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Summer holidays don’t come cheap, but what if your trip was free, you got to write all about it, and share your snaps with the world? That’s exactly what travel bloggers do

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ravel blogging is not rocket science. In fact it’s really quite simple. It can easily be described as blogging about travel. There you have it.

As you probably know, a blog is like an

online diary. To be a travel blogger, you should realistically expect travel to be the topic you blog about most. Having a blog about music and then writing one article about travel would not make you a travel blogger. In the same way you wouldn’t be a fashion blogger if you only ever wrote once about fashion. Most travel bloggers are similar

because they are passionate about travel and really enjoy sharing their experiences with others.

Some people see travel blogging as a

serious hobby and fit it in with their full time job. However, many travel bloggers do it full time and consider it their career.

How do you turn travel blogging into a career? Many travel bloggers make money by partnering with firms in the travel industry. These could be anything from tourism boards like VisitEngland, that promote travel to a particular country, travel companies like Expedia or Hostelworld or PR agencies that work to promote their clients. You might ask why these companies

don’t try to work with traditional journalists or travel writers. There are three main ways that travel bloggers differ and can, as such, benefit their partners:

followers on Facebook and Twitter, so people are excited to follow their progress and updates. It is also a good opportunity for bloggers to interact with their followers. One day they may have some free time and could ask: “Does anyone have recommendations for a cheap cafe in Prague?” This kind of interaction is really useful and increases the chances of people following their progress.


cafes, bars and even McDonalds. Bloggers can take photos of something as simple as a


In destination Today free WiFi is usually available in hostels, hotels,

Pre-trip Before a trip, travel bloggers share their plans with their friends and

beautiful sunset and upload it immediately. They could also write a short blog post about how they overcame their fear of heights and did a sky jump the day before. This would promote the company they booked the experience through!


Post-trip When they return, travel bloggers can edit photos and videos

from their journey. This is really useful content for travel partners. A photo of a sunset is more valuable than a written description. And while it’s great reading about a skydive, a video of the actual dive taken with a Go-Pro camera is even better and will get more people interested.

What’s in it for you? If you decide to be a travel blogger, then you will join a community of like-minded people from all over the world. You will make friends for life, with people you may never have met. If you work hard and produce great work,

then you will receive more travel opportunities. You may have to pitch to companies yourself, but if you are really good they may approach you. The opportunities could be a discounted

hotel stay or excursion. Sometimes, however, travel bloggers are offered much bigger trips that literally involve free travel - with flights, hotels, excursions and more all provided. While this is great, remember that this isn’t so you can have a brilliant, free holiday. You will have to work hard and make lots of notes, while at the same time constantly be thinking about how you can take a cool photo. Then you'll need to put pen to paper. Ultimately, travel blogging can be very rewarding. It’s easy to start and hard to master. Like anything, the more work you put in the greater the rewards. ■

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