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IT HAS been a very full month at our this time so we won't be cramped for headquzutcrs in Pitt Street and all the

signs indicate an increasing tempo so many willing hands to do the work until well into the New Year.

First in importance was our 20th grand shipmates who have donated annual dinner and dance, which was money to help meet the formidable


attend and we had the unenviable task of limiting our numbers. This

held at the newly rebuilt Royal cost: but that is the spirit of the Sailors' Home Club-a magnificent Pompcy Branch and that is why we building which has everything, but are so happy and successful at Pitt unfortunately not large enough to Street. accommodate all who wished to

Christmas Cheer meant that more than 50 had to he the headquarters our less fortunate Whilst we arc all making merry at

refused a long time before the closing shipmates on the sick list will not he date for tickets. We had a major dis- forgotten and our almoners will be

(ape, ssas down with 'flu and his parcels of Christmas cheer to remind doctor would not allow him to travel, them that comradeship is still the kv- I lossever. as much as we missed hs note of the Royal Naval Association. bright and breezy company, there were several able ith

---lit on till I am.: everyone seemed no doubt there svi II he sonic fresh o he having a good time and the l;is faces on the rostrum. 'lo those whose

after-dinner speeches.

o ;iltz carne all too soon, Coming of Age

deputies to fill the bill Ni's is on the market we shall have Dancing had our annual general meeting and

Before the next issue of the NAvy

turn it is to sta rid down we eann; say more than. ---1 hank soil for a job

enough to hold the next dinner and of Portsmouth Branch send their (lance,

The two one-act plays. "Viola and Prosperous New Year to all ship' ('arlon'' and "Fumed Oak" were a males of the Royal Naval Association

The president, officers and shipmates greetings and best wishes for a Happy

great success. Although this was a wherever they, may he. new departure in entertainment at Pitt Street and was regarded its an experi' merit, the players and producer were left in no doubt they had hacked a

winner. We have become used to good

sse are planning to go to town in a big Watch on Deck are as successful, then way - already the committee are investigating the problem of where to find a place both suitable and large

1958 will see our coming-of-age and we extend a welcome, If the new

we can look forward with confidence to 1958,

appointment, too, when shortly before- working late to ensure that everyone hand we learned that our principal is visited. Shipmate Pimlott, with his guest. Admiral Lord Fraser of North little black hag, will he leaving small

and, still more to the point. SO many NAVY NEWS JItllIlIlllItIltlllIlllIlIllllllllllIlllllIIIllllIllIlllIlllIIlIlllL

I space, Fortunately, too, that we have MY LETTER this month includes the meeting of December 6 and the


children's Christmas party of the 7th. FROM THE garden suburb of Man- The general meeting was well chester may we say "Hello, shipmates attended and the usual business was everywhere!"? Sonic of us have only carried with exactness. The letters read recently had the pleasure of reading concerned one from the Lewisham NAVY Ntws. but already orders are

Branch. who expressed their thanks 50 per cent, up with prospects of more for the kindness shown by Gillingham to conic.

Branch (luring the illness and bereave-

merit of their Shipmate Patrick Hickey. before, but I can assure you that. who passed away in the Royal Naval although we are still young members

Maybe you have not heard of us

Hospital, Gillingham. He was a life of the Royal Naval Association, I member of the Royal Naval Associa- think we can look back with pride on

tion and he had made a visit to us our achievements. shortly before his illness and was a

branch tells me lie was a very actise ' --

member of the Royal Naval Associa- tions. The standards of both Lewisham

and (iitIm ghain were carried at the graveside and branch members were

A letter concerning the illness of THE FOLLOWING verses were writ- Shipmate Royle. who had recently ten by the chairman of the Wood undergone a major operation, was read. and

present, we wish him all the luck well done'" and to those who follow and hopes for his speedy recovery,

