, and result of this trial, they have now estab- better football was produced, play lished

two swinging from end to end. Lossiemouth positions. previously doubtful opened tip the score in the 55th minuteThe hard and frozen ground made I

through Burden, their inside right, who play most difficult throughout the on receiving the ball from a goal kick match in which the outstanding player took a first-time drive, from 30 yards, was N. A. Long, the H.A.C. goal-

to steer the ball into an unguarded keeper. goalmouth.Finalresult: Home Air Command, Spurred on by this unexpected (urn 2; Southampton F.C. Xl. 3.

lluqbq, Football Bainbara Trophy Final

AFTER WINNING their way through at hay with very good kicking by Ford, three earlier rounds of inter-station who by now were gradually demon- rugby, R.N.A.S. Ford and R.N.A.S. strating their superior skill. The packs

At the start both teams quickly three-quarter line.

settled down. Stretton opened the score, I penalty); Stretton, 6 points (I drop after a series of strong forward attacks, goal, I penalty). with a drop goal and they continued to

do most of the pressing, helped on by troduced to Flag Officer Air (Home), a strong wind at their hacks.

"-" .  .

-i-' '

After the game the teams were in- - $. _ . (11 -

"By jove, I didn't know they wore bell-bottoms too"

Streilon competed in he final game, were evenly matched, but Ford showed played at R.N.A.S. Ycovilton on Mon- greater strength and ability in their goals which only served to increase the day, December 2.

Final score: Ford, 13 points (2 goals,prepared to give an inch throughout this enjoyable match, which resulted in

"t raw 44.

In the annual fixture. Combined Air/Porismuth Commands versus the

In the second half, Stretton con- C.V.O., D.S.O.. O.B.F., who presented players were selected. This was an tinned to force the pace, but were kept the coveted "Banihara" Trophy.

Vice-Admiral W. T. Couchman C.B.. Royal Artillery. 6 the score 2-- -2.

extremely interesting game, with both sides evenly matched, as evidenced by

Summary of results

Home Air Command, 3; Bourne- mouth, 2.

Home Air Command, 5; Sussex I-Ionic Air Command, 3; Havant, 0.

I  '  - .  - " - . -  -  .  H ome Air Command, 4; Hampshire, Home Air Command, 2; Dorset "A,"

Home Air Command, 4; Ports- mouthCommind4

AIR/PORTSMOUTH % inning team, R .S., Ford .'illlllllllllhlllhlllltllllllllttlltlllllhllllhl

Articles for NAVY NEWS are always welcome.- Illustrated by pictures or cartoons they are doubly welcome. Send your story to The Editor, NAVY NEWS, R.N. Barracks, Portsmouth


com- I./SMN. PETER JAMES was born in

they moved to Bournemouth and James se:tlcd down at Ashley Secon-

dary School. New Milton. At the age of 16 he joined the Royal Navy at H.M.S. St. Vincent, and it was (here

ing. Within a 'ear he had won the St. Vincent light heavy-weight title and was runner-up in the Navy Junior

Championships. Next he went to H.M.S. Vanguard.

and in 1948 joined H.M.S. Nigeria and set off for two years in he South Atlantic Station, where there was not

much time for boxing. However, he

Brighton on March 3, 1931, where his family lived until lie was 10 years old:

Air Command tempu of the game; neither side was - - - - - -  -k-, I " .- - ,

goals to 0. In the match against Hampshire.

. - ! I The angled flight deck of the Victorious

C. Tupper, C. Lc Messurier Scott, A. A. T. Seyrnour-llaydon, Ci. .1. Kirkhy, N. Ci. I lallctt. F. 0. hlolford, R. A. Begs. 3. E. L. Martin, A. Turnhull, D. L. Davenport;

J. S. Stevens. F. I'.ilrncr. L. 1). Enipson. D. B. Law, R. R. It. Macken,ie.

Kelly, J. t). Sayer. 3. I'. II. hllison. R. F. Park. A. J. hloyall. J. F. Moore. A. M.

Lt.-Cdr. to ('dr.: J. R. Stephens. 3. W.

