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28 Celsius

Alex Underdown Art Alljoy Design


Adornment By Gilli Reeves DP2-84 Alex Clark Art

DP1-130 H106A H118

Alternative Image Company H53 Ambiente Europe Anstal Creations

H1A G22

Archivist DP1-62 Artebene DP01-91 ArtEco Designs The Art File Art Marketing


DP1-108 DP1-32

Artquirk H127 Artscape Publishing


Beamers DP3-22 Beefayre D32 The Bees Knees


Beetlebag H97 Belly Button Designs Berni Parker Designs Beverston Press Blackberry Studios

DP2-109 H74

Blooming Baby Showers Blue Doors Fine Art Blue Eyed Sun

Cairndale Labelling Systems Caroline Gardner

DP1-45 H134 H125 H145 H90 D15


Caspari DP1-84 Cavallini Papers


Cavania H87 Chase Me Charlie Cherry Picked For You

H137 H84

Chris Ceaser Photography H69 Claire Louise


Clementine Cummins DP2-91A Cleveland College Of Art & Design G3 Cluck Cluck


Colcards H71 Courgette G106



Cut Back Cards Dandylion Jack Davis And Brown Deva Debut Deva Designs

The DM Collection Dry Red Press East Of India

Fitzwilliam Museum Forever Handmade Furzedown Gallery Gillian Arnold

Grace And Favour Home Half Moon Bay Hammond Gower

H135 H57 G36


DP1-83 DP1-77 H134C H130


Eggnogg Q30C Emma Ball

H31 H63 H58 H64 G85

Glick H37 Globe Enterprise

DP2-65 DP2-19

The Handcrafted Card Co H108 The Heart Of A Garden


Heritage Cards & Souvenirs H3 Holy Mackerel


IF DP1-23 The Inkwell Studio


Jackpen H73 Jane Means Janie Wilson Jean Barrington

DP1-127 H15 B39

Jill Ray Landscapes Jo Clark Design Joe Davies

John Austin Postcards Jonny Javelin

DP3-22A G110

CH10-17 H86


Jo Stockdale Creative Animal H61 Julia Davey Julie Bell

Q49 H10

Juniper Tree Leonard Smith

H125 H51

DP1-110 Q30

Libby McMullin Lime Cards

The Little Dog Louise Scott Art Lovehart Design Lynn Tait Gallery Madame Treacle

H75 H36

DP1-29 H144 H106 H150 H138

Mask-arade H151 Memorabilia Pack Company Q72 Middleton Marketing Millbrook Cards Mint Publishing Molly Mae


H134A H41


Moongazer H80 Moore & Moore Music Exchange My World

DP197A H54

Natural Partners

H124 H128

Netherton’s H104 Newcomers Gallery Ohh Deer

H16 G48

PAC-HS Q77 Paul Franklin Photography H134B Peartree Heybridge Peel & Sardine


Penfold Card & Gift Penny Kennedy Periodic Society Perkins & Morley Phillip Alder Art

Pigment Productions

DP1-28 H70

DP2-63 H141A G121 H153

Photowrap H133A Picture Palace

DP2-121 DP2-59

Playrama G34 Popshots Studios Port And Lemon

A34 G71

Powell-Craft A27 Pulp DP1-52 Pyramid International Quire Collections

H30 H89

Rachel Ellen


Rawxculsive DP2-88 Really Good


Redback H62 Richard Lang & Son Ryland Studios Sally Swannell

B45 H83


Sandscript H57 Santoro DP1-20 Select H47 Sideshow Design

Simon Drew Gallery Simply Special Handmade

DP3-39 DP2-7 H14

Soul DP1-17 Southfi eld Stationers Studio Seed


Tania Sneesby Art Thuline De Cock Tony Fernandes

Tirquin Distribution Tracks Publishing Trumpers World Two Little Monkeys

Vanessa Bee Designs Vicky Crowder Designs

H14A H141 H19 H95 Q48 H1

H123 H99 D36 H65

Waggydogz G83 Warner Textile Archive Wet Yeti

White Cotton Wild And Wolf Wild Photography Windsor & Woolf

H30A H88A H110

DP2-1 H143 H4A

WPL DP2-127 Wrendale Designs


YCUK H59 (Listings correct at time of going to press)

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