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accessed by any other authorised device in any country on any continent to share the inform- ation, quickly, accurately and at a low cost.

Using these techniques allows inspection information to be shared instantly and there- fore reporting time and costs are greatly reduced. Decision making, based on good quality information can be timely and accurate, particularly when re-working is indicated. At the end of a coating process, approval for the next stage can be quickly made, even when the client is at the other side of the world.

Bluetooth® has been preferred to Wi-Fi for

the ElcoMaster™ 2.0 application because it does not suffer from the requirement to dedicate the communication link to a single task such as data transfer from a gauge to a suitable device. For example, if Wi-Fi is used to transfer data to a Smartphone with the intention of sending it to the Internet, all other Wi-Fi connections on the Smartphone, such as to a Wi-Fi hub or to a Wi-Fi head- set or to a Wi-Fi hands-free system, must be completely disconnected until the transfer is complete. The link to the Internet from the Smartphone then has to be re-established before the Cloud can be accessed. Bluetooth® can be used for multiple communications simultaneously and is password protected for security. It is also the case that the current consumption of a Wi-Fi connection in a battery powered hand-held gauge is very significantly higher than that of a Bluetooth®


For protective coating inspection there are three key electronic gauges that now have Bluetooth®

communications capability, the

Elcometer 224 Surface Profile Gauge, the Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter for climatic monitoring and the Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge.

The Elcometer 224 Surface Profile Gauge measures the peak-to-valley height for the profile left by abrasive blast cleaning and it is now available with a separate probe option as well as the well-known integral probe. Recently, a special separate probe designed for measurement on convex surfaces such as blast cleaned pipes and tank walls has been added to the gauge options.

The Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter

The Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter measures relative humidity (rh), air

temperature (Ta), surface temperature (Ts) and calculates the dewpoint temp- erature (Td) and the difference between the surface temperature and the dewpoint temperature (∆T). For safe painting of steel structures the temperature of the substrate (surface

temperature) should be at

least 3° C above the dewpoint temperature to ensure that water vapour from the atmosphere is not condensing on the surface of the substrate.

The Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge sets the highest standards in coating thickness measurements. The gauges are available in a wide range of models measuring dry film thickness on either ferrous (F) or non-ferrous (N) metal substrates, with a dual function FNF probe capable of measuring on both types of metal substrate automatically. The Elcometer 456 is even more powerful, rugged and easier to use than ever before.

Key features include:

2.4” colour display, clear menu structure and large buttons, making the Elcometer 456 incredibly easy to use.

Impact resistant and sealed against dust and water, the Elcometer 456 is incredibly rugged and is ideal for all environments.

The Elcometer 224 showing

the probe option for convex surfaces, also available with probe option for flat surfaces

Memory capacity of up to 75,000 readings in alpha-numeric batches, interchangeable probes and output to ElcoMaster 2.0™ software, the Elcometer 456 is incredibly powerful.

30 SURFACE WORLD may 2013

Measurement capability to ±1% on smooth, rough, thin and curved surfaces the Elcometer 456 gives you repeatable and reproducible results and is backed by a 2-year gauge warranty.

Incredibly fast measuring speed of more than 70 readings per minute – the Elcometer 456 is more than 40% faster than other gauges and now offers a scanning separate probe option to further increase the speed of reading.

The Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge

Showing the integral and separate

probe options

The Elcometer 224, 319 and

456 products are all supplied with

the ElcoMaster™ 2.0 data manage- ment software

included and which is now upgraded for data storage via the Cloud.

The Cloud database offers a significant expansion in the way coating inspection data is transferred and viewed utilising equipment such as a Smartphone, which is already part of the travelling Coating Inspector’s normal kit.

For more information on ElcoMaster™ 2.0 data management software, the Elcometer 224 profile gauge, the Elcometer 319 dewpoint meter, the Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge or any of the other products in the Elcometer range, contact Elcometer at or visit our website at

About Elcometer

Elcometer is a leading manufacturer of high quality inspection equipment, with specialised divisions dedicated to coatings inspection, NDT inspection, concrete inspection and metal detection.

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