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revue "Island in the Sun" was per- formed on December 9, 10 and 11. It consisted of numbers drawn mainly



Sketches and songs followed in rapid succession. The nautical flavour was

supplied by Cliff Snell's portrayal of the author of a naval best seller, and

happened sshen a Naval Officer took her to see his etchings "Restoration

Sally Baxton's description of what

restoration comedy only due to the fact that the original 18th-century

of words. The second half covered everything

trayed by the long course, the picture of the Boyhood of Raleigh which came miraculously to life to the "Seven

Ages of \Vornan," starting with Baby and working up to Grandma. in- sisied that it was her 104111 birthday,

from post-West End revues by such well-known authors as Alan Melville,

Arthur Macrae, Michael Flanders and Donald Swann. The cast consisted of Wrens, one officer's wife, officers, and

very valuable import in the shape of Chief Writer Snell from H.M.S. Van-

ratings of H.M.S. Excellent and one

guard. The backstage department was in the very capable hands of P.O. MacCurrach, assisted by C.P.O. Reed in charge of props. E. M. O'Connor

provided stage lighting. The opening number was an amended version of Harry Belafonte's

well-known song, amended in the sense that the words were applicable

piece" preceded the interval. This was in the true bawdy style and dress of

manuscripts had been used, there was a great leaf of confusion between the letters "f' and "s" at the beginning

from St. irinians "Surly Girls'' por-

royal and ancient burgh of Arbroath. These officials included the Treasurer

and the Dean of Guild.

Atwo-day conference attended by a representative party of 10 Scottish Headmasters and Youth Employment Officers was held at the beginning of December. The purpose of the confer-

ence was to bring about closer liaison between those in close touch with the

nation's youth and those mho super- vise the training of apprentices in H.M.S. Condor. A high-powered pro- gramme of talks, films and visits, to-

to Whale Island as opposed to Mr. Belafonte's sun-soaked island in the West Indies. The words were illus- trated in silhouette fashion behind a

despite everyone trying to tell her that she was only 94,

mapof the island. Something appeared to have gone slightly wrong because the Guards had very shapely legs unen- cumbered by long trousers or gaiters.

At a party on the stage after the last performance, Mrs. Cascmint

kindly presented all the ladies of the cast with a box of chocolates each and

a very surprised producer with a suit- ably inscribed silver tankard.

on December 17 and Vice-Admiral W.T.Couchman, C.B., C.V.O., D.S.O.. D.B.E., Flag Officer Air Home was the reviewing officer and presented the prizes.

DrEmtk Sodely

sented Agatha Christie's thriller. "The Hollow" on two evenings in Decem-

The Condor Dramatic Society pre-

ber. TIle producer, Instructor Com- mander 3. C. Gascoigne.O.B.E,. had to

overcome many difficulties in the shape of illness, drafting and a last-minute

change because of compassionate leave. A local dramatic society had

stepped into the breach and gave a most polished performance. The pro- duction was enjoyed by all.

presented the same play some weeks previously and a member of their cast

Apprentices Visit

tices paid a three-day visit to Edin- burgh and in addition to sightseeing

The "passing-out" term of appren-

trips to Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood. they were taken round a brewery and the Central

Telephone Exchange and inspected the works of Brown Brothers, manufac-

turers of steam catapults and stabil- isers and of Ferranti.who make electric

appliances. Social

During the past month the pace has been somewhat hectic. In addition to

the normal fortnightly dances, there have been the Wardroom Christmas Ball and F.O.R.A.'s staff dance at the

Seaforth Hotel. Special dances have been given by the C.P.0s.. 11.0s. and

apprentices anda gala Ship's Company dunce was held on December 5, Children's Christmas parties have also been numerous.

dressed oVerII

For a complete, high quality tailoring service-uniforms with that extra touch of smartness, and shore-going rig

made to measure or ready-to-wear-you can't do better than visit \Villerbys. You'll find a splendid variety of cloths to choose from - . . helpful service . . . such reasonable

prices, and an allotment scheme to enable you to wear while you pay.

Write, or call in when you're next on shore, for the leaflet describing Willerbys special servicefor men in the Navy.




ties A.B.A. at Birmingham. February 11.-RN. v. Welsh .l3.'\.

at Cardiff.

February. IS-I 9.--R,N. Juniot Cham- pionships in H.M.S. Fisgztrd. February 27-28,--IS,I3,A. Junior

Championships at Army Apprentices School. Arhorfield.

at Devonport. April 14-I 5,-l.S.B,A. Champion- ships at Aldershot,

March 25-28.-R.N. Championships Fencing

at Weybridge. February 22.-R.N. v. Polytechnic

February 9.-RN. v, Surrey County

F.C. in London. March l.'-R,N.v, Devon County at

Plymouth. March 21.-R.N. v. Civil Service at Portsmouth.

