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WELCOME SPICE BUSINES S In this issue of the magazine

on page 45 there is an article highlighting the staffing issues and other problems we face. I urge you to cut it out and send it to your MP. Perhaps then they will start getting the message. The Government has to start

coming up with solutions to help our £4billion a year industry start flourishing again. It is pinning its hopes on the so-called ‘curry colleges’ but as we reported on the last issue these have produced just a handful of chefs to date. One of the other problems

WELCOME to this edition of Spice Business. For more than ten years now we have been highlighting the staffing problems faced by our industry. Successive governments have introduced new rules and regulations which have affected our ability to bring in the highly qualified and dedicated staff we need to run successful businesses. We have pointed out their shortcomings and have usually been proved right when they have had to be changed. The current government has

to act tough on immigration for political reasons. We know that. And we appreciate the fact that we as an industry have to develop our home grown talent. But this will take time and in the meantime we need to be able to bring in people who can do the job. Otherwise restaurants will close and there will be no jobs on offer whether for British-born or immigrant workers. What would be the sense in that?

we face is the ‘copycat culture’ within our industry. Successful restaurants and brands such as British Curry Awards, Bombay Brasserie, Le Raj, Tamarind, Vujon, Jaipur, Cinnamon Club, The Red Fort amongst many others inevitably attract people who start trading with similar or identical names and logos. Sorting this out in the past has cost a lot of time and money. Now the Government has introduced a new Intellectual Property mediation service, which we report in this issue. We hope that this will prove successful in cutting red tape and getting faster justice for those who suffer because of these copycat cheats otherwise we will continue to name and shame them. Also in this issue you can read

our take on the Dhaka factory disaster in which more than 1,100 people are now known to have lost their lives. This is a tragic event that has tarnished the image of Bangladesh around the world. I know many of you, like me, are concerned about political stability

in Bangladesh in the wake of the disaster and I hope politicians realise that they can’t carry on as they have been. Otherwise all the hard work in building up the Made in Bangladesh brand will have been in vain. On a happier note we have now

confirmed the date and location of the 9th annual British Curry Awards. This will take place on November 25th at London’s Battersea Evolution centre. We hope to see many of you there. Please start the process of getting nominations in and this year you can also use the customer-friendly British Curry Awards App. I encourage you to give it a try. It really can make things easier. I can promise you we are working

on some exciting ideas for this year and it will be higher profile than ever before. We have many imitators but the British Curry Awards remain the ‘real deal’ and by encouraging your customers to nominate you can demonstrate your quality not just locally and nationally, but internationally as well. We are approaching the summer

and I hope you have a good trading period over this time. This is the last issue before Ramadan, which takes place in July, and so I would like to wish you all Ramadan Mubarak. n


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