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Spray tips An overview

Airless Spray Tips atomise without air, hence the name. They work when a pump supplies the material to be sprayed at high pressure forcing the material through the tip orifice at pressure. The Airless tip atomises the material at the flow rate and spray width determined by the tip as the coating passes through it and expands. Airless Air Assisted AAA tips work in a similar manner, the difference is that by adding compressed air assistance, lower fluid pressures can be used. This saves energy and paint and this is achieved without creating hard edge spray patterns or tailing. The wide choice of tips provided is to meet the demands of the wide range of coating materials that can be sprayed. Each type is designed to help the user to get the best of results. Tip Wear

Tips do wear. Factors that affect wear are; fluid pressure, abrasiveness of coating, quantity of coating sprayed. When you see a spray width reduction, check the tip and if it is badly worn, replace it before it costs a great deal of money in time and paint wasted. Paint is wasted when too much is put on the job! Tip replacement will cost much less. Tip Selection Careful selection will reduce waste and give better control. Choose a tip to suit the coating and ensure the tip does not have a greater output than the spray machine. Choose the spray fan width to suit the job. The wider angle tips eg 70 or 80 degrees are best suited for fast coverage on large flat or uninterrupted areas such as factory walls, ships hulls etc. If a job has a mix of surfaces such as steel fabrications or more complex building spaces, then use a narrower tip angle. The Exitflex Twin tip has two spray widths in the same key! The orifice controls the output, so a narrower spray fan needs a faster movement at the spray gun than the wider spray fan. As a guide:- Not enough paint. Choose a larger orifice/ reduce spray angle. Too much paint. Choose a smaller orifice/ increase the spray angle. Tip Markings

All the tips in the Exitflex range are marked with the first digit as the angle. Where the angle reaches 100 degree or above it becomes the first two digits. The orifice size is the last two digits. eg, 517 = 50 degree (approx 10 inches wide) and a 0.017in orifice.The chart provided on page 16 shows a guide to the volume output on water at 100 Bar.



Flat Tips are universal. Exitflex proudly offers a wide assortment of the finest quality flat tips. They fit all airless spray guns and are widely used in automatic and many manual applications They will be found applying mastics, buffing compounds, ceramics and a wide variety of coating materials throughout industry.

Industrial Grade 63-505/30

The full range of size options are available with this superb product which features high quality hard wearing tungsten spray inserts designed for extended life. The polished stainless steel body features a robust backing retainer.

Tips are fluid tested for performance and quality.

Robotic+Automation Industrial Grade 63-505/30/999

Repeat series production for guaranteed matching pattern and flow rate for use on automated lines and robots. This accuracy is critical where pattern size duplication is essential on programmed automatic machines.

Every tip is produced to a master pattern and fluid tested for guaranteed performance. The minimum batch size is 100 units.

Superfine Industrial Grade 63-509/35

Superfine Tips are designed for precision spraying with the ultimate in high quality atomisation. SF tips reduce energy consumption and increase painting profitability. HOW?...The

design, which incorporates a matched pre orifice within the assembly, enables users to greatly reduce fluid pressures, this in turn reduces paint wastage. SF tips have cut pollution on many large customer production lines where they have saved large amounts of paint, cut cleaning costs and helped to achieve emissions reduction targets, A wide programme of sizes is available. Each tip is fluid tested for quality and performance. Magnatip Contractor Grade 63-512/0

This design has a magnetic backing ring which operators have found to be ideal where there is no metal blasting dust in the environment. A standby tip can be magnetically held on a

spray booth wall or steelwork, then when a spare is needed it is close to hand. Nickel plated carbon steel body. Compact tungsten insert.

WINTIP Contractor Grade 63-513/0

Wintip is a non magnetic version of the Magnatip featuring a carbon steel nickel plated body. The body design has an airflow venturi design providing excellent atomisation. They feature a

compact tungsten insert delivering high value and reliable performance day after day.

LM Contractor Grade 63-507/4

LM Line marking tips are designed for marking on roads, sports arenas, parking lots and other demanding marking applications. Sharp fine edges with even coverage across the spray width,

carbon steel nickel plated body and tungsten insert. Range from 0.013in to 0.43in, maximum spray width 12in (60º)

TITAN Variable Spray Tips 341-0XX

These are for use with Airless Spray Guns when an adjustable

spray pattern is required. They will also clear blockages when opened

order ref 341-015

341-020 341-024 341-028 341-041 341-049

fully. To order, select from the table below orifice size-inches fan width-inches

0.005-0.018 0.007-0.019 0.007-0.026 0.011-0.026 0.017-0.035 0.021-0.054


4-20 4-14 6-22 6-24 6-16

63-003/0 63-004/0 63-005/0 63-007/0 63-010/0

Hollow Cone Round Spray (Tungsten Insert) TN-SSTC-XX

Generally used for internal coating. These will fit to all standard Airless Spray guns. Not available as a reversible tip. Size range 0.34mm (0.013in) width 76mm 0.41mm (0.016in) width 76mm 0.51mm (0.020in) width 89mm

Flat Tip Gasket 21-008-K5

Flat tip gasket pack of five


Blastaway Contractor Grade 63-510/0

These tungsten carbide airless spray inserts come with the seal, spacer and mounting screw, for fitting into older style reversible ball systems. The size is conveniently stamped on the mounting screw .

Turnaflo Contractor Grade 63-515/0

This insert is for mounting into older style reversible ball systems. The tungsten insert has a brass face with size marking on it and is supplied with the mounting screw.


Manufactured from hard metal, there are 5 different sizes available. The discs are mounted in colour coded polyamide mouldings which also act as a seal replacing the standard gasket. Pre-orifice discs are mounted directly behind flat tips to provide primary pre atomisation.

Size pre-orifice 0.012in Size pre-orifice 0.016in

White Yellow

Size pre-orifice 0.018in Red Size pre-orifice 0.026in Blue

Size pre-orifice 0.039in Black Airless Air Assisted Tips overleaf


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