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Woherion January I l.--Children's Party.


February 22.-No. II Area Dinner. March 1.-Annual Dinner and Dance.

Portsmouth January4-Children's Party.

Hailing January 24. Annual General Meeting.

e Wtt 3atntenibtr jem

Shipmate Ernest George Searle, a founder member of Purity and District Branch.

Shipmate A. W. Barman, a founder member, a vice-president and chairman of New Romney Branch.

Branch. Shipmate Patrick Hickey, Lewisham Newcastle and Gateshead's "Miss Neptune"

A HAPPY New Year to all branches, from the Newcastle ,anti Gateshead Branch.

where the best of everything for 1958. He asks for your continued support to

There must be many tales told in your clubs which would make interesting reading. Let the Editor have them.

Branch (Johannesburg). and Pembroke Dock were received too late for in-

Contributions from the Golden City

clusion in this issue. We hope that we shall be able to find space for them in

February. To ensure publication articles should be received by the

tributors can dispatch, their stories even earlier, it is a very great help indeed.

Editor not later than 10 days prior to the first Thursday of the month. If con-

The Editor wishes Shipmates every-

make these pages a reflection of the work (and play) of the Association.

with a general meeting, a visit to a new north-cast branch-the Weir

Our year finished its meetings

Branch (our congratulations!)-and a "free beer" night. We only have our annual draw night on December 20 and we close our books for 1957.

for us; the laurels we can rest on are: more members, more cash in the

It has been a very successful year

kitty, an annual dance, a "Miss Nep- tune," a ship's bell, and a definite

prospect of a branch standard next year; so we can go forward con-


OUR MONTHLY meeting was held a the Queen's Hotel, Invcrkeithing. on Monday, December 9, presided over by the vice-chairman, Shipmate A. Lcwric. The branch was informed


HAVING been commissioned just over a year and survived the hazards of put- ting on our first annual dinner and reunion on October 19. we consider it time we tried our hand at a little

journalism to make ourselves known to shipmates everywhere. We have a membership of 50 and are still enrol- ling new members.

Our dinner for a company of 40 was acclaimed a great success and has.

Shipmates' children are able to look forward to a grand party on

January Il, thanks to -a good result from our Cambridgeshire Handicap draw

evening at 7.30. and we extend a hearty welcome to any shipmates that are anywhere around at this time.

Our social evenings are at the Craufurd Arms Hotel.Stratford Road, Wolverton, Bucks, every Friday

given the organisers a great deal of encouragement.

of the death of Mrs. Stallybrass, the wife of our vice-president, Cdr. E.

dolence was passed by the branch. The vice-chairman reported that Shipmate A. G. Hawser, chairman, had been elected chairman of Scottish Division.

Stallybrass, and a message of con-

fidcntly into 1958, We hope for a further increase in membership. another bigger and better annual dance and "Miss Neptune" contest, and many more outings. We are even toying with the idea of issuing a chal-

lenge to other branches regarding our "Miss Neptune," who is undoubtedly THE most attractive Daughter of the Sea in Great Britain; any doubters'? TheWeir Branch may be wondering

where their missing crest is!, Ask Alec Thirlwcll, our secretary-he has it. To retrieve it, the terms are: Victory over the Newcastle and Gateshead Branch at darts and dominoes -no holds barred!


THE BRANCH annual dinner was held at the Crown Hotel and was

attended by some 80 shipmates, wives, sweethearts and guests. After an

not only remembered the old ships we had lost during our time in the Service but also those branch mem- bers who have gone in recent years,

The social convener, Shipmate E. Whitwell, and Shipmate Wall and Mrs. Wall, were heartily thanked for the success of the annual dinner. A letter of thanks was sent to the ladies' com-

mittee, through Mrs. Dean, for funds handed over for this year's social functions.

Members of the branch attended the Scottish Division annual dinner in

cation of the Edinburgh Branch Standard at St. Cuthbert's Church.

the progress and requirements for our branch banner and Shipmate B. C. Billinness was duly elected to be the branch standard bearer.

