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How can Myofunctional Therapy Improve Sleep Apnea?

A good night’s sleep is essential for our physical health and emotional well being. It allows the body to repair and rest neuronal functions, allows for re- lease of important hormones and keeps our meta- bolic and immune systems working at optimal levels. And of course, helps improve memory, activity levels and elevates our moods. Read more on page 6.


A Look Inside Leaky Gut Syndrome Leaky gut syndrome is a well-defined functional disor- der of the gut that causes abnormal intestinal perme- ability. Imagine the gut as a hollow pipe built out of bil- lions of living building blocks (epithelial cells). The tube is inhabited by a myriad of microorganisms, some of which attach to the tube and others float within the lumen. Read more on page 9.


Age-ing or Age-less – It’s a Choice Do you look in the mirror and wonder who that is? Where’d the wrinkles come from? Sprouting grey hair everywhere? We laugh it off, saying something like, “It’s because of the kids!” More truthfully, it’s because we’ve had stressful incidents in our lives. Stress and trauma lead to physical and mental de- cline. Read more on page 15.

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how to spot a Medical Quack

By Mike Bundrant

We’ve been brainwashed into believing medical quackery and this article offers the logical proof.

As you read the following 10 signs, think through your interactions with your medical provider. How many apply?

1. He prescribes medication without testing you for anything.

Doctors are big on scientific evidence. They demand that millions of dollars be poured into research to prove that things work.

Yet, when you visit their office, they often don’t gather any verifiable evidence on what they are treating YOU for. Isn’t that interesting?

You spend a few minutes with a guy who prescribes powerful medication to mess with your neurotransmitters. No tests – not even a questionnaire. You bring your kid in to a pediatrician and leave a few minutes later with powerful brain stimulants for ADHD – and the doc never did one test!

Quacks don’t know of any tests for many of the conditions for which they regularly prescribe medication.

2. He tells you it’s all in your head.

Telling you that your real symptoms are all in your head (transla- tion: he thinks you are crazy) means that the answers are NOT in his head. When quacks don’t have the answer, they don’t consider that there is anything for them to learn. They just blame you. Nice.

A legitimate practitioner will admit when he doesn’t know some- thing and commit to finding solutions by expanding his knowl- edge, or working with other practitioners on your case who may shed fresh light on the subject.

It is not your fault – and you are NOT crazy - if your doctor doesn’t know what to do.

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