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    1958 NAVY NEWS H.M.S. SHEFFIELD 11 Submarine, With Two Captains .


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I) \l I R A I. Jl:RAI;t.D \Viight. 0 ee.ipe ssiih liciieh Re- .S. N., NA I 'O's

1. L. A. (Bill) Jewell. MIlE., I).S.C., States submarine. Since no U.S. sub- N., recently celebrated the fifteenth marines were available, the Seraph

p - . - Il.M.S. Sliellidd with the steady flight deck of H.M.S. Eagle in the foreground I-I.M.S.

day, November 24, 1957. Salisbury ended the sea-going time of the first and present commission.

all departments,

has been quite a lot to sustain the interest

In 13 months in commission there in

the novelty of carrying out the contrac-

tors trials, working up. joining the Fleet, and generally trying to ensure that a brand new ship of a new class,

created a favourable impression where- ever she went.

miles dieseled were recorded, and just over 30 admirals visited the ship.

Among the more important guests have been The First Lord, Earl Sel-

kirk. The Marquis of Salisbury. The First Sea Lord, Earl Mounthattcn,

The Second Sea Lord, Sir Charles Lambe. The Lord Mayor of London and the Archbishop of Central Africa.

Air Direction Work

The normal work-up in March this year provided the first indication to

all that the ship was different, in that Portland time was reduced to enable

- Portland and the excellent c . 7era- tion and hospitality of the cap;.:-1k and stall of II. Ni .S. Harrier coinhined to

make the visit an extremely pleasant one indeed.

was taken of entertaining the Mayor and civic dignitaries of Salisbury to

a day aboard to see the ship named after their city. The following week the City of Salisbury were hosts to the

captain, officers and ship's company to a civic luncheon which was pre- ceded by a short service in Salisbury Cathedral to mark the laying up in the west wing of the ensign used during the commissioning ceremony.

Visit to London After Easter leave, and with minor

engine defects made good, the first of class visit was made to the Pool of

London in June. It was a trip everyone

enjoyed though it coincided with the hottest week of the year. The full Board of Admiralty plus many other visitors saw how the taxpayer's money

goes these days. Leisure was short but tickets to various radio and TV shows, and Earls Court, proved popular and not the least was the generosity of the man:iger of the Strand 'Iheat re who invited 60 officers and ratings as his

guests to see "Sailor Beware," the cast afterwards returning on board for

supper. From London it was to Karls-

k rona in company with F.O. I .11. pre-

paratory to exercise "Fairwinlh" from here to the rehearsals and IV show

"The Royal Navy . Now" and on to a five-day spell at St. Ives. Owing to the had wc:i ther it was not the success i

so obviously could have been, but Whilst at Portland the opportunity

a fortnight to he spent at Milford Haven. for air direction work-up with H.M.S. Harrier. The change from

During this time a total of 25.302 ctlisbury

ON ARRIVAL at l)evonport on Sun- nevertheless, enough was seen of the first-class

hospitality to assure any future RN. visitors that

awaits them. Back to Work After St. Ives hack to work with

Bulwark in the Irish Sea and Channel, followed by four days in Cherbourg. more exercises with the carriers and

in for summer leave. Leave was given to all ship's company at once so that the ship was able to sail for the "Strikchaek" work-up and "Strike-


Scarborough. for four'days. It was the b first visit to Germany for the majority U .f the ship's company, and we were h

EARLY IN December the ship visited L Bremen in company with H.M.S.

amazed at the warmth of our reception. tl With German thoroughness a pro- a

gramme of hospitality was laid on S which left us, gasping: for the officers a grand dinner at the ancient Rathaus, F as well as innumerable private invita- n ttons; f9r the ratings a dance and bus a excursions so numerous that we were (

hard put to it to find the numbers to '

go. Our sports teams also were heavily fl engaged by some very good teams at J

rugger and soccer. "Rabbit-hunting" V was also a very popular pastime, and ( the Customs reaped a golden harvest h on our return to U.K.


back" itself, It was a unique experi- ence to be part of such a vast

assembly of ships and see so little of them. An AID, picket is a lonely life indeed. It was during "Strikehack" we were visited by the "dreaded Asian

lurgi," over 60 cases being recorded in 10 days of plague. We would take time

here to mention we dispute Sheffield's

spelling of "Lurgi" and have appealed to the Goons themselves for an authori-

tative spelling. Concluding "Strike- hack," 10 days as host to U.S.S.

Bronson was a pleasant respite, to be followed at once by exercise "Pipe- down," a week in Zeebrugge, the weapon training

Squall II" and other exercises, All these it was felt we could have done

better at, with regard to lessons learnt, but nevertheless were well satisfied with our achievements at the time.

4, when Salisbury recommissions tinder (dr. A. (i, Watson for a General Service Commission Mediter- ranean Home.

H.M.S. Newcastle Blasts Terrorists in Johore

THROUGHOUT THE night of December 5 and 6, the cruiser H.M.S.