Phase IV, at Earls eourt.

ships at Portsmouth. June 9-14.-Royal Tournament,

April 29 to May I.-R.N. Champion- January. 24.--R.N. v. MidlandCoun-

gether with a social evening in the Wardroom, was enjoyed by all. The passing-out parade took place

DURING THE past month the Ward- room had the pleasure of dining the Provost and some officials from the

RN.A.S. Arbroath The I)est band in the [ionic Air Comniand of local schools were invited to

OUR HELICOPTERSwere bus) at the beginning of December. A naval

rating, taken ill, was lifted off the destroyer Gravelines off the north coast of Cornwall, and an American

seaman, off the U.S.S. Tripoli, 30 miles to the south of the Lizard. On

the sixth December Flag Officer Air

(Home). Vice-Admiral W. T. Couch- man, presented the Hihernia Cup to

Sub-Lieutenants Cummuskey a nd Peebles of 849 Squadron, "B" Flight, on the occasion of their winning the annual Ship and Aircraft Recognition competition. The Admiral said at the

presentation that recognition was of the utmost importance. After the

ceiving the Bambara Trophy for the best band in the Home AirCommand, The Admiral presented the trophy in the form of two silver bugles to the

presentation the Admiral proceeded to the gymnasium where the Volunteer Band was fallen in preparatory to re-

matinee. They voiced their emotions


young girls in the audience were quite enraptured with the short display of ballet,

quite openly by booing and hissing the villian when he appeared. The

wings. In a speech after the presenta- tion he mentioned the ups and downs of the career of a Naval observer

during the last 30 years and said with the present trend of advancement of science that the observer might even

outlast the pilot. On Saturday, December 14, a part)'

was given for the children of the

Bandmaster. Lieutenant R. "J. Sturley and Drum-Major D. 3. Critcher. Christmas is the season for panto-

mimes. Culdrosc produced Aladdin, R.N. There were three performances, one matinee and two evening. Children

Ship's Company. Much preparation and hard work was done by the Padres and willing helpers from the W,R.N.S. and Ship's Company. The children en-

joyed their party very much and re- turned home to their parents armed with their presents from Santa Claus

and a parting gift of fruit and choco- late.


SAUSAGES A DAY! C.-in-C. sees

behind the scenes

WHEN ADMIRAL Sir Guy Gran- tham. G.C.B.. C.B.E., D.S.O.. Com-

sausage factory and warehouse at Mil- ton a few days before Christmas, he en- joyed a behind-the-scenes view of the

spacious warehouse, which adjoins the

mander-in-Chief Portsmouth, paid his first visit to the N.A.A.F.I. bakery,.

Command Supervisor, Naval Canteen Service, the C.-in-C. began his tour in the modern sausage factory, where he saw sides of beef and pork trans- formed into endless rows of sausages. Mr. R. Grange, sausage factory in- spector. who controls N.A.A.F.I.

plants at Portsmouth, Cirencester and Aldershot. told the visiting Admiral that the Portsmouth factory produces t'4,0(X) sausages a day. The Press

photographer's bulbs flashed as the ('.-in-('. paused to watch a dozen deft- fingered girls filling and linking an

apparently endless sausage skin into cven-sized sausages. In the adjoining bakery, one of the finest in the South of Fngland, the

preparation and distribution of festive fare for Navy, Army and R,A.F. Yule- tide parties. Welcomed by Mr. A. S. Knight.

bakery.Here warehouse manager A. F. West pointed out the towering stacks of foodstuffs, dry-goods, and general

supplies-some £80,000 worth in all--- and explained how indents from RN.

its own fleet of lorries that travelled

hundreds of miles weekly to shops. stores and canteens in the south of England. Part of the warehouse is given over

'ear, turkeys, geese, ducks and chickens. Mr. 3. G. Stevens, the

ships, and N..&A.F.I. shore establish- ments were met. The warehouse had

Officer Flying Training. Rear-Admiral D. R. F. Cambell, presented pupils of No, 30 Observer Course with their

On Friday, December 13. Flag

to local produce: fresh fruit and vege- tables, fish, and, at this time of the

N.A.A.F.I. local produce buyer, told the C-in-C. that he visited local mar-

kets. Portsmouth docks, and local farms making hulk purchases for N.A.A.F.I. His aim wasto buy the best produce available at competitive prices and to ensure that the produce reached its destination in first-class condition. I-Ic often had to work fast to fill sod-

manager. Mr. 'I'. Kectlev, gave the C'.- in -('. a brief account of the way in ss hich the bakery was operated. demon-

department. confectionery section and the packing room. The manager ex- plained that the bakery works seven

days and six nights a week, producing a never-ending flood of cakes, pastries,

ing stores and canteens. Some £3,000 worth of bakery products leave this

plant every week and the production of Christmas puddings was expected to total 20,000 lb.

the white-tiled baker)' the Admiral passial into the cool atmosphere of the

From the sweet-smelling warmth of

rolls, pies, gateaux, slab cake. swiss rolls and pasties for delivery to H,M. ships and 82 N.A.A.F.l. shops, mess-

through ihc stores room, the mixing room. the main bakery hall. the pie

den orders for ships ordered to sea at short notice. Accompanied by Mr. A. S. Knight.

the C.-in-('. (trove to the N.A.A.F.I. Club. Portsmouth. and was taken on a

strating the various steps in the pro- duction line as they made their may

quick tour of inspection by the Club \Ianager. Mr. .Yales. He admired the comfortable Itttinge. the ss elf-equipped

larly interested in the modern cafeteria with its new style "called order" cooking equipment.

games rooiri. the spacious tavern and the smart cocktail bar and was particu-

Litter the same day the Command Supervisor received the following signal from Admiral Sir Guy Gran- tham: "I have been greatly impressed

giving me this opportunity of meeting some of your staff. I wish you all a

in all you have shown me this fore- noon and I am grateful to you for

happy Christmas and New Year and ever)' continued success in the import- ant work you arc doing for the Royal Navy."

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