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TAPE OVER SEWING - TOS 3000-SW & -SL Providing your multi-wall paper bags with a siftproof closure!

Fischbein Saxon Ltd are the renowned manufacturer of Fischbein sewing equipment, Saxon sealers and bagging equipment including fillers, bag placers, automated bagging and palletizing systems. At this year’s TOTAL show stand L60 we launched the new TOS -3000 TAPE OVER SEALING / SEWING SYSTEM & BP250 Bag placer and Bag top reformer.

BP250 Bag placer and bag reformer. The Bag Placer BP 250 eliminates the need for manually hanging and holding bags, even of reforming them, freeing the machine’s operator for other tasks. The bag top is always controlled during the whole operation.

Key advantages:

• Several bag types with the same machine • Total bag control • Extremely low cost maintenance • Easy installation

Process: During the process, the bag is seized by suction cups and placed below the spout where the product is poured in the bag. In the meantime the bag

top is stretched on the bag spout by two mobile fingers. The bag will be transferred to the closing section with the help of a mobile bag top gripper and on a take away conveyor.

Features: • • • • • • • •

Process: Tape over sealing overcomes the issue of ‘product leakage’ on your bags by applying a Hot melt adhesive tape over the sewn bag top. This then ensures no product can leak out of the holes, a common problem with fine powder producers such as milk, flour, malt and similar fine powdered products. Additionally to the above, an inner liner seal can be conducted on the inner liner/coating of the bag to provide a ‘sift proof closure’, or selected as its own sealing method with no sewing being conducted. The bag must first go through a specially designed and separate

sewing system called MOS. The bag’s top will be trimmed and then sewn. A blowing system triggers the action of the clipper knife, realizing a very short thread chain after the closure, at the exit of the MOS. Further information covering the MOS is listed below. This very interesting development offers new possibilities and two versions propose a great combination of bag closures!

P500 Palletizer

High, and reliable, bagging speeds. Bag top stretcher on the spout

Take away conveyor adjustable in height Take away bag top clamp device

No need for independent bag top reforming system Quick return on investment!

Robust design with high quality components Easy adjustments

• Maximum elevation of the bag at the top of the machine frame : 2200 mm Bag magazine – maximum storage: 150 bags depending

• •

• •

on bag construction The BP 250 has the ability to change bag materials (except

bag size) without the need to change settings! Bag stretching device with two mobile fingers Take away conveyor manually adjustable in height

• And much more…

Fischbein Saxon can automate the whole bagging process and by combining our palletizer with the above ‘closing’ solutions you can expect reliable, high speed and Sift-proof bag closing, whilst reducing operator heavy labour and increase a production output by automating the palletizing and wrapping process. The machine can be used to stack bags of 15-50kg automatically onto a pallet at a maximum speed of 400 - 500 bags/hour, depending on the type of bag, the height of the pallet and the number of bags per layer. Tel: 0844 3722877 E:


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