J. B. (oltins. S. Jenncr. J. K. Stevens. R. t). Butt, D. W. I t:isla iii, J. W. t). Cook. F. Ci. Stearns, M. 11.3. Petrie. C. R. P. C. Branson. P. S. lOcks-Beach. C. 3. tIalfour. J. 0. Roberts, S. R. Sandford. I'. F. C.

Dennis. J - R. Routtey. I.. W. It. Taylor.

Iterger, R. II. Reynolds. M. It. hutton. K. M. Crosley. Engineering Branch-Cdr. to Capt.:

R. A. It. Hartley. K. I'. l'ratl, I'. L. Cloete. W. T. C. Ridley. t). B. II. Wildish.

Lt.-Cdr. to Cdr.: S. C. Ilayncs. T. P.

Irwin, P. S. Sindery. K. I.. I tcwitt. Ci. A. C. Edlcston. K. Ci. Hoddie. 3. C. Ilallifax. F. 3. W. Flower. It. V. W. Tyler. J. S. C.

Croshie. T. C. C. Greares. M. 3. Button. C. Reynolds.

Executive Branch.-Cdr. to Capt.: A.

HALF-YEARLY PROMOTIONS Electrical Branch.-Cdr. to Capt.: K.

A. Goudge. C. It. S. Wise.

Ci. H. Jessey, 6.-W. Bridle., R. Ci. -Lewis- Jones.

to (apt.: P. Weekcs. II. S. Spittle. Lt.-Cdr. to (dr.: M. IL.

Lt.-Cdr. to Cdr.: I'. D. Guy, 0. G. Morrison, C. F. Pullan. C. P. II. Gibbon,

I)ouglas.lhiley. t). J. P. M. Calnan. C. J. II. (;enge, W. N. Ash, K. A. Clarkson.

Instructor Rr.inch.-Instr.-Cdr. to Instr.-

('apt.: Ci. IL. ('. tt,itton. lnstr. Lt-Cdr. to Insir-Cdr. : I. R.

Finch. F. L. Campbell. P. 3. Poll. Medical Branch.-Sgn.-Cdr. to Sgn.-

Capt.: W. IL. Taylor, F. D. Catdwell.

Act. Int. Sgn.-Cdr. to Sgn.-Cdr.: W. E. Crockcr. Sgn. I.t.-Cdr. to Sgn.-Cdr.: K. T. John,

t.. C. It. Le Clerut. B. V. Jones, K. hI. Cowling. Dental B,nch.-Sgn. Lt.-Cdr. to Sgn.- Cdr. (I)): J. Ci. Richards. 0. N. Pleasant.

Carter. F. A. Allenhy.

Royal Marines.-Li.-Col. to Col.: P. L. Norcock, K. t). ltouighton. T. M. Gray. Major to Lt.-Col.: M. I'ound, J.


Supply and Secretariat Branch.-Cdr. I harvey. J.

Tuesday. November 19 produced the highest score of the series. Although

due to the brilliance of N. A. Prescott,. .l

I - -,-


.H.M.S. Victorious THE PILOT'S VIEW


)f the Month

managed to win the Station Champion- ships at Simonstown, heating A.B. Stringer by a knock-out in the second round.

moving up into the heavyweight class, he was runner-up in the Plymouth

Command Championships. hul, as luck would have it, was taken to Portsmouth

string. There lie got through to the final and became Navy Champion for the first time, apart from 1952 when he was in hospital, and 195354 when lie %%-as abroad, he has never lost it. Whilst in lie Far Fast lie had plenty of time to indulge in his other interests

won the I.S.H.A. title and reached the finals of the A.B.A.. where he was

narrowly outpointed by I)ennis Rowe. In June he received the great honour

of being asked o box for England

against Norway and against Wales, both of which contests he won. On October 12 lie met (lie Russian and

that he first became interested in box- European champion. Aldigras Shot-

sikas. at Wembley and was beaten. In October. 1956. lie joined H.M.S.

Ark Royal, where he has done much to encourage the younger members of

the ship's company to take tip boxing and has been in many ways respon- sible for their successes.

He is expecting o heave the Navy in January and live in Bournemouth.

Iii 1955, representing the Navy, he for the Navy Championships as second Returning to Devonport in 1951 and

such as soccer and rugger. both of which lie played for his ship, II. M S. St. Bride's Bay.

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