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● Winning team - Graham Tish, Bill Greeno, Tim Porte and Mark Rees line up for Paperlink (left)

● On the green - enjoying their game were (above from left) Fedrigoni B, Peter Walsh, Vince Brearey, Martin Skelcey, Ash Patel; Celloglas, Matt Hodgson, Steve Middleton, lan Hill, Gavin Hall; Fedrigoni A, Jarle Tatt, Fred Haines, Trevor Schragger, Albert Hussein; The Imaging Centre, Bernard Tomlin, Craig Hawley, Bob Short, Adam Short. The Cardgains team of Chris Dyson, Neil Hirst, Steve Grocot and Alan Mawhinney were too quick off the tee to be snapped!

Fun, networking and a little silliness is the aim of the game at the annual Greetings Today Golf Classic, where everyone battled through the changeable weather to have a very enjoyable time.


TAKING part is what it’s all about at the Greetings Today Golf Classic – but winning trophies is the icing on the cake, though keeping hold of them is a different story! The ninth annual event saw a best-yet attendance as the earlier date of June 13 seem to appeal to more greetings industry folk with 44 from printers, publishers, suppliers and retailers participating. The 11 teams, which included people from

● Enveco - Simon Wagstaff, John Jones and James Emmerson

Cardgains, Penmark Cards, The Imaging Centre, Paperlink, Words ’N’ Wishes, Fedrigoni, Offset Productions, Enveco, Special Thoughts, Abacus, Second Nature, Noel Tatt Group, International Cards And Gifts, and Celloglas endured some changeable weather from squalls and heavy rain to bright sun, but a good time was had by all despite the mainly dark clouds overhead at Staverton Park near Daventry, Northants. The morning’s nine-hole Texas Scramble got underway with some impressive scoring that saw the Fedrigoni A team winning with 23.9, with Albert Hussein, Jarle Tatt and Trevor Schragger ably captained by UK and Ireland sales director Fred Haines, who also presented many of the prizes at the dinner. Second was Rod Brown’s Words ‘n’ Wishes team of

● Lema B - Julian Ritchings, Trevor Moorhead and Stuart Dobbs

Tony Hart, Carl Salt and John Cofi eld with 25.00. Third on 26.7 were the Celloglas team of Steve Middleton, Gavin Hall, Alan Hill and Matt Hodgson. Following a tasty lunch of ham, egg and chips, the serious business of the afternoon got underway with Cardgains’ Neil Hirst’s 39 points winning the individual

● Lema A - William McCracken, Joan Naish, Karen McCracken and Malcolm Naish

Stableford, played off full handicap, Paperlink’s Bill Greeno was second on 36 and Steve Middleton of Celloglas coming third on countback from The Imaging Centre’s Craig Hawley with 35.

The yellow ball contest is part of the afternoon fun

where each team member plays every fourth hole with the yellow ball but once lost or sunk in the many ponds and lakes at Staverton Park, the team is out. Last year no one managed to retain their yellow ball

● Special Thoughts - Graham Turley, Trevor Evans, and Melv Guest


● Words ’N’ Wishes - Carl Salt, Tony Hart, John Cofi eld and Rod Brown

so 2013’s total of fi ve keeping hold was impressive and the 32 points earned by Trevor Evans and his team from Special Thoughts won the trophy after a better back nine from Celloglas. Third were event newcomers Bob Short, Craig Hawley, Bernard Tomlin and Adam Short from The Imaging Centre. The team four-ball event is always closely-contested and this year there were just six points separating the fi rst six teams, with last year’s winners – the Fedrigoni B team of Peter Walsh, Martin Skelcey, Ash Patel and Vince Brearey – unable to sock it to their opponents this time as they fi nished well below the rankings. Paperlink’s total of 112 points won the event for Tim Porte, Bill Greeno, Graham Tish and Mark Rees. Second with 111 were the Cardgains team of Chris Dyson, Neil Hirst, Steve Grocott and Alan Mawhinney. Third on 110 were Special Thoughts, the Celloglas boys were fourth on 109 with a better back nine from fi fth-placed Imaging Centre. On 108 points were Words ’n’ Wishes and sixth on 106 points the Greetings Today team of

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