Branch and he gave us an outline of me thoughts behind the words are, this s isit. Both shipmates were made however, still real. very welcome and they spoke of the

chummy shipmates of this branch. Good luck, Ashford Branch! Hope to see you soon at Gillingham. We were sorry to hear of the retire-

ment of Shipmate Thomas from the committee. owing to ill-health. and we


performances by the R.N.A. Players ' HAPPY and Prosperous New Yea; but seldom have they earned more o all shi pina tes ashore and afloat

applause and complimentary remarks from all at l-lal ling Branch. We have than on this occasion. Less than 24 conic to the end of yet another sers hours after the last performance they busy year and, looking hack, we have were hard at it again rehearsing for sonic very pleasant memories of visits the pantomime to be staged next we have made to other branches. Since month, How's that for enthusiasm?


it promises to he bigger and better than ever: already the target figure

The next big night will be the Brighton Branch and received a very Christmas draw on the 20th. This year

last wrote we have visited the warm welcome although the weather

has been left well behind with another our standard was unable to get on

week to go. More than 51.) prizes are parade on October 19 but the escort assured and the children's party fund were very proud to escort the No, 2 will receive a handsome boost from Area Standard to the Cenotaph; many

by Shipmate Bob Pcarn (not forgetting

his acting unpaid secretary-Pat) and evening we went over to the Royal he well deserves all the thanks that Festival Hall for the rcunion-eer- will undoubtedly be bestowed on him tainly the best ever. Very many on the night.

The Christmas decorations are up secretary, and the programme for the festive

season 3'.S.iiI3J'''''.0 are few clubs in Pompey which can boast of anything so ambitious; there must be still fewer in the R.N.A. and

in how- ,ever thin. There thanks, once again, to our general Remembrance Services

On November 10 we attended three local remembrance services at

it only costs what you feel inclined to spend on your own drinks, not even a membership fee.

Christmas Party

party date. The lists are not yet closed but already the number of guests are near the 350 mark. Fortunately we

Saturday. January 4, is the children's have secured the gymnasium. R.N.B..

WEST BROMWICH 'I'HE BRANCH is still forging ahead

and going from strength to strength. Now we are on the threshold of a

ward to many more happy times together.

old year was a grand bazaar on November 30. held to help raise funds

towards our building fund. This was our first bazaar and we were quite

pleased with the result. No doubt more will follow.

you had a real merry Christmas and we wish you all a very happy New Year.

NEW ROMNEY WE REGRET to announce the death

of Shipmate A. -W. Barman on December I. 1957. A vice-president and chairman of the branch, he was a founder member and has held office

in various capacities since commis- sioning in 1937. At all times a loyal shipmate, a

worker always for the good of the branch, he will he sadly missed. A

member also of the British Legion, both standards were carried at the

funeral and shipmates acted as pall hearers. May he be granted safe anchorage.

To shipmates everywhere, we hope HAVANT

ALL AT Havant branch meeting on December 3 decided that a message of

gratitude should be sent to the canteen manager and his staff in H.M.U.C.W.E. for the great co-operation and kind- ness they had shown when their

branch annual dinner had taken place in that establishment the previous month.

At the same meeting they were very sorry to hear their hon. treasurer and

delegate, Mr. C. J. Snow, announce that he would probably not he able to carry out these duties during 1958, as he expected to be leaving the district.

party, this meeting concluded branch activities for the year.

Apart from their New Year's Eve One of our last big efforts of the

new year we can look back with satis- faction on a busy but pleasant 12 months of endeavour and look for-

Wouldham. Burham, and Leyhournc. At Leyhourne our worthy treasurer laid a wreath in memory of our fallen

comrades. In passing, I would like to mention that Leybourne Church is

very much connected with the Royal

Navy, as the body of the first English admiral (Admiral Leyhourne) lies at

pleasure of meeting the present Mr Lcyhoumc.

rest there. and in 1956 we. of Hailing. witnessed the unveiling of a plaque to this very tine man. We also had the

general meeting on January 24 and it is also to he a big occasion. as we arc enrolling a new padre. Our previous padre. Rev. Cocup, retired from the

we have wasted no time in asking him to join our association and becoming our new padre. He has accepted. At this juncture we wish him every suc- cess and hope his stay with us will

be long and enjoyable. I would like to remind you that our

meetings nights are on the second and fourth Fridays. of the month.

