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The familiar sign of Burstall Fuels remains relevant because of the efforts of young entrepreneur Lance Wenzel.

Burstall Civic Recognition Awards’ recognized Lance Wenzel as its Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012.

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be done. It was then that a notion entered Wenzel’s head— why not build a 24 hour card lock gas station in Burstall? The idea set its hooks in him deeper the more he thought about. He began to approach local investors and started crunching the numbers.

“It looked alright. So I ended up going through with it,” states Wenzel. “I figured once we had a pay at the pump in there, there wouldn’t be much of a labour cost. And with money we make on gas there should be a profit there.”

On the day the card lock system went into operation, the citizens of Burstall lined up eagerly at the pump. It became a bit of a festivity as the locals relished being able to get a full tank of gas in Burstall without having to drive those long, lonely miles to

the neighbouring communities. It might have even saved the town— who knows? All Lance Wenzel knows is he had a good idea, and he wanted to help his community.

“People in town have been very welcoming of it. They all say: Man I appreciate having gas now instead of having to drive for it. When my partners and I were running the economics of it we were definitely willing to take more risks. Our card lock has been paying out a bit. I’m not going to get rich on it, that’s for sure. But a big part of why we are willing to stick our necks out is we want to see the town do well.”

Last year Lance Wenzel and Burstall Fuels won a local civic recognition award for the role the company has played in improving the lives of the citizens of Burstall.

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