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● SNIFFSKI was founded in January 2013 by David and Louise Williamson selling cards scented using technology called microencapsulation, in which tiny droplets of fragrance oil are captured in a microscopic polymeric capsule, which provides a triggered fragrance release system.

All you have to do is touch the area to

release the scent. Louise, who designs all the cards for Sniffski, said: “Scent is the most powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels. Nothing is as emotive as our sense of smell. “Smells can make us laugh or cry. So perhaps it’s strange that the most neglected marketing tool is our nose, that’s why Sniffski cards are truly different!!” Sniffski have over 20 scented ranges

to be released and are revealing their fi rst fi ve scent ranges, Baby Talc, Chocolate, Candy, Cake and Floral Bouquet in July in readiness for their debut trade fair at the NEC Autumn Fair. They are bound to cause a STINK!! - a nice stink, that is – so follow your nose to Sniffski.

T: 01928 751420

● SCULPTOR and stone carver Dave Bradbury has expanded his art into drawings which he’s just begun selling as greetings cards. “I think the word Newbie is actually written on my

forehead,” said Yorkshire-based Dave, “I daren’t look in the mirror!

“I got into publishing my own cards because my bath takes too long to fi ll, let me explain... “While waiting for the bath to fi ll, I

go off and draw, it’s a perfect time for concentrated relaxing effort – Van Gogh had a very slow running bath...” Dave was intent on becoming an

architect with his architecture degree from Huddersfi eld University but got sidetracked by the University of Life where he developed his sculpting and art. He added: “Basically I‘ve been doing these artworks, people seem to love ‘em, I enjoy doing them and that’s it, the originals and limited edition prints are now being taken on by AC Galleries. I’m open to both selling this range and/or licensing the artwork. “I put all my stuff on my Bradbury Cards Facebook site, the feedback is always positive. I have a lot to learn but I’d love Sainsburys to pick up on what I’m doing!”

T: 07746 563842


● BRAINLESS Tales was the fi rst range of cards launched by new Oxford-based publisher Whale And Bird in January, followed quickly by two other ranges, Randy Otter and Safely Endangered. Run by Jamie McDonald, each range is by a different artist bringing their own style of twisted humour – the more warped and out there, the better! The main thing Jamie looks out for are designs that will cause some sort of reaction. Laughter, mild disgust or people going all gooey eyed and saying “awww!”, it’s all good to Whale And Bird who are big fans of good puns, terrible puns and jokes that have an unexpected twist to the punch line. All things they hope shine through on their cards. The biggest inspiration for what they do has probably been other card companies.

“For the past few years ,” said Jamie, “I’ve been working for a large card retailer who specialise in humorous and often slightly more offensive cards which has let me see fi rst-hand what people actually like and what they fi nd funny. “

● WHOOPS – last month’s Meet The Newbies introduced TS Cards inspired by Glenys Astbury’s mischievous Labradors Toby and Scotty. Somehow the lovely picture of the cute canines was missed out, so here they are along with artist Glenys.

T: 07835 576298 www.tsgreetings

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