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pantothenic acid, and riboflavin) deficiencies have been associated with gingival inflammation, epithelial necrosis and resorption of alveolar bone in dogs. The functions of vitamin A most relevant to dental disease are its roles in cellular differentiation and the immune response. Vitamin A deficiency has been reported to cause changes in the gingival and subgingival tissues. B-Carotene, pro-vitamin A, is also an important antioxidant. Vitamin D is required for calcium homeostasis and deficiency has been reported to cause changes in the gingivae, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. Vitamin D also supports the function of the immune system and in people it is suggested that it may play a role in periodontal disease development.

Patented Vitamin C Oral Care Technology The active ingredient in STAY-C®

Clinical Trials Support DSM Patented Oral Care Technology All DSM clinical protocols to assess the efficacy of STAY-C®

50 in

cat and dog products were designed to comply with the trial protocol requirements of the Veterinary Oral Health Council (see

Stay-C® 50 Study in Dogs

Several clinical trials have addressed the efficacy of STAY-C® 50 (sometimes referred to as STAY-Clean) in dry dog products demonstrating its benefit to improving the measured oral care parameters plaque, tartar, and gingival scores. The most challenging trial evaluated the added benefit of STAY-C®

50 on an enhanced, 50 is a purified, highly bioavailable and

stabilized form of vitamin C. Although, initially developed for the human dental care market, the action of STAY-C®

50 is clinically proven in dry

pet foods, treats and edible chews. The solubility of this specialist form of vitamin C is vital for its effectiveness in pet oral care products as it rapidly dissolves in water (Figure 1). This is an important feature of STAY-C®


when considering the short period of time the food or treat remains in the oral cavity and the time available for it to dissolve in saliva.

 


STAY-C® 35 Ascorbic acid Stay-C®50

Stable form; industry standard

Crystalline; not stable in pet food

Stable form for oral care products

Solubility in water

~ 10 % ~ 35-40 %

~ up to 50 % plus fast dissolution

extruded dry dog food with a much larger kibble size contributing to greater tooth penetration and abrasion specially formulated to maximize mechanical action.


  

  Whole mean mouth plaque scores

6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0


0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0


-0.4 -0.2 0.0 0.2 0.4

B * C Whole mean mouth calculus scores   






C Change in gingival scores after 28 days

 

* A B *  C 


When applied to dry pet foods, treats, and edible chews, STAY-C®

50 addresses the three main areas of oral care: plaque and calculus, collagen formation and immune function support. It is an ingredient that acts at the earliest opportunity in the oral cavity, compared with other oral care products or techniques to address areas that impact on the development of periodontal disease (Figure 2).


These data confirmed that the enhanced diet formulated with 50 not only significantly reduced plaque and calculus indexes

versus the control but there was also a significant improvement in gum quality after the dogs were fed the diet for the typical 28 days. The reduction in gingival scores was more pronounced after exposure to the enhanced diet with STAY-C® without STAY-C®

50 compared to the enhanced diet 50. This would imply that gum irritation caused by

 

STAY-C® 50

Enzyme system

Sulcus fluid

 

Hexa- meta- PO4

Tooth brush


Kibble size/

shape   Gingivitis  

 


Systemic impact

plaque bacteria, as well as the abrasive action of dry extruded pet food, can be counteracted by the addition of STAY-C®

50. Stay-C® 50 Study in Cats The efficacy of STAY-C® 50 in improving oral care parameters

related to a dry extruded cat food application was demonstrated in multiple controlled clinical trials. The data indicated that reductions in plaque and calculus scores were possible after the cats were fed the test diet formulated with STAY-C®

50 for 28 days, compared to

the same diet without this ingredient. Studying the gingival status, it became obvious that only the group of cats exposed to the diet with STAY-C®

50 showed improved gum quality. In one study, the gums PAGE 12 PET FOOD SUPPLEMENT ISSUE 15

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