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The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge™ is taking the UK by Storm!

So its early June, you have your holiday planned for the summer, just 90 days away, and you wish for your body to look good for the summer, lose that little extra weight, tone up and generally feel that little bit better about yourself, impossible? Not necessarily so and here Chloe Palmer of Dorset-Vi shares her secrets and explains the 90 day challenge.

Chole explains that the Body By Vi is challenging you to make your health a priority for the next 90 days with the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. Today’s quick fix culture and faster paced lifestyle, it’s no secret how we got here and people are looking for a real solution.

The numbers are impressive, the challenge is already North Americas #1 health platform for weight loss and fitness results, currently over 2 million people have joined enjoying over 500 million delicious and nutritious Vi-shape shakes and cookies for either weight loss or building muscle. Backed by scientific research and offering a 90 day money back guarantee the challenge offers you the ultimate lifestyle and nutrition transformation. It’s the answer you’ve been searching for without the high calories, high sugars and high fats but low in sodium, lactose-free, gluten-free and Kosher. Its simple, affordable, great tasting and most importantly it works!

So how does it work? The Challenge offers three kits that provide nutritious meal replacement to meet individual, specific goals for a priority of 90 days at a time. The unique Tri-sorb Protein Blend and rich in fibre content synergistically works with the body to burn fat, boost metabolism, control hunger and build lean muscle, supporting a healthy weight. Your base mix can be mixed with any type of milk or water plus you can add any fresh fruit or mixes to change the taste every day.

The challenge is has even been developed around todays modern lifestyle and accessibility, who would have ever thought that you could now get your recipes by apps, a website with tools and tips and even a facebook support page. This challenge is fun and best of all you can get your kit for FREE…

For more details on the Vi-Challenge, contact Chloe palmer: or call

01202 778321 or 07875 577414

Please note - As with all weight loss plans care should be taken and where necessarily seek advice from your doctor.

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