Shipmate E. Whitwell reported on

Edinburgh on Saturday, December 7, and, on Sunday, December 8, the dedi-

particularly shipmates "Joe" Tilling and Reg Deeley, who had died during this year.

Loyal Toast

Branch Chairman G. Young (National Council member for No, 8 Area), who

The Loyal Toast was proposed by

Majesty in reply to our own greetings. The toast of "The Royal Naval Association" was proposed by Coun- cillor F. Gundry, Deputy Mayor of

penings in the Service careers of his father and grandfather, both of whom had served in the Royal Navy, Our president, Capt. C. A. N. Chatwin, D.S.O., R.N., responded and recounted some of his own experiences as a

Leamington, in a witty speech, during which he told us of amazing hap-

excellent dinner our chaplain called for a moment's silence in memory of departed shipmates, and this was a solemn moment for most of us, as we


like to take this opportunity to wish all other branches of the Royal Naval Association, all serving members of Her Majesty's Forces, and all those engaged in the production of

NEWS, all Prosperity and Happiness in the year ahead. We are pleased, in this first report of 1958. to say that we are still going


along nicely and gradually getting up steam, so that we shall be ready to sail into what we think will be our

biggest venture of the year. namely, the dedication of our standard, and

everyone connected with the club is working very hard to make this an

is announced we sincerely hope that as many branches as can manage it will respond to the invitation to

attend. The names of several well-known

outstanding occasion in Darlington. It is hoped that it will take place around May or June. When the date

mate E. Crawford, who can then make final arrangements.

Annual Dinner and Dance

will then be due, as it is going to be held in the Imperial Hotel, Darlington. on March I. which we hope will be

another grand evening. It is pleasing to note that the ladies'

section of the branch, for members' wives, once again got together for an

chicken dinner and a concert party at the Fleece Hotel on December 10.

membership, and the Darlington Branch are no exception to this., but at the same time they are very per-

i contacted with a view to taking the salute, and our worthy president. Ship- mate J. B. Goldsworthy. has already been in touch with some of them.

Naval personalities have been put forward with suggestions that they be

Unfortunately, he hasnt, up to now, received any "joy." but, knowing we are confident that he will

eventually succeed in his efforts. Good Work

The social committee went "all out"

with the arrangements for Christmas and New Year entertainments. We

must not forget to mention the good work done by our bar staff, Mrs.

("Dot") Macmillan and Shipmate Freddie Angus. who have made such a success in running the branch wine and spirit club. The first event to take place in 1958

turbed that it has been found necessary to increase the annual subscriptions to 75.. nearly a 50 per cent, increase. We


having our own branch headquarters and offer such inducements as: chil-

dren's Christmas party, each child receiving a present valued 5s.: a sick and divide club, which this year is paying back to each member a divi-

to members' wives who have a pro- longed illness; and a very active games section. In spite of this we have

up membership this next year if they have to pay the extra 2s. Call them

dend of over 75 per cent, of the yearly contributions; a welfare fund that pro- vides cigarettes to members and fruit

already been informed by some mem- bers that they do not intend taking

is the children's Christmas party. arrangements for which are in the

previous years for the children. The date is not yet fixed. Secondly, we have the No. II Area dinner, which is to be held in the Fleece Hotel,

Darlington, on February 22. As this is a "stag" party we can expect a real convivial evening. We hope that branches in No. II Area will contact

Shipmate Peter Clark (area secretary) in good time, as to the numbers that are going to attend, so that he can forward them to our secretary, Ship-


ALL MEMBERS of the Warwick Branch wish all members of our asso-

ciation the very best of luck in the New Year.

Our branch seems to be gathering momentum and interest is on the

increase. Among various functions we held a dance at the Court House in

Warwick last month and are pleased to report it was not only a financial success but, which is possibly more

kindly accepted our invitation, as also did three of our vice'presidents-

then read a telegram from Her periodical event, and so long as it

brings the desired effect the hard work of the social committee is ungrudgingly given.