Newcastle, based on Singapore, car- ried out an extensive main armament bombardment of a known terrorist a rca in South-East J ohore.

This harassing fire was provided at

the request of. and in support of, the Federation Army and Security Forces.

Auster Reconnaissance

aircraft of No. II Army Reconnais. sance Flight.

bombardtue ii ts of Malayan terrorists' hideouts it)

The Newcastle carried out Si ifli Ia June and August. 1955.

('apt. A. H. C. Gordon-I .ennox.

D.S.O.. RN.. was appointed to com- mand in May this year when the cruiser recommissioned,

H.M.S. Newcastle is due to return

to the United Kinedotu in July, 1958. after an absence of four years,

Observation was provided by Auster The future: refitting until February exercise "Sharp

two ships, which were open to visitors 0 on two of the afternoons. Their im- ti

Thousands of Germans visited the

presstons appeared in the local news- papers, and here is a translation of a

poem composed for the occasion by some enterprising German reporter:

Two British warships, as you know,

Were here quite recently on show: From stem to stern, from mast to keel,

Their lines to Bremen to reveal:

And many maidens, dark and fair, Found things most interesting there.

Yes, many maidens, young and fresh,

Could sec the Navy "in the flesh," And if not otherwise engaged Could have their flair for art assuaged-

Perhaps the "Fleet" so got its name Because its sailors are the same!


p!aFie'ta America,,a sound like Japanese or American versions of sputniks, but are in fact the scientific names given to two species of cockroach so commonly

seen in ships and shore establishments wherever food and warmth are to be found.

spite of the great advances of insecti- cides such as l)DT (luring the past IS

years or so. Fortunately there is no evidence that they represent in any way a serious menace as far as health is

concerned. Nevertheless, especially in large quantities, they are quite revolt-

ins and unacceptable in a civilised community.

There is now available an effective insecticidal lacquer which may he painted on to the regular "runs" in hands a few inches wide. The insects

perish soon after crossing the hands. rather like pedestrians on a iehra

crossing in the middle of a delimited stretch of road. As cockroaches are not

over-endowed with "grey matter" they never learn what the hands are for, but

continue to run over them, and are

killed, until the whole colons' is wiped out. Hardly seems fair, does it?

_ O

Until very recently they have pro- sided an almost insoluble problem, in

Wines, warming spirits and the mellow aroma of a fine cigar! These are pleasures welcome on all special occasions whenever they occur. Choose wisely and well for

this year. Naali experts have carefully stored a wide range of wines and spirits in the London cellars. By ordering from Naafi

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WINES and SPIRITS . - - -'p

(1 V

nnivcrsary of one of the most tin- was chosen to fly U.S. colours with sual incidents in the Second World Admiral Wright and Capt. Jewcll in Var. 'lucy did so by a visit to a sub- command of the boat. larine. the U.S.S. Barhero, the U.S.

tIantic Fleet's first guided missile periscope depth when General (jiraud Libmarinc.

The Seraph was in position at evaded the Nazis and came to La

nd Capt. Jewell were on hoard the interminable delay in receiving a re- nitish submarine Seraph, believed to sponse to the recognition signal, the

Fifteen years ago, Admiral Wright Fosette. There was what seemed an

e the first and only ship ever to sail letter "S" flashed on a dim blue light, ndur two flags and simultaneously to but finally tile answer came. A fishing ave two captains. Admiral Wright. boat put General Giraud. his son, and len a captain, and Capt. Jewel]. then two staff officers on board. Then the lieutenant, were co-captains of the Seraph silently slipped away to rendcz- hours later, with a seaplane

craph, "w"'hi'ch

As they paced the decks of the which took Giraud and Wright to larhero and inspected her guided Gibraltar for

a conference with

iissilc. the Regulus, they reminisced General Eiscnhosver. bout operation "Kingpin." the rescue

f French General Henri Giraud from Admiral Wright was. awarded the azi-held Southern France. On the Distinguished Service Medal and Capt.

ight of November 5. 1942, Capt. Jewell the Order of the British cwcll and Admiral Wright-the latter Empire. Capt. Jewell went on to take as serving as naval liaison officer on the Seraph through many dangerous ;encntl Eisenhower's staff-were on wartime operations. One of his other oard the Seraph, lying off the French exploits saw him off the Spanish coast

(last flying United States colours, in 1943 putting ashore the body of jeneral Eisenhower had decided that

he Man Who Never Was," This -

hey should not resist the Allied land- documents, fooled the Nazis into rigs planned for November 8. 1942. believing that the Allies had other 1lans were made for the French plans besides landing in Italy.

nly General Giraud could convince body, attired in the clothing of a he French North African troops that Royal Marine officer, and with faked

Later, in recognition of their work, omniander. Atlantic. and Capt. . would leave only on board a United Supreiiie Allied sistailec hell). hut he said that he

IMPERIAL COURT " KENNINGTON LANE " LONDON ' The official canted: organisation for If. 't1. forces S.E,II

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