Royal Navy and is now abroad. The Rev. P. Gardener, ex-Royal Navy, has been drafted to our local village and

Now for dates already booked in 1958, We arc holding our annual

your coach. To complete the

was not so good as it could have beet;, Owing to unforeseen circumstances

wish him good luck and a quick return to health. The children's Christmas party was

held at headquarters on Saturday. l)ecernhcr 7. and was an outstanding success. I cannot speak too highly of

all those concerned in entertaining the kiddies. To mention names would need a deal of space but credit must go to

provide so much. Nothing was lacking; the tables were loaded with all the

goodies that the 50 children could have wished for. When all were seated the

hail presented a scene of gaiety, and the children in their party outfits made a fine background of colour. President Cdr. Lc Mare welcomed the children

the proceeds. This is a one-man effort thanks. Maidstone. for allowing us to share

and said grace. Proceedings com- menced and the "Sprogs" got to work.

The tiny to were attended to by the rnidchipmaids

After tea, "Clear

decks! "-leaving the hall ready for fun and games, during which time the kiddies were entertained by Mrs. Ashdown on the piano and Shipmate Garrad on the one-string fiddle. They

sang all the favourites. Mr. Ford, our

photographer. got to work, and we hope he got some good pictures. By the way, we have snapped him also and we shall soon welcome him as a member of the Royal Naval Asso- ciation.

Fun and games were conducted by Shipmate Collins and the kiddies were

kept busy. I was very interested in the passing of the parcel. So many little

gifts and forfeits were inside. One little chap had a chit-he had to pro-

pose to a member of the opposite sex. He espied his mother and, with a polite how, said: "1 should like to marry

you." At this stage, Jimmy Springfcllow,


over and delighted both young and old with his "Jimmy" ventriloquist act.

ex-Royal Navy entertainer, took

Higgs. Peter tried hard to find out how those hoops linked. It was time for the presents' to be handed to the children and this

pleasant task was carried out by Cdr. Ic Mare (Rtd.), our president, assisted

by Father Christmas. So ended a grand evening for the

company had a "do" on their own. What a night!


THE NINTH annual dinner of the Lewes branch was held on November

2 last, and attended by 75 members and guests. The dinner was presided over by our

vice-president. Cdr. W. R. S. Segrave. in the absence of our president, Capt. S. Ic H. Lonibard-Hobson, who is at

present on active service in command of H.M.S. Apollo. The function was attended by the

Mayor and Mayoress of Lewes. Our chairman, Shipmate Arthur

Bacon. welcomed shipmates and guests from other branches including repre- sentatives from Patcham. Battle, East- hourne,

Hastings, Worthing and

Brighton branches. After an excellent dinner an even-

ing's dancing was provided to the music of Shipmate Jim Taylor and his Trio.

kiddies and, true to spirit, the ship's

also conjuring, in which he was assisted by Peter Farrcl and Sandra

Midsjiiprnaid Higgs and the midship' maids who gave of their best to

Lest They Be Forgotten

At home, with wondrous fete, came vict'ry on parade,

Gilded herald of peace's fresh decade. You lined the route, you saw, you cheered

The marching men; the armoured columns steered

Their way through London*s streets. before the King and Queen.

Your cheers were real, to see a might w keen.

Thus peace in pageantry passed slowly by.

While aircraft filled the misty sky.

Impressive sight, to all who saw; but did they sec Beneath the cheers for peace? Did they hear the plea

From our great dead, who gave their all-

Lie dead, stay dead, beyond the pall Of human thought? Will you leave them in their grave.

Or resurrect, keep live in mind the brave?

Blinded, deaf-oh fools disperse the cloud

Of soft complacency-if of your dead you're proud.

Gird yourselves, join, each and every one.

Lift high your thoughts, to end the fight begun

For life. Gloved hand, hold glistened steel,

Fearing nought, in forcing claim for rightful deal,

The deal, for which your sons and friends have died.

Though dead, they must not be denied By graft and all the varied words and


Which, if you will, your mind can sway.

The people-you and 1-responsi- bility is ours.

To make our time to rank midst finest hours:

As fine they were, in which men gave their blood,

To stem, then smash the Devil's flood

Of greed and hate. They died, they did not flee,

They stayed and fought, in air, on land and sea;

They didn't turn their minds to rest,

They never once fell down on Ease's breast.

Now we, who're left, must rise, the same,

Follow firm the road, on which they came

By thousands to defend our freeman's life.