Club Night

together and very few weeks go by with the headquarters open less than three nights a week. Our darts team in

destroyer shipper, which g r e at I y interested us all. He wished good luck to two shipmates who are leaving us in the near future-Shipmate Allen Oldflcld. who is joining the New Zea- land Air Force, and Shipmate

"Nobby" ('lark, who is joining the Australian Navy. We join him

wishing them both all the very best of luck.

aé Weterloov,'//e.2cr3 b.droomsDaj..iche.dand semi-G'etacMe4 Garage if


of,,,ceriod'rewired. Wellequop.d kitchen and 6aM,ooos Choice 1.'t

deecration Main se.v'c.s and drainage. o 4ane4./d ,ose.siI.aae Z:


r Ij ___

71MILESFROMPOPFcMOOTN CITY CENTRE ATHORFEDEÔ4N Country selAi,g close o main London-Pa.'4moub road.Sh4os an schoolinmarog. Ten minutes 49

Branch Hon. Secretary George Home. who welcomed our many local friends and sympathisers and the following kindred bodies: The Sea Cadet Corps. the R.A.F.A.. the Old Contemptibles. the Royal Warwicks Association and Wa rwi ck Branch, Royal Naval Association.

"The Guests" was proposed by

At the conclusion of the speeches we "cleared decks for action" and

piped hands to "dance and skylark"- and a good time was had by all, aided greatly by the efforts of Shipmates

Harry Finch, Arthur Frost, Andy Mancini and Associate Member John Curtis. -



Naval Personnel normally accepted with WarandService risks covered AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL PROVIDENT SOCIETY Head Office for the UNITED KINGDOM:

73-76 KING WILLIAM STREET, LONDON E.C.4 Assets .350.000.000

For service in the Portsmouth area contact Mr. W.0. Steyn, Manstow, 374, London Road, PORTSMOUTH, Hants.

(Telephone No. Portsmouth 73490) in

evening. A children's party was held on December 28, when some 60 or more

children had a grand time. Thanks for a lot of the work behind the scenes

night" has had the desired effect of keeping many of our members

the local league, although not cham- pions. give the other teams a good game and always ensure a convivial

The creation of our "weekly club

important, a highly social success. His Worship the Mayor of Warwick

Surg.-Lieut.-Cdr. Wilks, R.N.V.R.. Lieut. Tunnard, R.N.V.R., and Mr. Marchant. We hope to make this a

capable hands of Mrs. V. Pemberton. who has done such good work in

energetic member of the club, if you can keep him. This increase may help

headquarters in London at first, but if branches are. going to lose members and also find it hard to enrol new

ones, this is hound, sooner or later. to have repercussions that head-

quarters are sure to feel. Branches in the north arc far removed from

London headquarters, and I feel that it would be much appreciated if some- one from Head office made a visit

occasionally: this would help to form a closer contact.

was due to our ladies' section, which.

though small in numbers, made up for it in their enthusiasm.


commanding officer of the midget submarine. H.M.S. Shrimp, which re-

branch, at the last meeting, reported that he had received a letter from Lieut. B. 0. Forbes. Royal Navy, the

cently paid an official visit to Wor- cester, asking the Worcester branch to

accept the White Ensign worn by H.M.S. Shrimp, as a token of appre- ciation for all that had been done for

the ship's company during their stay in the city.

The Mayor of Worcester (Coun- cillor H A. Richards) had also writ-

ten to the branch, stating that a collection of four Naval swords was

being sent on permanent loan to the branch. A date is being fixed for the hand-

ii) over of the gifts. Admiral Sir William George Ten-

nant, branch patron, the Lord- Lieutenant

of Worcestershire, is

being admitted an honorary freeman of the city of Worcester. The vice-

president stated that he has sent to Admiral Sir William Tennant a letter from the Worcester branch of the

on the honour to he bestowed upon him, and he stated that he had re- ceived a

R.N.A., congratulating the Admiral admimal letter of thanks from the

had members if you like, but we don't want to lose them. A bad member may develop mb the most sincere and

We in Darlington are fortunate in

feel this is going to be a had thing for the smaller branches.

tionally good year and an increase in enjoyable evening, which included a

By the time that these notes are published in NAVY all branches will be looking forward to an excep-

Our own annual dinner and dance January,1958

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