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OAA President, Shingi Kuniyoshi (2nd from left) meeting with the Okinawa Gov- ernor, Hirokazu Nakaima (2nd from right). (photo provided by Shingi Kuniyoshi)

Haisai OAA News June 2013 ● No. 79

dren or family members were in- volved with Okinawa-related ac- tivities? Do you wish your friends or loved ones were more interested in their Okinawan heritage? The Wakamono Taikai may be

the key! This is not a “festival” but a gathering of 18-35 year old per- sons from around the world to talk about their Okinawan heritage and help strengthen a global network. Already we know that several par- ticipants from Brazil and Peru will be attending! Okinawa alone has con- firmed 17 participants so far. What a wonderful way to spark interest in our local younger members by meeting Uchinanchu from outside of Los Angeles! From sanshin and Uchinaaguchi

to leadership and arts – from multi- racial identity to the Okinawa base issue – many things will be touched upon by various Uchinanchu pre- senters during this gathering. This conference will help to make aware

In This Issue:

President’s Corner Soroban (Abacus Competition) Martial Arts Committee 前原信一氏沖縄移民の情勢を語る 沖縄言語の保存・活性化に努力 LA タイムズが記事の中で取り上げる 芸能部2013年度役員就任式並び に親睦会 芸能部長に新城デービッド 義道さん メークアップ・アーティストジャニス 金城さん Fujinbu Corner Uchinaaguchi 101 2013年世界の若者大会スケジュ ール Donations Calendar

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the unique qualities of the Okinawan her- itage and culture and spark the pride that is shared around the world! Please help us spread the word! For those with financial difficulties, a

payment plan or volunteer discounts may be available. Please let us know. あなたの子供たちや家族がもっと沖縄に

ついて興味をもち、沖縄と関係してほしいと 思いませんか。あなたの友達や愛する人たち がもっと沖縄の文化や心を知ってほしいと思 いませんか。 この大会はそんな疑問に答えてくれます。こ

れは“お祭り”ではありません。18歳から35歳 の若者たちが世界中から集まって、沖縄の精 神文化を語り、お互いのネットワークを強めて いこうという趣意です。

アルゼンチン、ペルー、ボリビア)から20名以 すでに南米(ブラジル、

北米沖縄県人会四季報 2013年6月 ● No. 79

Inspiring the Wakamono from the OAA Wakamono Taikai Committee Have you wished that your chil-

上の参加が決まっています。18名の沖縄 からの参加者が確認されています。ロサン ゼルス周辺の沖縄系若者たちが世界中か ら集まるウチナーンチュたちと出会って、沖 縄について関心を高めるよい機会です。 この4日間の集まりで、いろんな沖縄関係

の話題が議論されます。例えば、唄三線、 ウチナーグチ(沖縄語)、沖縄芸能、多文 化・他人種の中での沖縄としてのアイデン ティティー、沖縄の米軍基地問題など、専 門家の指導で討論されます。この集会をと うして、世界的に誇れる沖縄のユニークな 文化遺産を知るようになるでしょう。 どうぞ、この集まりを、皆様のお知り合い

に伝えてください。 経済的援助が必要な方には参加費用

の援助を考慮しますから、お知らせくださ い。

Utayabira Wuduyabira by Helene Shimane and Joseph Kamiya The OAA Geinobu presented their

18th Utayabira Wuduyabira (“Let’s Sing, Let’s Dance”) on Sunday, May 5th, at the James Armstrong Theater in Torrance, CA. The show opened with the Kaimaku, a set of elegant classical songs played on sanshin, koto and taiko. Part 1 included minyo performances led by Emiko Ha- nashiro, Haruo Ishihara, and Yuki Kochi with their respective students. Joyous songs like “Hiyamikachi-bushi” and “Su- ruti Mensori” really lifted the spirits of the audience. Buyo performances were led by Sachiko Arakaki, Nosho Miyagi, Michiko Numata, and Keiko Yonamine with their respective students. You had to be there to fully appreciate the traditional and folk dances by the sensei and their talented students dressed in beautiful kimono. An early intermission occurred due to a tech- nical issue, however Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko’s powerful taiko performance was worth the wait! Part 2 brought back a few minyo and

buyo groups from part 1. Joining them were performances by Aiko Majikina

(buyo), Yoshimichi Shinjo (minyo), and Yoko Uezu (minyo) with their respective students. We also enjoyed 3 lovely piec- es of koto music led by Katsuko Teruya. It was really something listening to 16 koto players on stage playing in complete harmony with a gorgeous rendition of “Ashimiji-bushi”! Another treat was a set of songs presented by Atsushi Gushi and his students from the koten taiko class that he started last year. The last dance by Nosho Miyagi and her students was a perfect way to end the show. It was a nice touch when Nosho-sensei came down from the stage to throw candies into the audience while her students danced! A special thank you to M.C. Harriet

Harumi Furuya who did a wonderful job in announcing the program with many in- teresting stories. She even sang an aca- pella version of “Nada Sousou”! It was so great to see many of our Okinawan youth performing the dances and playing the sanshin, koto and taiko. They are our next generation who will carry on our Oki- nawan performing arts into the future!

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