We cannot rest, no matter what the strife.

It is our debt to Mem'ry dear, To children, ours and theirs. They must never fear

That they shall see worse, deadly wars.

The dead had wishes-Rise and make them laws.


Written, illustrated and published by the Lower Deck. Stories, topical articles, cartoons, photographs and prize com-

petitions. On sale every month at If- in NAAFI Canteens and Clubs in all Ships, Establishments and Ports. Subscription rates: 16/. per year from "SAILOR"


Our vice-president and Shipmate of the victory parade, which con;- Dc Guelle made a visit to the Ashford meniorated the end of the last war.

after seeing the film;; in 'I'rincomalec

resident of Pembroke House, A grand 1955. with the following founder old chap. 87 years of age, and his


Green and Southgate branch-Ship- mate A. W. llsley-some years ago.

Formed as a Naval association in

members, Shipmates Wood, Kerin, Higgins, Burke. Docherty, \Voollam. Lingard. Lackie, Walker, Johnson and Cunningham. we traversed the hard-

ships on is. per week membership. but still every week new blokes were enrolled to the ship's company.

In October. 1955. our chummy ship, Manchester, paid us a visit, and it was decided that we should become

of the Royal Naval Association. Shipmate H;irper, the Manchester hon.

secretary, and also now in charge of welfare for its, said that we had a

potential membership of over 500 and that he failed to sec why a club of our

own should riot be i huge success. How right lie was; ss'it Ii i ii nont h s we had obtained a loan of £500 froni the Madden I ' iind

been submitted and ar'Prove(l by- the City Council. well-wishers of the branch granted us it loall of £8.o00.

Lieut. I )ochertv. R.N.V. R ., had Sold Out In April, two years after our first

get-together, the club was opened and, despite three deliveries in the first week, we had to put up the "sold out"

sign; our only regret being that it was not possible to get a distinguished

Royal Naval officer to perform the

opening. ceremony; but headquarters are tryng to remedy this by per- suading an officer of rank to perform;; the official opening ceremony in the near future.

The only casualty was our lion;. secretary.

tile hard work he had put in to get the branch firmly commissioned, was forced to resign by a change in his

Charlie Kerwin. who after

own work. His place has beet; ably taken by Shipmate Eric VooIlan;, on

whose shoulders fell the mammoth task of arranging our dedication, which took place in September at St. Luke's Church, Wythenshawe,

Bishop of Manchester and the lesson read

H.M.S. by

Alderman. Leslie wife,

the Mayorcss of

Blackcap. in the presence of Lever, M,P,, and his and

Lord Mayor

present was the Deputy Mayor of Bury.

Grand Turn-out

including standards and escorts from Manchester, Blackpool, Bury. Don- caster and Hull branches of the Royal

Over 350 mustered for the parade,

Naval Association and the Wythen- shawe branches of the Royal Air Forces Association and the British


They were ably led by the Sea Cadets of the Manchester Branch and

they proved very worthy substitutes for their big brothers from H.M.S.

Blackcap, who were unable to attend because of Asian 'flu. Also in the paraJc was the Bury Prize Band, who

very kindly gave their services gratis and to whom we are very grateful. The standard took its place along-

Manchester, and we must congratulate our standard bearer, Shipmate Water- worth, on his fine bearing.

By the time this appears in print we will have got over the mammoth task

of putting on a Christmas party for 600 children, and this will be organised

The steward of the club is our

former member, C.P.O. Ferguson, and he is always around to give a hearty welcome to everybody.

In conclusion. may we take this

opportunity of thanking the R.N.B.T. for help given to shipmates in this area, and to shipmates everywhere we

say: "If you are around, come aboard, and you

out the coming year! be assured of

meeting an old shipmate amongst us. Smooth sailings to you all through-


side the standards of the Manchester Branch. Royal Naval Assocaiton. and the White Ensign Association at the Remembrance Service and Parade in

Manchester. and Stopford. R.N.,

standard was dedicated by the Capt.


Lady also

and after plans drawn up h' our president (also president of No, It) Area).

towards club pm en;i scs, 13


by Shipmate Williams and his com- mittee, with the help of members' wives.

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