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FD1020OUNDATIONNEWS “Peace Jam” - going from Strength to Strength

From a small start in Kirkcudbright Academy, Peace Jam has now gone ‘Big Time’. With the evolution of District Peace Officer Jean Best’s Peace Triangle and the sterling in- volvement of Peace Scholar Flor Yanex, the D1020 Peace Jam Project has jumped the Atlantic Ocean and landed in the Chihuahua state of Mexico. On finishing her studies at the Brad- ford Rotary Peace Centre in Decem- ber 2012 Flor returned to Mexico and began her campaign to get Peace Jam adopted in her home state. A strong advocate of the Peace Triangle Flor lobbied Rotarians, Schools, Universities, Government Officials, Education Ministers,

NGO’s and community Leaders to raise awareness of the Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Triangle. This promotional work by Flor cul- minated in our Peace Officer Jean and PDG Keith Best making a 4 day visit to Mexico to participate in 3 conferences and a number of very well attended workshops. To ensure success Flor contacted national newspapers, magazines, radio and TV to publicise the visit. The re- sponse from everyone at the confer- ences was ecstatic and emotional with a spontaneous surge forwards at the end of each to sign up to the project. Over the period of the visit some 5000 people were informed of the

benefits arising from the Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Trian- gle and 100 people trained to deliver the Peace Jam Ambassadors curricu- lum. Chihuahua has demonstrated the power and the possible impact that the Rotary Peace and Conflict Res- olution Triangle can have in creat- ing a change in society. Flor is continuing to pursue the Project Triangle in Chihuahua set- ting up a sustainable strategy and has already been contacted by 5 other states in Mexico. In RIBI 12 pilot projects are pro- gressing. Jean is now linking with the Bishop of Newcastle's Interfaith Advisor, 11 interfaith Youth Work- ers have been trained to work with the PeaceJam Curriculum. Work has started across different religions de- veloping an understanding and ac- ceptance of each other’s cultures and beliefs through the Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Project.

Peace is Possible – We Can Do It.

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