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your petfood formulation Why specialized petfood formulation software brings so much more

Petfood production can be compared with feed production, but is different. Petfood is not feed and it is not food. Product development, production, the sales & marketing process, and the supply chain are different. These features require specific formulation software.

By Lenny Dauw, sr. consultant BESTMIX®

Unlike feed for farm animals, petfood is a consumer product. Pet owners treat their pets like children and they deserve the best. Petfood producers need to invest a lot in the marketing of their products. Every retail shop wants to have its own brand. No two petfoods are alike. Calculation, production and planning of the manufacturing process from raw material to the final product on the shelf in the store are a complex process that cannot be done without the help of specific software. Belgium-based software specialist Adifo has a special BESTMIX®

version that is fully

adapted to the complex petfood manufacturing process. The specific needs of the petfood market also lead to specific

requirement for the formulation or the product development software. Product developers will be more efficient when the formulation software contains special ‘petfood’ functions, like ‘multi-level’ products, private labels, multilingual declarations, recursive updating, evaporation, shelf life, and others.

Global approach Most petfood producers have to deliver their products abroad. This means that the declaration of the product must comply with several legal


formulation software, Adifo, Belgium

systems. This also means that the formulation software must be able to deal with local interpretations of legal systems and must be able to generate declarations in any language. BESTMIX®

offers many general features that comply with farm

animal feed and petfoods, such as a global implementation because of its multi-language feature, multiple unit systems and local adaptations. Like many other programs it has a modern and user-friendly interface, resulting in effective workflows. All data are stored in a secure SQL Server database and the

integration with ERP systems enables companywide data-integration. Data can be imported from existing Excel worksheets, enabling a fast start-up of the program.

Production The production process is different for dry meals or for fresh meals in tins. A final product can contain several sub-products that are produced independently. The sub-products are mixed together to compose the final recipe. It is important that the product developer can take the different

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