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This issue of FYM was put together by a dream team of contributors. It was a super busy time with exams and special projects that everyone had to manage in addition to their involvement with FYM. We are excited to announce some new faces to the crew who brought magic to the pages.


we read about the highest numbers of unemployed young people in history, the highest rates for post secondary education ever, the hardest times to predict the future of investments or pensions. But we are a Fresh,Young company full of hope,

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ambition and confidence in the future. We have faith in the quality and creativity of

young people today. You are intelligent and ambitious. All over the world, young people are already successful business owners, charity organisers and community contributors.

Big ambitions The government is promoting entrepreneurship as an answer – but what does that mean exactly? We decided it was time to help in a more direct and practical way. Fresh Young Millionaire is our way of doing just that. We’ve had lots of you writing in to ask if you could

be an FYM contributor – and we’ve had some new writers join the team because of it! The short answer is: Yes! If you can write and meet deadlines, then we want to give you a chance to develop your skills and get yourself published! Go to our website and check out our contributor’s guidelines.

resh Young Millionaire was born out of the knowledge that the world of work and education is becoming increasingly complex – and expensive! The media has been brutally honest as

Gregory Allan, 17 Interview: Selling some Movie Magic p12

Research & Words: Get Ready to Score p30 Ideal holiday: Outer Space! I like that there aren’t any laws there (not even gravity).

Alana O’Sullivan, 20 Interview & Words: Spellbound p14 Additional reporting: Selling some Movie Magic p12 Ideal Holiday: Interailing; you get to see so much so quickly. And Genoa in Italy for the food and Europe’s biggest aquarium!

Vithurshan Thiyakumar, 16

Words & Research: App Up p41, Interview & Research: Selling some Movie Magic p12

Ideal holiday: Times Square, New York at New Year. Or Japan - I’m into Karate and would love to go and see some martial arts.

Rachael Goacher, 20 Interview & Words: Spellbound p14

Additional reporting: Selling some Movie Magic p12 Ideal Holiday: Disneyland in Florida. It explains itself really: who doesn’t want to visit the happiest place on earth?

Ashton Sherrif, 18

Words & Research: One of a Kind p22 Ideal Holiday: I really want to say the

Amazon because that would be cool on every level - but I hear the spiders there are

horrendous - “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Fu Shing Lau, 18 Research & Compilation: Legendary Leaders p50 Research: History of Ice Cream p20 Ideal Holiday: Somewhere sunny! I like the outdoors. I’d really like to go to Flushing Meadows to watch the tennis.

fresh young millionaire

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