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Done well, email marketing can be a powerful and effective tool for your business


OMEHOW, IN THESE digitally divergent days, the humble email seems to lack the excitement of its more glamorous

stablemates, Facebook and Twitter. Yet rumours of its demise – either immediate or eventual – seem well off the mark, as email is not only alive, it is kicking extremely healthily. Indeed, globally there are almost four times as many email accounts (a whopping 4.4 billion) as there are users of Facebook (1 billion) and Twitter (250 million) combined. Email is also way, way more active than the other two, with 45bn emails sent a day, against a mere 5.2bn Facebook updates and 175m tweets. And that head- expanding headline figure counts only proper, effective messages too – add all those missives kindly offering performance- enhancing printer ink and (ditto) little blue tablets and it would be considerably higher. This being the case, and cutting swiftly to the chase, the message is clear: email marketing can give your business easy access to a large and active audience. As is often our fancy in these columns, here’s a lovingly compiled list of benefits to help.


MORE BANG, LESS BUCK It may be crude to mention money amongst friends, but one of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is its low cost compared to traditional print. This is kind of obvious, but there are some quite hefty savings to be made on the absence of print and postage costs.


THE NEED FOR SPEED Once you’ve established the look and feel of your email templates and sorted out your e-modus operandi (the platform upon which you send them

out), getting a tempting offer or information communication to your customers is relatively free of fuss. This quick turnaround and immediacy can be hugely beneficial, of course.


I’M WITH THE BRAND Far from being an unwelcome, spam-like inbox invasion, it should be remembered that email marketing is actually opted into by your customer. This makes it much more like selling to the converted, giving you the opportunity to reward (and upsell) your most loyal clients. The next step? Brand loyalty, of course!


MADE TO MEASURE You may suspect that an awful lot of your direct mail gets scrunched up and lobbed into the waste bin of oblivion without even the merest bit of engagement from its recipient. Email marketing is different. It’s totally trackable. This will enable you to monitor click- through and conversion rates, which in turn will help you hone the true effectiveness of all your electronic missives.


WHOLE WIDE WORLD Let’s not forget the WWW in

World Wide Web. The instant reach of email means you can just as easily mailshot clients in Buenos Aires as you can contact customers in Nempnett Thrubwell. And tracking means you can tell whether those pesky Argentinians opened your mail or not.


RETURN ON INVESTMENT As any unemployed football manager would tell you, it’s a results business. And done well email marketing is better than most other marketing platforms in delivering tangible results. Indeed, the Direct Mail Association (DMA) has estimated typical returns of £40 for every £1 invested. And,

90 Clifton Life

let’s face it, who are we to argue with them? At MediaClash Agency we help our clients with all aspects of email marketing, from the design of the email templates to access to our email dispatch platform and every area in between. So, if you are interested in adding this effective string to your marketing bow, please contact Dan Catton on or speak to the man himself on 01225 475800. We couldn’t conclude this column without stretching a pop cultural pun to the verge of its unacceptable limits as we say that when it comes to getting your message out to your customers in a fast, convenient, measurable and cost efficient way that (ahem) ‘the email of the species is more deadlier than the mail’. For more Contact Gary Tipp on 01225 475863 or email him on

MAIL CALL Email marketing can lead to high conversion rates, as you are targeting the inboxes of those who have an interest in the brand already. Here are a few we're currently working on with local clients, full of offers and on- message info.

Ask Jeff

In his regular column, Jeff Durant of Duncan Lawrie Private Bank answers frequently asked questions about banking and wealth

HAVING RECENTLY renovated and opened their new offices on Queen Square, Duncan Lawrie Private Bank believe in building long-term, first-class relationships and will look after your money with true care and attention.

Q: Mark Carney arrived as new Governor at the Bank of England in July, with high expectations of his tenure. Do you think he will be able to live up to the hype? A: While market expectations around Carney’s arrival are high, with the consensus being that he will reveal a box of tricks to magically solve all of the UK’s financial issues, the reality of the situation is sadly not that simple. The options available to the Canadian are actually quite limited, because he will have to face the same Monetary Policy Committee as Sir Mervyn King did. So if Carney believes more quantitative easing (QE) is necessary, he will have to provide a persuasive case to the Committee for more stimulus. The main difference Carney brings is likely to be one of tone and communication rather than anything more fundamental. He will try to provide the market with more explicit guidance on the future course of monetary policy, like we have seen in the United States. He will also aim to reach out to the general public to create confidence in the economy and the Bank of England itself. Historically, monetary policy decisions take around two years to have any effect on the real economy, therefore anyone expecting a magician’s hat and a flash of smoke could well be disappointed. Email your question to: askjeff@ and we will print and answer the most frequently asked questions in this column

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