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RACHEL IRENE and MS. ROSE lead the start of Diesel Class F at the Bass Harbor Lobster Boat Races on 23 June.


BOOTHBAY HARBOR – It was one long winter here in the State of Maine followed by the usual rainy Spring. Those that follow lobster boat racing hoped to hear the latest rumours during those cold and wet months, but only a tidbit here and there was heard. As the fi rst race neared several rumours began fl oating around. The most promising of them was that several boats from Beals or Jone- sport were fi tting out to compete in the Gas- oline Classes. Shawn Alley, who owns the Calvin Beal 28-foot LITTLE GIRL, which had been powered with a 455 Oldsmobile, now has a big-block Ford. He planned to be out for the races at Moosebec Reach. Chad Libby’s NIGHTMARE [Young Brothers 30, 400 ci], who raced last year, is being readied for another year. Both will be competing in Gasoline Class C. Many hope that Ellery Alley’s UNDERDOG [Custom 29, 548 Chevrolet] and Galen Alley’s LORNA R. [wooden 30 footer, 496 Chevrolet] (the boat used to make FOOLISH PLEASURE [Cus- tom 30 footer, 638 Ford]) will fi nd nice hairy engines and join them. Maybe Galen would even repower FOOLISH PLEASURE with a smaller motor and dropped down to Class C. This could become a very exciting class. As for FOOLISH PLEASURE, she is currently at her mechanic’s shop. At East- port last year she had an engine issue just

after her fi rst race. The rumour is the issue was signifi cant and probably will not be racing the fi rst few events.

Most had heard that Steve Johnson had a new creation coming, The Tiki bar. She has owls on its top so that an osprey does not nest there. If that happened some state or federal agency would not allow the boat to move until the little ones had grown up and fl own away.

Then there was Bruce Engert’s THUN-

DERBOLT [South Shore 30, 496 Chev- rolet]. For more than a year she had been sitting on Route 1 in Wiscasset, then she disappeared and people started wondering what was going on. Mid-winter it was learned that she was at her engine builders in Cundys Harbor getting worked on. The next question for many was how is she going to go?

Another rumour, but true, was Ed Shirley having sold ASKKN [Calvin Beal 38, 525-hp John Deere] and had purchased the former MISTRESS [Mitchell Cove 32, 410-hp Sisu], now MISS KARLEE, which had been owned by Todd Ritchie. After the purchase she was sent to Steve Johnson’s boat yard on Long Island for some minor work and would be done in time for the Boothbay races.

There were other rumours floating around, but we really needed to wait and see what materialized.

The day before the races, boats began

TOUCH OF MADNESS won Gasoline Class C, Gasoline Free-for-All and Fastest Lobster Boat Race at Rockland, but was found too short and was disqualifi ed.

gathering at Brown’s Wharf on the eastside of Boothbay Harbor on a nice warm sunny summer day. The day of the race, another great summer’s day, boats began showing up at 0800 hours and for two hours they kept coming. When the sign ups were complete, 52 boats were entered. Towards the end of sign-ups one racer

wanted to fi le a protest against Michael Gray’s VENOM [Muscle Ridge 28, 250-hp Sisu] saying that she was not racing in her proper class claiming that she has more power than she claims. Just before the races

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commenced VENOM was called over to the committee boat by Marshall Farnum, who heads the Boothbay Harbor race com- mittee, and the protest was discussed. Gray thought he was being singled out and it was explained that he was not but we had to make him aware of the issue. After a brief discussion Gray decided to move up to Class E.

There has been questions and con- troversies that have been circulating for

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